My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 266

Chapter 266: Smile You Are The Protagonist Today.

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Chapter 266: Smile, you are the protagonist today.

Han Family; Heavenly Paradise.

The people of the Han family who watched the twelve devil's eye stones seemed lifeless; all the hearts of them lingered with a lingering sorrow and despair!

This may be the last time for their Han family to have an intersection with the ancient family level and fight for opportunities.

I didn't expect to prepare for so long, even the top three did not enter.

After this grand ceremony, perhaps the Han family will no longer have the opportunity to intersect with the level of the ancient family.

"We are no longer after the ancient family."

"Recognize reality, we just lost."

"Isn't it that brother Lin Chen of the Song Academy is very powerful that day, why do we lose, why cousin."

"It's not that Brother Chen Chen is not strong enough, but our opponent is too strong..."

The suffocating and desperate atmosphere filled the many Hanjia Tianjiao; even Lin Tianjian, Xia Feiyu and Lu Ying, who were onlookers, felt this heavy despair!

When people are in the abyss, even the slightest hope will make people desperate to hold this ray of light.

Perhaps these 100,000 years, the Han family has not given up the idea of revitalizing the family, generation after generation, generation after generation.

Some senior elders in a secret space watched this scene; the tone could not help but gradually declined, vicissitudes and confusion.

"Did Cang Tian really die of my Han family? We didn't even grasp this last chance."

However, among the entire Han family, there seems to be one person who does not show despair like the people around him!

That is Han Yizhi!

Han Yizhi's bright eyes stared closely at the blurry figure that only a magic eye stone could put out, and the hope in his eyes had not been completely broken!


"The Han family is still defeated."

"I can't enter the top three this time, I'm afraid they won't have a chance in the future."

"There is nothing worthy of sympathy. Weak meat and strong food. Even the ancient family is no longer a waste. It is enough to be able to remember the old feelings and give them the opportunity to compete for the baptism of the flame."

"It's just a group of degraded wastes. After 100,000 years of change, the Han family now has a little bit of history to revive the style of the year? It's just a lingering panic."

"Even a branch of my Ning family is almost able to surpass them, and there is nothing worth sympathizing for."

Many veteran masters of refining medicine have mixed praises and sorrows, but more are the indifference and disdain of the Han family.

Especially before arriving at the scene, almost none of the senior officials of the ancient family who watched the status of the Magic Eye stone sympathized with the Han family.

Space back room

"After this time, the Han family should not be qualified to fight with us again. Our ancient family has completely ruled out a remnant."

"Let the Han family die by itself. If this is in the ancient times, any ancient family will be eroded by other ancient families."

"Since the age of the gods, it is now much more peaceful. Let them live more than 100,000 years for the Han family. Isn't it the kindness of God?"

The Ning family's silhouettes lurking in the void seemed to shake their heads indifferently and smile.

"Okay, I rarely mention these things in front of the sage of Qingxuan."

At this moment; an old voice calmed down all the Ning Jiaqiang, they were silent, and dared not speak again.

"Everything is still unknown."

Suddenly, Ning Qingxuan, the saint sitting at the forefront of the space secret room, spoke for the first time!

"Oh? Why did the saint say this?"

The old man asked in amazement. The saint came out on her own initiative. What aroused her interest?

"Because, he is here."

In the dark, the beautiful smile of Fanghua's peerless light reflected the faint light.


Hearing the doubts and disdain from the young Tianjiao and the master medicine refining master, Han Ziyun, who was tense, felt colic.

She was so angry that she turned around and refuted, but the spirit of knowing the sea came from exhausted exhaustion.

The powerful arm stretched out into Han Ziyun's eyes, and the young man's sunny smile.

"Why do you have a bitter gourd face and smile? Today you are the protagonist."

Han Ziyun's eyes flicked red, her tears flashing, Hao teeth clenched her red lips, aggrieved.

"It's this time, do you still want to make fun of me!"

"Laughing at you? I don't have that hobby. I said that you are the protagonist today, and you will be the protagonist. I said that if you can take the first place, you will definitely be the first."

Lin Chen raised Han Ziyun, smiled, waved and turned.

"You can just continue the process of Ningdan, don't worry about me."

Lin Chen returned to his position as assistant pharmacist; the elder in black robe noticed Lin Chen for the first time.

"Oh? That young assistant pharmacist from the Han family, what does he want to do?"

Just when the black robe elders were in doubt; Lin Chen shocked the abyss furnace with one hand, the energy fluctuating like the ocean and the ocean was faintly transmitted inside the furnace!

This vision made all the old pharmacists and the young Tianjiao startled slightly!

There is such a majestic energy in his dan furnace? What does the assistant pharmacist want to do?

"No, their panacea has already entered the final step of condensing pill, and less than four quarters are left before the complete finished panacea is born!"

"What did he want to do in such a short time? Broken the jar?"

"At this time, if any energy is added to the Elixir, it may lead to the destruction of the Ningdan step!"

"Besides, he is an auxiliary pharmacist. The process of condensing the pill is controlled by the main pharmacist. He has no idea how far the coagulation has progressed!"

Whether it's the young Tianyao Refining Master or the veteran master Refining Master, all the people on the scene are staring at Lin Chen's position!

At the beginning, I noticed that Lin Chen had all kinds of abnormal behaviors in the past.

"This boy, he had anticipated this situation from the beginning!"

"Before the master pharmacist is about to step into the Ningdan step, he is already preparing!"

"He didn't break the jar or fall, nor was he brave, but he had already calculated the result!"

"Good show, only now!"

Inside the square

Lin Chen's index finger in both hands swayed on both sides of the dan furnace, turning his palm into one. All the energy is tumbling like a dragon; a golden dragon is formed to blast away, plunging into the fist size, which is condensing into a young pill!

Han Ziyun stared blankly at Lin Chen, not expecting him at all!

"Zi Yun, don't look around, Ning Dan!"

Lin Chen's secret transmission, Han Ziyun immediately reacted.

An unyielding fighting spirit emerged from the pale paper-like face, Han Ziyun's mental strength was controlled around the young Dan, and the medicine was rapidly forming!

"Is he crazy? An auxiliary pharmacist dare to interfere with the main pharmacist Ning Dan?"

Most of the refining medicine Tianjiao was shocked, and Ning Lanfeng's eyes fixed on the young pill!

"Young Dan did not explode, but was absorbing this energy!"