My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 259

Chapter 259: Is This Still Human Language?

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Chapter 259

Lin Chen nodded solemnly.

"Um~ lead the way~"

Eight elders flew across the sky, followed by Lin Chen.

"Huh? What is that?"

Suddenly, flew outside the Flower Language Palace, Lin Chen found that it was located in a quaint hall, shining with many brilliant lights!

It is the light of attribute light sphere!

"That's the inheritance scriptures of our Han families throughout the ages, which contains many precious Danfang and alchemy handprints, as well as the alchemy handbooks, experiences, and secrets that our Han ancestors have recorded. It can be regarded as the most complete and the most valuable in Lingzhou. One of the ancient alchemy heritage sites."

Elder Huangpao smiled at Lin Chen, and immediately frowned.

"Only our Han family can enter there. If the young friends are interested, it would be better to be the half of the Han family, and have the opportunity to go in and see."

Lin Chen smiled and said nothing, but he was thinking about how to get into that heritage court.


Han Family; Refining Medicine Testing Conference.

Located on the Dantai in the venue, the light flashed, and the faint medicinal fragrance filled the surroundings.

The person next to the Dan furnace was relieved, and the white-skinned hand clenched the Elixir, and raised a smile.

"Finally, I lived up to the squad leader's pain for me!"

Those Han Jiatians under the age of 22 who were outside the Dantai stared at Han Yizhi's panacea in amazement!

Elixir was released for a quarter of an hour, and they couldn't believe it was true!

"Fourth order! The fourth-order low-level elixir, this child Yi Zhi, actually made the fourth-order elixir!"

"Isn't Han Yizhi identified as a talent without a pharmacist? How did this happen?"

"Could it be that talent from Tiange Academy?"

The three Korean parents at the top of the seat are happy and surprised, and the pretty lady in purple dress sitting next to the elder is slightly white!

"How could this be possible, within four days, to promote a person without the alchemy foundation to be able to refine the fourth-order elixir? What demon trick did he use?"

Lady Ziyi is the most outstanding medicine refiner in the contemporary Han family. Han Ziyun, a 23-year-old senior pharmacist!

Not only her, but also the sixth-order medicine refining master of the Han family.

Han Yizhi's virtual physique will automatically ingest the spirit of the world and transform it into spiritual power. The advantage of this special physique will be the biggest obstacle when it is placed on the refining medicine. Even the basic alchemy handprint can not run!

Previously, no one would think that Han Yizhi could become a refining pharmacist again, and his empty body had the spiritual power of the midst of the spiritual realm, but it could not be used on alchemy.

This is equivalent to the Han family admiring the supremacy of refining medicine, which is equivalent to having wings and unable to soar in the sky.

"Originally, I thought that my Han family had fallen for 100,000 years, and the offspring's refining qualifications were worse than the next generation. I didn't expect that today there might be a possibility to support the Han family's hope of refining medicine. There was Han Ziyun before, Han Yizhi after, Han The family finally has a glimmer of hope!"

Elder Han Jiasan, Han Sheng was excited, and suddenly a numbing thought came to my heart!

Not only him, but also the elders, they said in unison!

"Come on, please invite the Tianjiao who guides Han Yizhi's Tiange Academy!"

Even the result determined by the sixth-level refining master himself was actually broken by a young boy. Doesn't this mean that he wants to be above the refining master?

A young man who has achieved such unnatural achievements in refining medicine and fighting strength at the same time is definitely the most worthy object of their Han family!

"Back to the elders, Elder Han Yu has personally asked him."

The two guards clenched their fists and said respectfully. What a monster came out of Tiange Academy this day, but for the first time they saw so many elders panicked!

As soon as the voice fell, a clear boy's voice resounded!

"Yi Zhi, how did you refine the fourth-order primary medicine? The target that the monitor gave you was the fifth-order, the fifth-order! You have almost lost my face!"

Lin Chen came out of the air and sighed as he shook his head when he landed on the Dantai.

That look is very expressive, as if it is a teacher who hates iron and steel, and the men, women and children present are going to be crazy!

Several elders of the fifth-tier pharmacists who were drinking tea heard this sentence, and they were almost choked to death on the spot!

Is this kid talking human?

Fifth order? It is so difficult to become a fifth-order refining pharmacist. Talent, opportunity, accumulation, and master teacher are indispensable.

A person who can't even learn the basic alchemy fingerprints will become a fourth-order apothecary within four days. This is a common sense for everyone to subvert cognition. Do you still want him to become a fifth-level apothecary within a few days?

Why don't you go to heaven?

"Yes, I am ashamed. I am ashamed of the squad leader's careful teaching to me, and I will definitely break through to the fifth order as soon as possible~"

Han Yizhi smiled shallowly, her eyebrows curved, and she smiled. Seeing someone Lin's rare old blush.

A young man kicked his red furnace on the spot, leaving with anger.

"Hey! Han Jin, how are you leaving? This test is not over yet!"

"I'm measuring you! I'm not training anymore! Grass, I'm going home to farm!"


"Cough cough, that one; Xiaochen Lin. How did you teach Yi Zhi to be able to break through to the fourth-order pharmacist in such a short time?"

Invite Lin Chen and Han Yizhi to the top of Xitai; then the elders of the Han family three asked shamelessly, asking for advice with a thick face.

Lin Chen's serious appearance made everyone awe-inspiring. He was about to listen to his ears. He suddenly jumped out.

"Because of me, he looks handsome."

The elders twitched slightly, Lin Chen ignored it, and instead looked at Han Ziyun playfully, hehe laughed.

"It seems that this young lady is going to accompany me all night."

Han Ziyun Xiafei cheeks; at first, the two bet that Han Yizhi could not pass the family medicine test.

The content of the assessment is that it needs to refine the third-level orthodox medicine, but Han Yizhi's results have already squeezed into the top ten of the younger generation this time; too much beyond the qualification line.

"I..." Han Ziyun said, Lin Chen raised his hand.

"You can rest assured that I will be very gentle. What skin whip binds Pi Pi shrimp, dripping wax and invert tornado, I won't use it at all. Just like you, it's not as cute as my little Yi Zhi. When you give me a warm night The bed is almost the same."

Lin Chen shrugged, so angry that Han Ziyun was furious, and was about to stop being attacked by the elders.

Han Yizhi smirked beside her, and Han Ziyun usually did not oppress her peers. What she did not have the talent for refining medicine was family waste. When she saw her rare eating deficiencies, kindness like Yi Zhi couldn't help but laugh like a bell.

The three elders quickly shifted the subject and said righteously: "Since Lin Chen can know that Han Yizhi has made such a breakthrough, the old man took the liberty to ask, is the friend himself a refining pharmacist?"

Lin Chen is also unambiguous, mentioning the collar, looking straight.

"Yes, my level of refining medicine is proportional to my face value."