My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 262

Chapter 262: Tianjiao Gathered

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Chapter 262

Despite Han Ziyun's doubts and shock, Lin Chen and Han Yizhi went to the second floor.

The range of the second floor of the Jingjing Pavilion is much smaller than that of the first floor, but the collection is full of Danfang and extremely precious alchemy handbooks, as well as a small number of alchemy handprints.

In the eyes of Han Yizhi and Han Ziyun, this extremely dim second layer is bright in Lin Chen's eyes!

The source of the attribute light sphere that Lin Chen saw at the beginning was the golden attribute light sphere in front of him!

Walking to the center, Lin Chen caught the golden light ball in his palm.

[The host obtains the characteristic rune evolution stone.

The third rune evolution stone!

Lin Chen suppressed the surging mood in his heart and issued a command.

"System, I want to upgrade Corrupt Rune."

[The system received and consumed one Rune Evolution Stone, and is now upgrading Level 3 Corrupt Rune.

At this point, Lin Chen's three major runes have all advanced to level 3!

"Rune upgrades, breakthroughs in spiritual power. This trip is worthwhile."

After taking away the last rune evolution stone, there is no light of any attribute light ball in this second layer, and it becomes dark.

"Huh, these alchemy notes?"

Lin Chen glanced at the alchemy handbook recorded in the second layer, and his eyes flashed with light!

All of these alchemy notes are recorded with the essence of alchemy knowledge and experience.

Some are divided into the field of medicinal materials, some are divided into many details that need to be improved when refining medicine, and some are how the alchemy handprint cooperates with medicinal materials to play the characteristics of medicinal materials perfectly!

There is no muddy water, all are the most essential content!

Even Han Ziyun and Han Yizhi were silent inside.

These alchemy notes all need to be read with mental power. Both of them are the spiritual power in the middle of the spiritual realm. Reading these contents will not easily lead to mental fatigue.

Lin Chen almost fell silent in the ocean where knowledge was absorbed. His consciousness withdrew and looked around this second floor, a little amazed.

"If I can stay here for a few months, my alchemy skills must be able to improve several grades, it is worthy of being an ancient family, and the heritage is far beyond the first-class forces."

While Lin Chen was sorry, the system's prompt sound made him refreshed!

[The system prompts the host that the host can consume the power and spirit to collect all the tips and tricks here into the system, but does not include Danfang.

The production process of Danfang is extremely cumbersome, and the spiritual information it contains can be called massive. Even if the system cannot collect a large amount of Danfang at one go.

"Can the system be included? Then I will include them all!"

[Complete collection requires 10.5 million merit points, does the host confirm the inclusion?

"10.5 million points..."

Lin Chen fell into a little contemplation, gritted his teeth fiercely, and nodded.


[System received.

The alchemy handbook and secret tips here are more important than the alchemy handprint in some ways!

This is derived from the valuable experience and knowledge written down by the ancestors of the Han family, and it will be a permanent benefit to get them!

[The system has been collected. All alchemy notes and secrets have been copied into the system. If the host wants to learn, it can be passed down by consuming the power and spirit.

The system light screen pops up again, and Lin Chen sits cross-legged and throws himself into the system.

"System, I want to pass on the "Guanghan Medicine Spectrum" and "Manual Differentiation Manipulation Method"!"

Once again consuming the spirit of practice, Lin Chen directly inherited the secrets of these refining medicines this time,


In a blink of an eye, five days; the three had their own success in the Legacy.

"This Lin Chen, the grand ceremony is about to start, what is he still doing."

Outside the Jing Pavilion, Han Ziyun, who was the master pharmacist, was in a hurry.

"Half a day, shall we go in?"

Han Yu looked at the three elders.

"No, he is already out."

Suddenly, the eyes of the three elders flashed, and Fu Xu smiled.


The gusty wind swept over; inherited from outside the pavilion, the silver-robed young man stepped out slowly, and his majestic spirit was as unpredictable as the abyss!

His eyes seemed to contain the sea of stars, vast, vast and deep!

During this retreat, Lin Chen's medicine refining level has transformed to a very deep level!

To put it bluntly, even Lin Chen felt that she was just a little bit of fury about refining medicine!

"It seems that this time, when you enter the Legacy Pavilion, Xiaoyou's gain is a bit unexpected from the old man!"

The three elders nodded with satisfaction and smiled.

"It's okay, I'm not the protagonist, Lin Mou, I am just an auxiliary pharmacist."

Lin Chen said, let everyone laugh, and volleyed.

The group was led by the three elders and flew to the area beyond the heavens!

In the afternoon, Lin Chen and the Han family arrived in an independent space.

"This place used to be a space opened up by an ancient family alone, which we call the ancient city of Dan."

The three elders had just finished introducing with Lin Chen; a secluded city came into view, suspended in the void, and suddenly became a sky city.

Stepping into the city, it is desolate and quiet. There are more than 20 people standing in the square in the center of the city.

Lin Chen's eyes condensed; among these twenty people, all were dragons and phoenixes!

They are extremely young, all of them are the arrogants of the sky above the five levels of heaven.

On the cultivation of talent, it will not be inferior to any one of the top Qingxun or Lanxun students in Tiange General College.

"All are from the arrogance of the ancient family, and..."

Lin Chen's pupils shrunk. There are two young people in the 20-odd people. Their cultivation skills and breath of blood reveal the same breath as Ning Zhan who had played before.

It's just that the latter's cultivation skills and bloodlines seem to be several times stronger than Ning Zhan!

"Even the ancient family and the Ning family have arrived."

Lin Chen exhaled, a smile appeared in the corner of his mouth, a long flash of fierce fighting in his eyes!

"Oh? Has the last Han family arrived yet?"

"Let me say, why is this family eligible to participate in the ancient Chinese aristocratic medicine refining ceremony?"

"Hey, it doesn't matter whether you participate or not, there will be multiple bottoms anyway."

Seeing that the Han family and others stepped into the square, Tianjiao of many ancient families shook their heads and laughed, and some had high self-esteem. They did not even look at the Han family even at first sight.

Han Ziyun's face was flushed with anger, and her silver teeth nibbled. The three elders seemed to be accustomed to them, raising their hands to an old man in the square.

The old man declared without expression.

"The Han family has arrived, and the drug refining ceremony has officially started!"

The three elders patted Han Ziyun's shoulder and whispered.

"Let them shut up with strength, Zi Yun, it's useless to be angry."

Han Ziyun nodded hard, and Xiuyan burst into a strong fighting spirit and fighting intention!

The three elders nodded with relief, passed a pleased look to Lin Chen, and then retreated to the side auditorium.

Lin Chen looked around secretly; this grand ceremony seemed extremely secretive, with only hundreds of people present.

But the strength of everyone on the scene is extremely powerful, all of them are the older generation of strong men who are implicated in the ancient family!