My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 269

Chapter 269: The Craziest The Most Hanging Sao The Most Handsome

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Chapter 269 The most hanging! Sao! The most handsome!

At this time; the last quarter of an hour is left until Ning Dan ends!

At the moment when Lin Chen exhibited "Thunderbolt Thousand Imprints" and "Sanqing Lingshui", all the strong men of the ancient family who were watching the ceremony exploded!

Bai Family, Xiao Family, Blood Family, Ning Family, etc., they seem to have seen the glorious era that once belonged to the Han family!

In that era, the Han pharmacists were as famous as the Dans and Moss. They were the three ancient aristocrats in Lingzhou, and no one can match them!


Bai Family; a high tower that goes straight to the sky. In a hall inside the tower, you gather the strong men of the Bai family.

"Unexpectedly, the "Lei Shun Qian Yin" that the Han family once led the scenery. It will appear in our eyes again in this way."

"I'm afraid this is a long-sold card of the Han family. It can display Lei Shunqianyin and other alchemy handprints at the same time, and it is also the pinnacle of the younger generation.

"Is the Han family really a 100,000 years away, and there is still a rising trend?"

"Oh, not necessarily. The Han family doesn't even have a holy son or a holy woman. Talking about the rise of the genocide, that was too mysterious, and we couldn't explore it."


Xiao family; located in an independently developed space, Luoyun Valley.

The scene thrown by the magic eye stone in Luoyun Valley caused several groups of spiritual storms to make a hoarse voice.

"Lei Shunqianyin was created by the old man who was a bad man, in order to make a foundation for his Wan Shunlei's hands."

"This child can practice Lei Shunqianyin, which means that he is qualified to inherit the old man's mantle from the Han family."

"This alchemy handprint sword is on the flank, and the panacea is refined with high efficiency and speed. I am afraid that I will be in the top three."

"After this grand ceremony, the Han family will have a chance to chase the torch baptism quota. Can the star fire really be able to ignite the original?"

"Oh, it's not that simple..."


Ning family; space secret room.

"Holy Lady Xuanxuan, do you know the auxiliary pharmacist Han family?"

Several Ningjia strongmen knelt on one knee and dared to ask questions to the beautiful woman sitting in the first place.

"Of course I know, the people of my family, and those who have dealt with him. You say yes, rather fight."

The figure on the edge of the Chamber of Secrets shuddered abruptly, and it was Ning Jiatianjiao who had a battle with Lin Chen in the past, Ning Zhan!


Gudan City; in the Grand Place!

At this time, Han Ziyun's coagulation process has completely entered the countdown, and the process of coagulation can not be interrupted. Once the master pharmacist is interrupted, all will be lost.

Now Lin Chen is racing against time!

Many young Tianjiao hold their breath, the most nervous is the Xiao and Han families!

If the Han family refines the fifth-level top-quality panacea, then they must be eliminated!

Needless to say, the Han family, the whole heaven is full of voices cheering for Lin Chen!

The characteristic of Lei Shunqianyin is extremely fast. Every time Lin Chen urges the Alchemy Fingerprint, there will be a continuous burst of green thunder into the Yuyuan furnace!

The power of every blue thunder seems to be violent, but it is actually just right!

Its efficiency is four to seven times higher than the refining speed of the ordinary Qing-order alchemy fingerprint!

Lei Shunqianyin is the main alchemy handprint, and Sanqing Lingshui is used as an auxiliary. The essence of medicinal materials is interwoven and fused together. The two cooperate with each other and the efficiency is even higher!


The Yuyuan furnace was once again struck by the blue thunder, and the energizing energy in the Dan furnace diffused out, such as a violent rage, sweeping the whole ceremony square and even the ancient Dan city!


At this time; the old man in black robe hosting the grand ceremony and seven or eight master refining masters stood up at the same time!

"This energy fluctuation is strong and vast, it's no small thing!"

"It turns out so, it turns out! This kid's ambition is not small, his goal is not the top three, but the first!"

"He is going to integrate this energy into that young pill, surpassing Ning Lanfeng's panacea in one fell swoop!"

"No wonder, the old man just pinched his finger. The efficiency of the speedy refining medicine has been completed for a long time in principle, how could it be so long, the original goal of this kid is first!"

At the moment when the energy poured out, the masters of refining medicine coincided with Lin Chen's intention!

At this moment; everyone in the audience looked wonderful!

Not the top three, but the first!

Ning Lanfeng, who has always been unprecedented in his eyes and self-respected, finally shows horror and shock at this moment!

"This kid, was it against me from the beginning?!"

Han Ziyun, who is maintaining Ning Dan, his heart is suddenly tight, and the pretty face is full of surprises and surprises!

She remembered what Lin Chen said at the beginning.

"Today, you are the protagonist."

Sigh~! Boom~! boom!

Qing Lei hacked, Youyuan Furnace was able to withstand such a devastating process of refining medicine, and the furnace was fried on the spot!

Everyone's expression suddenly tightened! At this juncture, I am afraid that I will be defeated! ?

The debris is like a meteor, the thunder and light is exploded and scattered, like the smallpox, and it is beautiful!

But at this moment, no one appreciates this unique beauty, everyone's attention is in the center of the explosion!

The smoke did not disperse, but there was no movement!

Is it really blown up?

Seeing this scene, Ning Lanfeng couldn't help but laugh in the sky!

"Hahaha! Boy, this is the end of challenging Ben Shao..."

Before he finished, Ning Lanfeng's laughter came to an abrupt end!

The faint blue light rises like a random new moon, slowly drifting down from the void!

This is a faint blue rose beating thunder, the pure water energy wraps the turbulent pure energy inside.

Thunder and light, the blue rose is like the most beautiful artwork in the world!

The energy in the furnace is not blown away! It was protected by Lin Chen at the most critical moment, and was just refined!

The faint blue energy rose fell into the palm of Lin Chen like a dancing elf.

Suddenly; a master of refining medicine exclaimed!

"No! Ning Dan is about to finish! The last few breaths left!"

When everyone looked at it, Danyun had already begun to gather around! Han Ziyun's young pill is about to transform into a finished pill!

At this critical moment that affected the heartbeat of tens of thousands of people, Lin someone was extremely calm!

He kissed the quiet blue rose softly and chuckled.


Lin Chen laid back the blue rose leisurely and calmly!

The faint blue energy rose traversed a perfect arc, and circulated leisurely in the void.

At the moment when the blue energy rose was thrown out; Lin Chen put his hands in his pockets, lifted up in a silver robe, and turned around and walked away without even looking at it!

Lin Chen turned around and took the second step. The last breath of the blue rose before the young Dan was about to take shape, and it melted into the young Dan like a snow!

A faint blue light flashed from behind Lin Chen!

The divine light rushed into the sky for nine days, and brought the spirits from all directions into Danyun!

At this moment; everyone suddenly stood up!

The radiance is gorgeous and dazzling. The turbulent Dan Yun constantly scatters colorful lights!

Dan Yun condenses; overlaps and interweaves!

Everyone took a closer look, Dan Yun actually has as many as nine layers!

Nine-story Danyun!

For the first time, the old man in black robe revealed a shocking expression, muttering to himself.

"Nine-story Danyun is a top-fifth top-grade panacea!"

Dan Yun shines in endless Xia Cai, sprinkles on the body of the purple lady, such as wearing stars and wearing moon, Luoshen comes out of the water, the beauty is suffocating!

The beautiful lady hurriedly looked around, looking forward, the teenager as an auxiliary pharmacist had long disappeared!

Real man, never look back at the explosion!

With the craziest tricks, practice the most dang Dan!

In the most sassy way, close the most handsome field!