My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 261

Chapter 261: Assistant Pharmacist Lin Mou

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Chapter 261: Assistant Pharmacist Lin!

Han Yizhi covered his mouth and chuckled, and the same people who practiced the Taishi Bible seem to have known the key.

The spiritual formulas recorded in the Taishi Bible can divide a person's spiritual power into multiple parts.

This differentiated mental control is extremely precise, so that every mental force can be controlled to reach the strength of the original mental force.

This is the reason why Lin Chen's previous refining medicine can exhibit many magical operations.

In addition to his complete knowledge of Danfang and the alchemy handprint, he has a direct connection with Taishi Bible to a great extent.

Han Yizhi was able to practise the alchemy fingerprint, and had a direct connection with the Taishi Bible.

Lin Chen's spiritual power is actually in the middle of the spiritual realm, between the realm and Han Ziyun.

It's just that his advantage in practicing the Taishi Bible is slightly revealed at this time, and it seems a little shocking to the world...

"Being able to move dozens of mental **** at the same time, how did he do it?"

Han Ziyun was both shocked and thinking.

If you are yourself, you can only move up to 20 spiritual **** at the same time, and you can only do it no more than twice. After two times, the mental power will be exhausted by more than 80%!

"It's amazing! We have found the right person. My Han family really saved this time!"

The three elders looked excited, and the old eyes seldom showed a glimmer of hope!

"Three elders, I wonder if Lin can get a list of your inheritance cabinets this time?"

Lin Chen smiled, the three elders nodded excitedly, and said a handful of pills while handing out.

"No problem! I will let the elders issue entry permits today! By the way, Xiaochen Lin, this volume is a recipe for Zi Yun to participate in the grand ceremony refining. You will play as an auxiliary refining pharmacist to assist Zi Yun refining This Danfang. Because the name reported is her name, it can not be changed."

Lin Chen took over the Danfang, and there is also a refining mechanism for refining the pill in the refining industry, that is, joint refining.

With the power of multiple pharmacists, refining a high-level elixir requires the pharmacist to have a deep understanding of the elixir of refining, and to meet the needs of the main pharmacist.

The panacea commonly used in combination refining is a high-level and cumbersome panacea, and the grade will not be too low.

"It seems that I have to get the strongest wave of assistance."

Lin Chen glanced at Danfang at will, a confident smile appeared on his face.


Inheritance in the cabinet; first floor.

The entire heritage of the Jingge Pavilion reveals the taste of simple and vicissitudes, and the ancient books placed around are worn and not dirty.

Especially people with strong spiritual realm can feel that there are certain spiritual wills in the Scriptures, which is extremely strange!

Lin Chen, Han Yizhi, and Han Ziyun were specially approved by the Korean Parents Association to enter the Heritage Cabinet.

"Lin Chen, can you tell me. How did you make Han Yizhi promoted to a Tier 4 pharmacist from such a short time!"

Han Ziyun couldn't hold back his curiosity and asked.

Lin Chen didn't care about smiling.

"It's very simple. The advantage of the virtual spirit constitution automatically inhaling the spirit of the world and turning it into spiritual power will lead to a mental collision when using the alchemy handprint. Even the basic handprint will not be used. With the cultivation of Aura, the other one is responsible for controlling the alchemy handprint, which naturally solves."

"In addition, Yi Zhi's spiritual state is already in the middle of the spiritual realm. It is easy to be familiar with the alchemy handprint and the alchemy. With the unique virtual spirit constitution, there is a continuous supply of spiritual power during the alchemy process, and you will not feel tired at all. Isnt this magical physique born for alchemy?"

Finished talking; Han Ziyun couldn't calm down for a long time! But she immediately questioned again!

"No! If the spiritual power is divided into two parts, wouldn't it be more difficult and costly to practice alchemy? This is completely a cure for the symptoms and not the root cause!"

Talking about this, Lin Chen and Han Yizhi will smile together and will not disclose any more information. Han Ziyun can be seen no matter how stupid it is. This is the secret of others, and it is naturally impossible to reveal it again.

During the conversation, the three of them formally entered the first floor of the Heritage Court, and Lin Chen found the dazzling array of attribute light **** at first glance! Immediately shine!

"I've made a lot of money, all of them are attributes of light, hahaha!"

Lin Chen rushed past and let go and touched all the inside and outside of the first floor of the Heritage Jingge. Can Han Ziyun look confused?

How could this person be so unpredictable, and soon crazy?

Han Yizhi smiled and said nothing, and legends like her own class leader have been circulating widely in the branch. Those who know him will naturally know that they should never try to figure out Lin Linchens intentions.

[The host gains 90,000 spiritual power, 50,000 spiritual power, 110,000 spiritual power,]

[The host obtains 120,000 points of merit, 250,000 points of merit, 200,000 points of merit,]

The attributes of these spirits are of extremely high quality, and Lin Chens spiritual power has increased unprecedentedly!

Among the opponents who fought in the past, the spiritual realm is not high, and the falling lightballs of mental power attributes are all low in value, so that Lin Chen's spiritual realm has been in a gentle growth trend.

Of course; this so-called gentleness is very fast for ordinary people. After all, not everyone has a "Tai Chi Bible".

Lin Chen picked up a corner, and suddenly found a delicate and delicate turquoise chest suspended in front of her eyes.

When you touch your hand and open the treasure chest, the system light screen pops up.

[The host obtains the blueprint peak alchemy handprint "Thunder Instant Thousand Seals". Note: This alchemy fingerprint is extremely difficult to practice. If you practice to perfection, the effect is close to the blue-level fingerprint.

Lin Chen's pupils are shrinking, which is comparable to the blue-order alchemy handprint! This Han family's inheritance scripture is really treasure everywhere!

"I came in right this time, I want to take advantage of this opportunity to enter this time!"

After the system included "Thunderbolt Thousand Seals", Lin Chen wiped out the remaining attributes.


Just after picking up the first layer of attribute light balls, Lin Chen's spiritual knowledge came from the sound of cracked eggshell!

The spiritual power is as high as the rivers and the sea, Lin Chen's spiritual power has suddenly expanded his horizons several times!

[Congratulations to the host's spiritual strength in the later period of entering the spiritual realm.

Han Ziyun's brain crashed into a blank, stunned!

What is this cultivation method? Can you break through the spiritual realm by touching on the inheritance of the classics?

And also from the middle to the late stage of the Spiritual Realm, which blocked the shackles of countless refining pharmacists, and was so broken by Lin Chen's mess?

"Lin Chen, you, who are you? Are you a son?"

Han Ziyun's teeth twitched and asked Lin Chen's arm excitedly.

Someone Lin smiled hey; "How can Saint Son be handsome, far away. Yi Zhi, let's go, go to the second floor!"