My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Make Everyone Laugh Cheaply

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Chapter 26, Let everyone laugh cheaply!

Lin Chen started talking nonsense. Although everyone couldn't understand it, it felt very powerful!

Especially the sentence behind him, the mathematician is still only his hobby?

"Bullshit! What **** operator Shi Lezhi, the old man has never heard of it! You said you have the ability to solve the problem of Shangguan family? Then come up with some real skills!"

Master Yan sneered, sneering.

"Since Master Yan doesn't believe it, why don't you show your hand? If you are upset, we can make a bet and solve the matter in this ancient altar. Whoever goes belly dancing in the most populous city, how about ?"

Lin Chen blinked his eyes, the relaxed and freehand look did not put this Master Yan in his eyes!

The fat man in the yellow robe and Xing Wanhe looked at each other with great interest, but stood on the side and watched its changes.

"Huh! Gamble and gamble, but make it clear in advance that if you and I can't completely solve the problem here, then the one who gives the best result will take precedence, such as finding out the problem or the solution!"

Master Yan smiled angrily. He didn't try to suppress this kid today. He really wanted to turn the sky!

"Okay okay~ Then we will invite Master Yan to show us one hand!"

Small sunglasses on bench bench, small fruit plate with wine seeds. Lin Chen didn't know when he was lying on the bench inside the Ring of Naling, eating melon seeds and drinking wine, with his hands on the back of his head, and the face of the melons was not too big.

Seeing the arrogant look of this kid, Master Yan's facial muscles twitched fiercely, and he grinned a few times, "Sure enough, it is the Yangtze River that pushes back the waves..."

"A generation is more wave than a generation~"

Lin Chen blew a whistle on Erlang's leg and took it for Master Yan. The next Shangguan Bihan couldn't help but jade hands concealed and smiled. This master Shi Lezhi was so interesting.

"Look how long you can be arrogant!"

Master Yan kicked up his feet, and his figure leapt into the ancient altar. His palms touched his waist, and the fast-turning Xingyu compass was held in his hand!

This is a fortune teller's fortune teller, and every fortune teller has its own exclusive fortune teller, which is used to spy on heavenly machines and infer fate. No one except its owner can use it.

"Heaven and Earth Promise Astrology Zhou Tian!"

Master Yan dropped a drop of his own blood into the compass, and his suspended pointer turned at a rapid speed!

"Longguan counterpart, Yin and Yang cut!"

The palms of old people suddenly sprinkled a large number of ancient rungs, and the volcano burned a large flare of fire, which actually formed a path, pointing in a certain direction.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and the direction of the firelight was the position of the attribute light ball!

This method of deducing clouds and flowing water has made many people on the scene enjoyable, and even Lin Chen paid a little attention. This is the first time he has seen a real mathematician!

The spiritual power surged out, Master Yan's spiritual power imprinted the flaming light of the sky, injected into the pointer in the Xingyu compass, the pointer jittered at a rapid speed, and suddenly stopped in a very short time!

With a brilliant glow, Master Yan's eyes looked through the starry sky, observing the stagnant pointer, as if he could see another world from the inside!

At this moment, everyone's body shuddered, goose bumps, and most people did not dare to look at Master Yan.

They seemed to feel the existence of some kind of energy hidden in this heaven and earth, and this Master Yan was spying on the traces of this energy!


With a sweet throat, Master Yan almost vomited blood. He didn't make it, he tried to spy too much, and was almost repulsed by his own practice and the ancestral luck of the Shangguan family!

"Master Yan, are you okay!"

Shangguan Yunfan said with concern, Master Yan above the ancient altar raised his hand.

"The dragon gate is stuck, and the luck is not lost. All the energy is taken by the dragon gate, scattered in Zhoutian, your ancestral altar did not lose its power, but was blocked or absorbed by something, resulting in the current situation."

Master Yan shook his head. Only after he shot, did he realize that the problem in this ancestral altar was more than ten times more serious than he thought!

He hasn't reached his realm, he can only vaguely detect the existence of the'Dragon Gate', but he can't understand its specific location at all, because the calculated location is completely empty!

"Here, how to find or open this dragon pass!"

The elder and Shangguan Yunfan asked anxiously in unison.

"This is beyond my ability. As far as I know, in the twenty-four-star computing organization, only our leader can calculate the true position of Longguan, but his old man's divine dragon does not see the end, nor is it You can move."

Master Yan wiped his sweat and walked down the ancient altar.

"Oh, it's up to you, younger junior. The old man is at least the problem of the calculation. If you can't surpass the old man, then the old man won. After all, you can't explain the results of the old man's performance. Once again."

Master Yan looked at Lin Chen playfully, and he didn't think that this younger junior could reach or exceed his realm!

"Oh, what's the use of Master Yan's broken results? In the end, there is no solution, isn't it equivalent to being busy."

Lin Chen stretched out his waist, got up and curled his lips, shook his head.

"Damn, if your boy can't come up with a result later, see how the old man has made you!"

Master Yan became angry and embarrassed. Huangfu Qingyu sneered and quickly echoed.

"Lin Chen, what kind of thing are you, and happened to touch a secret path; dare to talk to Master Yan like this? If you don't kneel and apologize to everyone, I will not be able to spare you!"

Lin Chen glanced at this guy, too lazy to ignore this noisy guy.

Jumping into the sky, Lin Chen fell onto the ancient altar.

He moved towards the position where the purple-gold-colored light ball was suspended. The dazzling purple-gold light was like a small sun, and Lin Chen's eyes were almost blind.

Fortunately, with self-made sunglasses, or fear of opening your eyes.

With one hand, the attribute light sphere was caught by him, and the purple and gold light beam surrounding the Shangguan Mansion began to dissipate, and a light screen popped in front of Lin Chen's eyes.

[The host gains 10,000 points of blood energy in the mysterious Purple Gold pupil.

After taking away the attribute light ball, Lin Chen turned to look at everyone, and he swayed gracefully.

"Okay, things have been resolved. Let everyone laugh cheaply."


All eyes are condensed on Lin Chen's body, all with a look of coercion, this is all done?

Are you a mathematician?

What is your secret technique of spying on heaven? What about your fortune teller?

"Hahaha! I already knew that this kid was a complete liar, and now he is finally showing his feet! When Master Ben himself captures you, this stubborn liar!"

Huangfu Qingyu was the first to react, laughing wildly, with fierce murderous intent in his eyes! When I was about to win Lin Chen!

Other people's doubts did not have time to speak. Lin Chen took three breaths after taking the attribute light ball, and the entire underground world began to falter!

"Why is there an earthquake, what is going on?"

"Everyone shouldn't panic. The ancestral space was personally reinforced by the family heads of previous generations. The earthquake will not have any impact!"

The elders immediately appeased the anxious younger generation, the second elder and Shangguan Yunfan stared at the ancestral altar, and an energy that made them very familiar and nostalgic was emerging!

I saw Lin Chen smiled.

"Let everyone laugh cheaply."