My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 263

Chapter 263: You Are The Protagonist.

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Chapter 263 You are the protagonist.

Surrounding the void in the surroundings; twelve oversized magic eye stones projected into the square.

Han Family; the territory of the secluded heaven.

All Han Jia Tianjiao stared breathlessly at the twelve light screens listed in the void. This grand ceremony will be related to the training lifeline of their younger generation!

"Brother Lin Chen is the unparalleled existence of our Tiange Academy. It is his responsibility. Even if the opponent is the arrogant of the ancient family, it should not be a problem to get the top three."

Lin Tianjian stood among the Han family crowd, poured a sip of liquor, and smiled.

"Not necessarily, this grand ceremony is a joint refining medicine. No matter how strong Lin Chen is, he is only an assistant pharmacist. It is Miss Han Ziyun who is the master pharmacist who really decides the medicine level."

Qian Eye shone faintly, and Lu Ying shook her head.

"I believe the monitor, as long as he is there, we will never fail!"

Han Yizhi clenched his white-skinned hands tightly, his eyes flashing splendidly, staring at the twelve screens of light.


In the dense room, more than a dozen figures sit in the dense room.

"This time, it would be our Ning family's first place."

"After all, the Dans and Moss who are the strongest in refining medicine disdain to participate in this grand ceremony. Ning Lanfeng should be able to take the lead in this."

"The boy heard that even the blue-order alchemy fingerprints have been successfully cultivated. I am afraid that the level of refining medicine can be put into the Dan's house and those monsters can fight it!"

Several silhouettes in the secret room were laughing and talking, and the two beautiful women sitting in the first place were shocked suddenly, as if they saw a familiar silver robe back in the crowd.

"Aren't he...?"


Gudan City, inside the square.

"Master Ning Lanfeng, what grade of immortality do you plan to refine this time."

A beautiful young lady with jasper and fair-skinned beauty, curiously confronted the young man in the white robe, who asked curiously, Qianmei was full of admiration and admiration.

The young man in the white robe holds the white feather fan and has a graceful manner.

"Oh, it's a top-fifth order. This grand ceremony, but with our saint Ning family and Ning Qingxuan to see it in person, I naturally have to show our Ning family's refining strength."

This sentence and name made Lin Chen froze aside!

"Wow! Tier 5 top!"

"It seems that the first one this time is the non-Ninglan Feng son. We can only compete for the second and third."

Several arrogant girls twirled around Ning Lanfeng.

Lin Chen turned around and took a deep look at the twelve magic eye stones.

At this moment; the two pairs of eyes seem to have traveled through time and space, though their eyes differ. But the other side truly felt the fighting spirit in the teenager's restrained and sharp eyes!

Space dense room;

"Sister, it's him, really he!"

The little girl was about to jump up excitedly, secretly excited voice.

"In less than a year, he has grown to participate in this kind of festival."

Fang Xin's long-lost waves of turmoil were reminiscent of the birthday gift that the teenager handed her that day, and the lady showed a smile.

he came!

I have witnessed that the young man who broke out from Shenwuzong all the way and has been creating miracles, rising against the sky, has entered the vast stage of Lingzhou!


The scene of this grand ceremony will be transferred from the magic eye stone to many high-ranking families.

Inside the square

"The rules are as follows; the ceremony stipulates a period of 10 days. Please ask the master pharmacist and auxiliary pharmacist to refine the highest quality elixirs within ten days. The materials, danfang homemade, and the top three families can get the flame. Qualifications for places."

The old man in the black robe who walked in the air announced the rules indifferently.

Since the Han family has been completely squeezed out of the ancient family, the location arranged for the Han family at this festival is quite remote. Of the twelve magic eye stones, only three magic eye stones can shine on the Han family's master refining pharmacist.

As for the auxiliary pharmacist who is standing ten meters away from the position of the main pharmacist, there is only one magic eye stone that can be photographed, and even his face is not clear!

This differential treatment immediately aroused the extreme protests of the Han family in Tianyou Mystery!

It is a pity that they were not at the scene and the words of protest were totally invalid.

Moreover, in the current status of the Han family, they are simply not eligible to protest.

"Now, the ceremony officially begins! If the hourglass turns five full laps, it proves that the time is over."

The old man in black robe waved his hand, and a giant hourglass with a height of 100 feet stood in the square.

"Lin Chen, can you keep up with my pace. This time we changed to Danfang, we can't make it to the top three by relying on ordinary fifth-order senior medicine!"

Han Ziyun turned around with a solemn expression. She actually decided to revise the original Danfang now!

It can be seen that Han Ziyun really wants to win once. Get back a breath for the Han family!

"Let's go and do it, with me as the ace assistant apothecary, I promise to let you lead the hero today."

Lin Chen smiled at random, and did not know whether it was serious or ridicule.

Han Ziyun was the best player and passed it to Lin Chen with a volume of Danfang.

"This is the recipe for "Golden Dragon Eye Pill". If it can be refined successfully, the lowest quality is the fifth-level advanced peak. You can read the recipe first, and I will start refining first."

Han Ziyun shot the Dan furnace, lifted the lid, and the surrounding treasures were suspended one by one into the void.

Her jade hand quickly opened the alchemy handprint, and the spirit like rivers and rivers emerged.

This scene attracted some old seniors who were on the scene to look curiously. The master pharmacist of the Han family is a little bit interested.

This kind of spiritual power is second only to the late stage of the spiritual realm. In the medium term, it is at the peak.

When they turned their curiosity to the assistant pharmacist again, they almost didn't laugh!

This auxiliary pharmacist is still watching Danfang on the spot? Does this work!

Even the young Tianjiao of those ancient families couldn't help but laugh!

"Where is this talent, my God, is this funny? Hahaha!"

"Looking at Danfang on the spot, I am afraid that after the reading, even the mental energy has been consumed by half?"

"Well~ At least from the surprise, this Han family really got the first place, ha ha ha ha!"

Many young Tianjiao sent endless ridicule and ridicule, and even the older generation of powerful people in the audience shook their heads and laughed.

"Old Han, this young man of yours, can see this nizi too. You look at the assistant apothecary, what a crooked melon!"

"However, it is difficult. If the assistant pharmacist cannot keep up with the pace of the master pharmacist, then the master pharmacist will consume a lot at the beginning, and if there is an error in the future, there will be no chance."

"Yeah, the fifth-level and higher-level panacea is completely different from the fifth-level intermediate-level panacea. When we were young, it would take more than 20 days or one month to refine a fifth-level high-level panacea."

Faced with the doubts of many older generation alchemists, the three elders of the Han family only used one sentence.

"I believe these two young people, since my Han family still dare to come here, it proves that we are not here to make jokes."