My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 267

Chapter 267: A Unique Show Lin

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Chapter 267

Everyone thought that when the auxiliary pharmacist of the Han family broke the pot, the energy transformed into a golden dragon was poured into the young pill, and there was no rejection at all!

This scene made all the pharmacists present ignorant!

What's happening here? Why on the occasion of Ningdan, assisting the pharmacist to intervene Ningdan in such a strangely perfect fusion?

The step of condensing the pill has already meant that all the medicinal materials have been refined, and the pill is close to the complete body. Then, it is only necessary to use the mental power to control the complete fusion of the medicine!

At this time; any energy input may destroy the energy in the young pill that has tended to the finished product, resulting in the destruction of the pill!

This fatal problem is equivalent to the general danger of modifying Danfang on the spot!

and! The most important thing is, even if you want to modify the formula, it should be the master pharmacist. Absolutely no turn, and no qualified auxiliary pharmacist shot!

The auxiliary pharmacist has stopped all the auxiliary methods in the step of condensing the pill, and the only one who really understands the state of the condensing pill is the main pharmacist!

Too many questions and doubts!

Whether it is an old-fashioned pharmacist or the arrogance of the refining medicine participating in the grand ceremony, it is full of doubts and confusion!

With Lin Chen's current medicine refining skills, assisting Han Ziyun's medicine refining is just a matter of hand, effortlessly!

But he was in the nine days of assisting Han Ziyun in refining medicine; he was not simply assisting Han Ziyun. In addition to assisting by the side, he secretly modified Danfang!

That's right, modify the fifth-order advanced recipe on the spot!

This kind of thing that dare not think of the master of refining medicine actually happened to Lin Chen!

If it was Lin Chen before entering the Legacy Pavilion, even if he had the courage, he would not have the ability.

It can inherit a large number of secrets and know-how of refining medicine in the cabinet, but it was the accumulation of an entire ancient family!

Lin Chen only used the system to pass on these secrets of refining medicine and refining medicine, but he didn't get one-tenth of it, and the level of refining medicine was raised several levels!

However, because the Han family was neglected and arranged in the most marginal and corner area; this led to almost no one except the three masters of the Xianyunyehe medicine refining master, paying attention to the Han family!

Not to mention the auxiliary pharmacist in the Han family! Before the grand ceremony began, all ancient Tianjiao and even the old pharmacists almost regarded Lin Chen as a good thing!

"Modifying Danfang on the spot means that the pharmacist's knowledge of Danfang is equal to or beyond the founder of Danfang."

"Besides, we must know the pros and cons of medicinal materials and their characteristics, to ensure that the energy of hundreds of medicinal materials is mixed with other energy without being rejected and restrained. This is almost a test for the experience and knowledge of a pharmacist. Devastating!"

"Furthermore, all this must be based on the master pharmacist to operate, from the perspective of the auxiliary pharmacist, even the old man has no idea how he wants to modify the recipe in the final coagulation step!"

The expressions of the three master medicine refining masters exuded excitement and passion!

That long gone, the yearning and exploration enthusiasm for refining medicine, once again from Lin Chen, let them find the kind of learning heart of the beginner!

Danfang's proficiency? Lin Chen inherited the system as early as the most successful!

Massive medicinal material knowledge and refining techniques? Lin Chen has gained countless essences and experiences organized by the Han sages in the Han Family Heritage Cabinet!

I don't know how far Ningdan has been assisted in refining medicine? In the dark, modify the Danfang secretly, add a small amount of medicinal materials to secretly draw the trend of the finished product, and observe it with Zijin pupil at all times. This is like watching the lines!

Everything and everything seems reckless and frivolous, seemingly crazy and discouraged, but in fact the situation is immediate and step by step, everything is in the calculation of someone in his forest!

Holding three Wanling mortar pulp and a golden dragon fruit in the Dan furnace, Lin Chen's mouth lined up with a confident smile that controlled the situation!

Now, it's time for someone in Lin to stand out!


The flames of the fire department surged, Lin Chen's hands urged the eight wilderness fire marks, and the triple fire marks shattered three berries from the furnace.


The fighting spirit of the water system emerged from Lin Chens fingertips, and the soft water energy was dotted on the golden dragon fruit in the red furnace, which perfectly pulled out the spirit and vitality of the golden dragon fruit!

Two alchemy handprints!

In the eyes of the old man in black robe!

But seeing Lin Chen's two kinds of alchemy handprints switch freely, flowing through the clouds, and batches of medicinal materials were sent into the dan furnace by him, and the refining technique was fascinating, turning decay into magic!

"Good and accurate medicine refining techniques, any kind of medicinal materials are ordered to the end, there is no trace of defects and defects, the first time after the melting is completed, it is sent to the young pill!"

"However, everything is still unknown! There are only less than three quarters left, and it is too difficult to completely revise the elixir and revitalize the elixir in such a short time!"

"Even if there is a slight error, all will be lost!"

Three masters of refining medicine secretly pinched Khan for Lin Chen; even the old black robe who presided over the game solemnly made a loud noise.

"To do this step, the boy's effort and effort are more than ten times more difficult than the master pharmacist's on-site modification of the Danfang!"

"There is no doubt that this child's talent is not inferior to Ning Lanfeng!"


Space dense room;

"What happened!"

"Why is everyone looking in one direction at the grand ceremony venue!"

"It's the Han family! The young Dan of the Han family is still cultivating a lot of energy at this time!"

"That's wrong! The Hanzi's Nizi refined is only a fifth-level high-quality elite medicine, and she can make everyone pay attention to it."

"No, no! It's an auxiliary pharmacist! It's the auxiliary pharmacist of the Han family!"

"What? Auxiliary pharmacist of the Han family? What kind of crooked melon is that! What other accidents can be made?"

The strong men of the Ning family are all in a state of coercion!

Few pictures of the twelve magic eye stones can see the Han family at all. As for the position of the auxiliary apothecary, you can basically see a vague figure!

"Sure enough, I knew that this grand ceremony would be different for you."

The beautiful lady in the secret room smiled like a fairy, and her beautiful eyes only fell on the most corner and the most obscure figure from beginning to end.


Han Family; Heavenly Wonderland, many surprise cheers ups and downs!

"Brother Lin Chen has shot! The energy of the elixir continues to increase, and our Han family has not lost!"

"Lin Chen, come on! Lin Chen, come on!"

The entire Han family, men, women and children, are all cheering!

With such courage and Jedi counterattacks, everyone in the Tiange Academy showed surprise and lip!

"The squad leader really is the most powerful! I knew that the squad leader would not let our Han family easily lose!"

Han Yizhi held the little white hand excitedly and joined the cheering army.

"Brother Lin Chen, you really are the most legendary man in the history of Tiange Academy."

Lu Yingqian's eyes flashed with different colors, staring at the blurry figure in the Devil's Eye Stone.