My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 268

Chapter 268: Thunder And Thousand Imprints

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Chapter 268

"It turns out that this son is the darkest hidden horse!"

"If you want to reverse it, it is still completely unknown. His medicine refining technique is as inferior as Ning Lanfeng, but the most lacking right now is time!"

"Yes, at least two quarters of the panacea is ready to be released into the finished panacea."

All the alchemists Tian Jiao incredulously stared at Lin Chen who was constantly investing in medicinal materials to practice medicine crazy. The flawless alchemy technique was proud as if they had to bow their heads. Their hearts were full of admiration.

"What the **** is this kid. Why is there such a long-lasting waste family in the Hans that this character threatens me!"

Ning Lanfeng's eyes narrowed, and the killing in his eyes flashed, but when he considered that he would still be the first, his mood would relax a lot.

"Well, let you fight, a group of wild dogs. No matter how you fight, the first place will be my Ning Lanfeng. I will use the alchemy this time to prove to the Holy Girl my Ning Lanfeng's excellence!"

Meiyu had regained his previous pride, and Ning Lanfeng glanced at Lin Chen with a touch of sarcasm and disdain.

Lin Chen's medicine refining technique and perfect control of the medicinal materials have reached the point of fascinating, even the present medicine refining guru is impressed.

But the most serious problem is time! It is not an easy task to improve the quality of the fifth-order high-level medicine. It is not that the ceremony is coming to an end, but Han Ziyun's young dan will be fully formed in a short time!

Once it is turned into a finished medicine, it is a fact that it has become a boat and can no longer be changed!

The most important thing is that if the Han family wants to surpass the Xiao family to get the third place, they must ensure that the quality of the panacea they make is higher than that of the Xiao family.

If it is also among the top five high-grade best; then the outcome is still undecided.

In other words, Lin Chen must at least upgrade Jinlonghua Qingdan to the fifth-tier top-grade inferior!

Fingertips rotate like a spirit of breeze, draw a perfect arc in the void, and blend pure energy into the direction of the young pill!

Then, the spirit force manipulates the eight-fold battle gas firemark, which compresses the medicinal energy in the dan furnace layer by layer, condensing the pure essence of the medicinal material into a colorful energy spirit fluid!

The rotating water combat spirit revolves around the five-color energy spirit liquid, and is mainly dominated by the eight-fold fire mark. It melts the energy spirit liquid into a fist-sized energy coating!

Lin Chen's hands blended with water and fire, and the two kinds of fighting spirits were transformed into special energy bloodlines. The left hand is mainly the eight wilderness fire marks, and the right hand is the Sanqingling watermark!

The two alchemy handprints were displayed in Lin Chen's hands at the same time, flowing smoothly like a fingertip dance!

This is not alchemy technology, it has already transformed into alchemy art!

This hand once again shocked the presiding master of the black robe and the highly respected masters of refining medicine!

Simultaneous use of two completely different alchemy fingerprints, and it is a perfect switch, like one!

This requires the control of the two alchemy fingerprints to be precise to a level that is unbelievable!

People who can use two kinds of alchemy fingerprints at the same time, there are only three people at the scene so many masters of alchemy! And still can only have the same alchemy attribute alchemist handprint!

Which of these refining masters is not the old monster who has lived for thousands of years and nearly ten thousand years!

Even if they have a profound knowledge of alchemy, alchemy fingerprints of different attributes are alternately displayed, no one can do it!

"Good precision! Perfect use of the attributes and advantages of the alchemy fingerprint. The medicinal materials that require the fire attribute catalysis are catalyzed by the fire alchemy fingerprint. The medicinal materials that rely on the energy of the water system are melted with the water alchemy fingerprint!"

"Is he just 19 years old? This is impossible! Cultivation in motherhood can't do that!"

"Don't say 19 years old, even if it's 190 years old, 1900 years old, his technique is also unique. There is no one can shake it except the Dans and Mos, and some hidden world refining giants. This alchemy technique!"

Some medicine refining masters sighed, but the elders of the Han family were ecstatic!

Inviting Lin Chen to participate in the grand ceremony is really the most correct decision!

Han Ziyun looked at Lin Chen with some fascination. The two alchemy handprints were alternately displayed, completely integrated. This kind of medicine refining technique, even few Han elders today can do it!

Everyone's awe-inspiring is not over, even more incredible operations have appeared!

When condensing the colorful spirit into the most elite part, Lin Chen kicked under the furnace of his abyss!


The entire Abyss Furnace flew into the sky and kicked to a height of 100 meters!

The ancient arrogances and the old-fashioned pharmacists are ashamed, kicking their own dan furnace?

What is this about? Could it be that at this juncture, he still can't help himself?

I saw that Lin Chen put away the attributes of the dual system of water and fire, violent blue and thunder, and his palms shot on the ground!

Bang ~~!

The thunderous and thunderous blast is like the wrath of the heavenly power. The thunderclouds in the empty sky split a thick lightning like a wild dragon. On the spot, the thunderbolt suspended in the void is in the furnace.

Lin Chen danced with his hands, his eight fingers were like a ring, his palms were opposite, and another thunder and lightning struck!

Bang ~!

Thunder sound rolled, sweeping all directions, the momentum is strong, completely confuse the master medicine refiners in the audience!

Lin Chen waved with one hand, and two water ferocious nuclei were shot into the Dan furnace; Thunderlight flickered vertically, and a dozen green thunders burst in one breath!

What is this operation? Did this kid want to destroy the energy in the furnace?

This time; Lin Chen's speed of moving the alchemy handprint is extremely fast, which is more than ten times faster than the speed of using two alchemy handprints at the same time!

"No! This is also an alchemy handprint!"

Suddenly, the eyes of the old man in black robe who presided over the grand ceremony suddenly bloomed, and suddenly turned to look at the elder Han Jiasan!

The expressions of the three elders are equally shocked. This unique technique and magnificent scene of refining medicine have also been recorded in their Han family!

That was "Thunderbolt Thousand Seals"!

This alchemy handprint was once preserved by the Han family on the third floor of the Heritage Jingge because of the extremely harsh and difficult cultivation conditions.

With the passage of time, no one in the Han family has been able to cultivate such a mysterious alchemy fingerprint. Because of its difficulty in cultivation, it is more difficult than the blue-order alchemy fingerprint.

But I didn't expect it today; this alchemy handprint can actually regain its light on Lin Chen!

"How did Little Friends Chen Chen get "Thunderbolt Thousand Seals"? The result of the Presbyterian Church was to only approve him to enter the first two floors of the Heritage Jingge, and did not open the third floor!"

The three elders racked their brains and couldn't understand it, but the next moment, a more terrible scene appeared!

Lin Chen's left hand "Lei Shun Qian Yin" and right hand "San Qing Lingshui"; involved in the last batch of medicinal materials and put it into the Dan furnace!

He can even apply Lei Shunqianyin freely? Doesn't that mean that he only completed the cultivation of this "most difficult handprint of the blue peak" in the past few days after he entered the Heritage Jingge?