My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 265

Chapter 265: Ning Lanfeng Xuehao

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Chapter 265 Ning Lanfeng, Blood Hao!


Dan Yun Chengxiang, another hundreds of feet of Dan Yun listed in the void, Dan Yun converged into a sword shape!

"Fifth-order high-quality elite medicine, easy to handle, excellent talent."

Elder Black Robe commented indifferently, but in his eyes he rarely passed a compliment.

There was arrogance between the two Yupao youth eyebrows, looking at the second daughter of the Bai family.

The second female's silver teeth nibbled and snorted, ignored.

At this time; when two Tianjiao were condensing the pill at the end, due to lack of mental power, they lost a lot of energy, and the energy of the pill was pouring out, and countless turbulences of energy burst!

Fortunately, each alchemy area in the square is arranged with a space boundary, which has not been substantially affected by the slightest point.

Afterwards, two other Tianjiao came out, but they just reached the fifth level.

This achievement is enough to be proud of the outside world. Any force or sect is a young arrogant in refining medicine.

But here, the place where ancient ancestors gathered in heaven is not enough to call it brilliant.


Dan Yun is condensed, and two families have come out of Dan together. The rank of rank is fifth-grade high-end middle-grade and mid-level.

The vision did not stop, at this moment, the faint golden yellow haze haunted like a fairy, floating in the void.

Many people's eyes were immediately attracted to the past, this time it turned out to be the humble Han family!

The refining of the Elixir by Han Ziyun as the main pharmacist is about to enter the final step, Ning Dan!

"Well, there are such energy fluctuations before Ningdan. If it is a finished elixir, it will inevitably be upgraded to two grades. It should be more than a fifth-level high-quality elite elixir. It is indeed eligible to compete for the top three places this time. It seems that this time the Han family is indeed a rising star! A little bit of prestige was then recovered."

In the eyes of the old man in black robe, there were rare hopes and sighs, with emotion.

Han Ziyun's snowy white jade became fragrant and sweaty. With her refining power, the success rate of refining Jinlonghuayandan did not exceed 40%!

This time it can be refined so smoothly, thanks to Lin Chen's perfect assistance and cooperation!

But at this crucial moment of condensing pill, it is around that she retained good mental energy and began to consume quickly!

The final "Ningdan" step is the responsibility of the main pharmacist, and the assistant pharmacist has basically completed the task at this point.

In other words, now Lin Chen is basically unable to get started, as long as Han Ziyun can successfully consolidate the Dan, he is eligible to chase the top three of this grand ceremony!


Suddenly, a flash of light emerged! The man burst into laughter!

"Hahaha! Lao Tzu's Blood Dragon Pill is finally refined. This time the top three belong to my Xiao family!"

The **** Danyun condensed into a dragon shape with clouds and rain, and the two red-clothed youths laughed with high-five revelry!

"Fifth-order premium super medicine! Good fellow, almost touching the fifth-tier top!"

"The Xiao family is really a group of lunatics. Not only are they crazy during battle, they are so crazy even in refining medicine."

Han Ziyun's pretty face changed slightly, her heart sank, and her fifth-grade high-end top grade almost overwhelmed her Jinlonghuayandan.

"Well, for this term, it is really boring."

The unruly and indifferent voice of the youth slowly sounded. Ning Jiatianjiao, who had been sitting in the void, stood up slowly!

He flicked the Dan Furnace with his fingertips, and the swaying Dan Furnace burst out of the sun-menstrual beam of great shore, spraying a thick layer of Dan Cloud!

Each layer of Danyun has a vast expanse of magnificence, exuding a beautiful and gorgeous glow.

Dan Yun overlapped each other, there are as many as three Dan Yun!

The rest of the elixir appears small and humble under these three layers of brilliantly dazzling clouds, which is completely the difference between the stars and Haoyue, completely reduced to the foil!

"Dan Ling Cheng Yun, this is too high-level medicine to condense into a vision!"

"Multi-layer Danyun, basically only fifth-level top medicine can do it!"

Several old-sighted masters of refining medicine immediately murmured.

"Three-tier Danyun, top-fifth-grade middle-class. Although temper is proud, but the talent is really outstanding."

The old man in black robe who presided over the ceremony exuded a rare exclaimation!

Han Ziyun's expression was a little shaken and nervous, and now the level of the first and second place has been almost determined.

In the remaining third place, if high-quality Elixir appears again, her hopes are slim!

"Please, I must rush up, even if it is only once, I will fight for the Han family!"

Han Ziyun prayed silently in her heart, and when she suddenly wrapped the familiar and mad laughter in her ear, her pretty face was suddenly white!

"Gaga! Han Ziyun, do you Han family want to take the third place? Dream!"

Located in the alchemy area on the opposite side of the Han family; a young, skinny, monkey-like face smiled grimly!

His hands filled his ears like dragon palms, and the moment he lifted up the red hearth, the energy wave rising from the sky was like a dragon flooding the sea!

Dang ~! Boom~!

The crisp gold-iron collision sound and vibration played, and the huge and huge Dan Yun continued to expand, and finally divided into two layers of Dan Yun suspended in the void!

Multi-layer Danyun is another fourth-level top medicine!

Its quality is second only to Ning Lanfeng!

"I didn't expect to be a blood man. I didn't think that this is the biggest dark horse of this year!"

"This kid is about the same age as the little boy in our family. He has been able to refine the fifth-level top medicine, and it is almost certain that he will become a sixth-level apothecary."

"Fuck, what kind of **** is this blood family, there is such a character!"

The arrogance of the ancient family and the old master medicine refiner secretly uttered their tongues. Unexpectedly, this nearing end could kill such a **** horse!

Ning Lanfeng glanced at him with interest, and immediately sneered.

"Xuehao, it's you!"

Han Ziyun was stunned, her silver teeth clenched!

This blood hero was one of the men who had pursued himself, but once he had a desire for refining medicine, and had never thought about men and women, he refused his pursuit without hesitation.

"Dare to refuse Master Ben, stinky bitch, how many green onions do you have! Quack! I like your expression now, I really like it! How did the last ray of hope be strangled by others? How about falling from hope to the abyss of despair? "

Blood Hao's thin body seemed to hide a demon, and his crazy and oozing laughter made many people frown.

There are less than two hours left until the end of the present grand ceremony, and the step of condensing the pill is only four quarters left.

The top three must be Ning Lanfeng and Xuehao, as well as the Xiao family's fifth-order high-end top grade "Blood Dragon Pill"!

"Everything is fine!"

The eyes of the three elders of the Han family were distracted. After shaking the old face a few times, they lost their souls and seemed to be as old as a teenager.

Standing in front of the Dan furnace, Han Ziyun's body trembles violently, her teeth clenched, her trembling trembles, her tears drop down her white cheeks, and she weeps silently.

The Han family finally won the opportunity to come back. For the grand ceremony, she did not know how long it had been prepared and how much personal time was sacrificed to devote herself to the refining medicine.

This time I lived up to the expectations of the whole family, but I didn't expect to fall short of it!