My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 264

Chapter 264: Immortality Was Born And Visions Appeared

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Chapter 264

In the eyes of the three elders, there is a very calm confidence!

He believes in Lin Chen's strength. It is conservatively estimated that it is definitely among the top three in the young Tianjiao of the audience. With his assistance to Han Ziyun, it will not be worse!

Han Ziyun endured ridicule from all around, tears in her eyes, and at this time, a refined and pure soul flower quickly shot into her dan furnace!

"This, this is?"

Han Ziyun stunned! Unbelievably looked at Lin Chen!

His Yuyuan Furnace is now refining various medicinal materials, he is familiar with the car, and the speed is fast, he is almost catching up with the master pharmacist!

"What's wrong? Master pharmacist, you are the protagonist now, can't you keep up with my rhythm."

Lin Chen teased and smiled, there was a systematic collection of Danfang, he had to learn only in an instant!

He shook the Dan furnace with one hand, another fifth-order beast core was refined by him, and shot into Han Ziyun's Dan furnace!

Han Ziyun smiled heartily; the lady smiled Yan Yan, with a lot of style.

"Of course not!"

The hearts of the two are so psychic, Han Ziyun makes a set of top-level alchemy handprints of the blue ranks, and the four flowing blocks are amazing!

"I learned Danfang so quickly on the spot? What is the origin of the auxiliary pharmacist?"

"Isn't it possible that they still play a show? It's really funny!"

"The master pharmacist actually has two hands, and the spiritual realm is not inferior to us at all. Maybe this time they may really become dark horses!"

Many Tianjiao exuded a dignified expression, with quick eyes and quick hands, they immediately began refining and were not willing to fall behind.

"A group of mortals, from the moment I played Ning Lanfeng, you were destined to fight for the second!"


The moment when Ning Lanfeng urged the Alchemy Fingerprint; a fierce spiritual hurricane blew up!

A large number of high-level medicinal materials rotate like a funnel, and then pour into the Dan furnace!

The auxiliary pharmacist on the side can only help him to do some of the most basic medicinal materials treatment, and all of them have become Ning Lanfeng's home field!

"This is the power of the blue-order alchemy fingerprint!"

"Sure enough, the Qing Order Alchemy Fingerprint cannot be compared with it at all."

"The blue-order alchemy handprint, even our Chen family has few copies, all of which are controlled by those who are not born at all."

"Only the families of the Dan family and the Mo family can control Ning Lanfeng."

"An ancient family appointed by God really is different."

"Hush! Speak so loud, you want to die!"

Many young Tianjiao secretly sighed and devoted themselves wholeheartedly to their own medicine refining process!

It is not an exaggeration to watch the five classes of pharmacists refining medicine and call it an artistic performance.

Mo said that the existence of the same pharmacist, even people who are not pharmacists, can feel that the pleasing techniques and skills extract every ray of energy in the world and condense it together in the most appropriate way.

Where did the result go, making everyone look forward to it.

The stunning opening of the Han family at the beginning was completely suppressed by Ning Lanfeng and other Tianjiao, and was gradually forgotten in the corner like a magic eye stone.

Time passed by one minute and one second, and nine days passed quickly.

During these nine days, some old master medicine refining masters have noticed some details!

Among all the master pharmacists present, apart from Ning Lanfeng, only Han Ziyun's mental strength maintained a relatively good state!

The reason is the auxiliary pharmacist of the Han family!

Lin Chen on the side urged Bahuang Xuanhuo and supported Han Ziyun with ease.

Even, Han Ziyun has not yet reached the link, he has prepared for Han Ziyun in advance!

This is simply a prediction that the master pharmacist will take the next steps!

There is only one possibility for this phenomenon, that is, the level of the auxiliary pharmacist is higher than that of the main pharmacist, and the level of understanding of Danfang is deeper!

"You can't be wrong, this kid's level of spiritual power has entered the later stage of the spiritual realm!"

"Although he used the blue-level intermediate alchemy fingerprint, the refining technique is unique. It seems that it does not follow the rules, but in fact it links one by one."

"Especially when he refined the Evergreen Spirit Turtle, the green blood shell powder extracted from the turtle shell was just fused on the Blood Spirit Vine, melting the skin of the Blood Vine, perfectly using the most tricky characteristics of the two herbs. Take it off!"

"The old man has never seen this dexterous and creative refining technique!"

The few master refining masters and masters in the audience have already begun to notice the uniqueness of Lin Chen!

And the most shocking; nothing more than Han Ziyun, who is the master pharmacist!

The herbs she took over from Lin Chen were all in her most ideal and satisfied state!

This is even more perfect and more fit than she is responsible for refining herself!

"Does he know this Golden Dragon Pill better than me? How long did he read the Dan Fang, this is ridiculous too!"

The only conclusion that Han Ziyun can get is that Lin Chen happened to see the golden formula of "Golden Dragon Eye Pill" in the Heritage Jingge and recorded it!

In addition to this, she can't get the second kind of thought that is reasonable or acceptable to her!


There was a violent shock in the furnace, and a bunch of green awns rose up into the sky, and Tianjiao took the lead to succeed in alchemy!

The energy of the aura around them instantly condensed into a dense and bright Danyun, and the two ancient aristocrats looked at each other excitedly!

"Danyun is condensed but not deformed. It is a fifth-level high-level medicine of ordinary quality."

The elder in black robe, who presided over the grand ceremony, glanced at random, and continued to close his eyes and recuperate.


The violent wind swept, Zixia was gorgeous, and another fifth-level senior medicine was born! Between the previous one and the middle one.

It is already not easy for some old pharmacists to look at the young people in the field with full of praise.

"It seems that the top three should have a place in my Bai family."

At this time, the two charming women in long skirts standing in the center of the field slowly stood up. The master pharmacist slightly lifted his hands, and Dan Furong released the pale red Danmang!


The strong Dan Yun condenses and turns into a pale red jade rabbit-like Dan Yun, gorgeous and dazzling.

"Fifth-order high-grade top medicine, a good seedling."

Elder Black Robe glanced at the second woman with a mild gaze, and continued to close her eyes and recuperate.

This jade-rabbit-shaped pill cloud attracted the admiration of the old pharmacists. At a young age, these pill medicines can be refined. This master, one assistant and two nizis, may be expected to advance to the sixth order in the future!

The sixth-order pharmacist, looking at Lingzhou, is really a rare, long-lasting figure, and even the ancient family should treat each other with VIPs!

"Sister Bai, please be a little too happy!"

At this time, it was the two Jade Robe youths Ran Ran who smiled.

For a time, there was a rush of wind in the city of Gudan, and there were many visions! The high-level immortality medicine that is rare in the outside world is now in dispute!

Only a very small number of people were staring at the silver-robed boy sitting in the corner.

The strong man of the older generation seemed to perceive something terrible! There was a shock that was hard to conceal in the old eyes!