My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 260

Chapter 260: It's That Simple?

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Chapter 260

The elders looked at each other and said in unison!

"I don't know, can you show your own level of refining medicine. We have a younger generation's private refining ceremony, only the younger generation is eligible to participate, and we are still lacking a manpower!"

"Oh? The Refining Ceremony? What does it have to do with my handsome Lin?"

Lin Chen shrugged, the elders understood their hearts, and the three elders said solemnly.

"As long as the little friend can help us enter the top three, our Han family will be rewarded with respect! The little friend should know that our Han family has also been an ancient family in history. As long as it is not too demanding, we can basically achieve it here. ."

At this time, Han Ziyun questioned: "Elder, why do you choose him? The auxiliary pharmacist I need must have at least a fifth-level intermediate medicine level, just like him..."

"Zi Yun, you are not allowed to question the decision of the Presbyterian Church!"

The three elders immediately interrupted Han Ziyun's words. The latter bitterly gritted his silver teeth and only stared at Lin Chen with a grudge.

"Oh? Then I'm going to enter your inheritance pavilion, do you allow it. Of course, I will only learn the content inside, and will not take away anything."

The request made by Lin Chen made the elders look at each other.

"If Xiaoyou can help us get the top three, naturally it can..."

"No, I'm going to enter now. If you can't do this, then everything is free."

Lin Chen ignored it completely and played psychological tactics. Its not them who are anxious now, its them.

"This...then please invite Lin Chen to show your medicine refining strength? If it reaches the standard in our hearts, then according to Lin Chen's words!"

The three elders seemed to make up their minds and looked directly at Lin Chen.

"No problem, how do you want to test, on-site medicine refining?"

Lin Chenzhenjin was not afraid of fire, and rolled up his sleeves and smiled.

"No, it's been a long time since the refining ceremony. If you want to identify the comprehensive level of refining medicine, then you will consume too much spirit and you must read the recipe before you start. Reared to the best condition."

The three elders waved their hands and pointed at the blue **** stacked in the center of Dantai.

"These blue **** measure how well a pharmacist can control mental energy. As long as the little friend can put more than 100 blue **** into the round frame with mental force, even if the little friend passes our standard."

The elders next to me suddenly changed their face!

Even Han Ziyun also showed a dignity and invested a hundred blue balls, even if it requires at least a fifth-order advanced level.

All the young Koreans in the audience may be the only one who can do it!


Lin Chen leapt into Dantai; walked towards the pile of blue balls.

All the young Koreans suddenly showed curiosity and unexpectedness. Could this genius from Tiange Academy also take the test?

He was so full of words just now, I don't know what his test results will be.

"It is said that when Miss Ziyun took the test that year, the highest record was 89 mental balls."

"That was a record two years ago. Now, Miss Ziyun, who knows what level has been reached?"

The young Han pharmacists still have doubts about Lin Chen. After all, it is really unbelievable to train Han Yizhi into a fourth-order pharmacist within four days.

Lin Chen released his spiritual power to touch the first spiritual orb; a blue orb floated from the void.

I originally thought that my mental strength will feel the weight of this ball, but I did not expect it to be heavy at all, but very light!

Brush brush ~~!

It was at this moment; the violent dance of the spiritual orb was not under Lin Chens control at all! Traversing the chaotic arc in the void!

Seeing this scene, the young pharmacists all laughed!

This guy can't even make a solid mental ball, is that too ridiculous? It turned out to be bragging?

Lin Chen touched this kind of thing for the first time, his curiosity grew, and he continuously conveyed his mental power.

"It turns out that this is a mental sphere with extremely poor stability. It needs to be completely fixed with mental power and cast the desired arc and distance. This can identify the overall control of the spiritual power of a pharmacist. The ancient family of China has quite a lot of means."

After playing for a while, Lin Chen already knows the structure of this object. The more the spirit ball is put into, the more it tests the stability of the master pharmacist's control of mental power.

But for Lin Chen, it does not seem so difficult.

Lin Chen suddenly runs the Taishi Bible, and the spiritual power is tightened!


The fluttering spirit ball burst out of sharp spiritual fluctuations, and was immediately fixed in the void, throwing a perfect arc in the next blink of an eye, and shot into the round frame 30 meters away.

"It's too simple!"

Someone Lin shook his head extremely disappointed; everyone laughed.

The more the ball of spirit is behind, the more difficult it is to control. One or two is okay. The amount of the ball in the future is a kind of torture for the spiritual power of the pharmacist.

Just when everyone still sneered and thought he had inflated himself when he entered one, the outrageous scene appeared!

Lin kicked a lot of mental **** with one kick, and then manipulated the mental power to hold all the balls. A total of 27 **** were set in the void!

Brush brush ~~!

Twenty-seven mental **** suddenly crossed a perfect arc and fell into the round frame.

boom! Lin Chen is another kick, this time actually kicked over 45 mental balls!

The mental power suddenly turned into countless big hands. He grasped the spiritual ball with great precision and cast a near-perfect arc.

Each spiritual orb is put into the round frame in the order of suspension.

All the elders and even the Han family were all open mouths! An expression that saw a ghost!

Lin Chen came again to sweep the legs and threw the last 59 spiritual **** into the air!

He snapped his fingers wisely; his mental power was like a violent wave, and he overturned all the spirit balls!

All spiritual orbs volleyed 360 degrees, turned out of a spiral arc, and finally fell into the circle securely!

Suddenly, the crowd was silent, so silent that the needles could be heard...

An elder of the fifth-tier pharmacist did not believe in evil, thought Lin Chen had cheated and jumped into Dantai for the first time.

He tried to imitate Lin Chen, mobilizing his mental power to manipulate more than a dozen spiritual **** at a stretch.

I dont know; when they touched their mental power, those spiritual **** danced like crazy crazy dogs, and several of them hit the elder in the face!

At this moment; all talents clearly realized that Lin Chen did not cheat!

He really threw all 132 spirit **** into the round frame four times!

But how did he **** do it...