My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Belly Dance? ?

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Chapter 27, Belly Dance? ?


Thousands of purple and golden lights were thrown up, forming a golden wave from the midair!

The golden light was splendid, and a warm and powerful energy was injected into the body of all the Shangguan family members on the scene. Some of their pupils turned into purple gold, like clear and flawless gemstones!

"The ancestral energy is restored!"

"Our secret method can work again, ha ha ha! This time we can practice Zijin Tong again!"

All the Shangguan family members were silent in ecstasy for a moment, but Shangguan Bihan saw the young man on the ancient altar lift his sunglasses slightly, and his beautiful eyes flashed a little differently when he was excited.

Huangfu Qingyu, who was always staring at Shangguan Bihan, saw her eyes showing a girl-like admiration, and passed the vague murderous opportunity of financial management.

"Jiangshan came out on behalf of talented people! This little brother is hidden, I even looked at Lao Huang."

Fatty Huangpao gave Lin Chen a deep look and was amazed.

"This child's mental strength is not weak, there is a taste of touching the spiritual realm, and the potential is extraordinary."

Xing Wanhe, as a pharmacist, also commented and praised.

The expression of Master Yan on the other side is unbelievable!

"How did he do it? Without running exercises and using life tools, he just went to the stage, and he opened the mouth of the dragon pass that the old man finally calculated. How could there be such a ridiculous thing in the world? !"

From his point of view, even the most advanced arithmetic operator of the 24 star calculation, and even the most powerful arithmetic operator in the whole state can not achieve the premise that even the arithmetic operator's "life tool" is not used. The lifeblood of the family rises and falls.

"This kid has a big secret! It seems that I have to report to the organization once!"

While Master Yan looked at Lin Chen again, Lin Chen looked at him and smiled.

"Next we have to appreciate our master Yan's belly dance."

Master Yan looked stagnant, he almost forgot his previous bet! Because from the beginning, I didn't think I would lose to this kid.

"Master Shi Lezhi, in this matter, please give me some thin noodles..."

The second elder came up and lost his smile.

"Go away and give you face, who gives me face? What do you think you bet on is a kind of fart, and you don't have to take off your pants?"

Lin Chen ignored the second elder at all and threatened him fiercely, "If you dare to say more nonsense, I can now restore your ancestral state to an unusable state!"

This remark came out; the second elder and Shangguan Yunfan woke up instantly from the ecstasy, and saw that Lin Chen's expression was not at all a joke!

"Does this young man really control the lifeblood of our ancestral altar? Well, our Shangguan family should remain neutral in this matter."

Having seen Lin Chen's previous detached common sense, the magical skills of his gods restored the power of the ancestral altar for their Shangguan family. If he can restore the ancestral altar to its original state, this possibility is not necessarily impossible!

"You, your kid..."

"You're a fart, would you still want to regret it? It turned out that the formidable twenty-four-star mathematician said to bet that he was farting!"

Lin Chen deliberately raised his tone, so that everyone in the Shangguan family looked at Master Yan.

Even if Master Yan has a very wide network of people, today there are representatives of the main palace of the city of Wanling City, and the Shangguan family who restored the ancestral altar is not troublesome.

If he forcibly breaks the contract, fearing that he will drop the handle in the future, maybe he will be expelled from the organization because of this!

With a fierce and ridiculous stimulus, Master Yan gritted his teeth, "Isn't it belly dancing? When the old man kept his promise, your kid was not born yet!"

After he finished speaking, he turned away and flicked his sleeves. Lin Chen jumped off the ancestral altar, followed by a look of good drama.

Everyone saw it and immediately followed, leaving only the elders who guarded the ancestral altar.

Shangguan Bihan followed Lin Chen, and she was always as elegant as a lotus. For the first time, she was interested in men of the same age. Her beautiful eyes flickered and stared at Lin Chen's back.


Wanling CityShangguan Square.

Here is a square funded by Shangguan Mansion, which is very lively and can accommodate one million people.

Among the crowds of people coming and going in Shangguan Square, an extraordinary team came out. The ordinary people looked at it, and they were actually the senior officials of the Shangguan family!

"Isn't this the Shangguan family, how come so many at once!"

"Why, look at the guy in front of them, who has been scratching the ground air all the time?"

"Even the current house owner and Miss Shangguan Bihan are out, as well as Master Huang Yu and Master Xing Wanhe of the city's main palace. Is this an important event to declare!"

"Hey, I heard that the situation of the Shangguan family in the past few decades is not optimistic. Is it necessary to announce the truth?"

The high prestige of the Shangguan family made the people immediately give way, and some forces were also trying to figure out the intention of the Shangguan family.

I saw that the Shangguan family arrived on the high platform on the west side of the square. The four figures standing on the high platform were Lin Chen, Master Yan, Huangpao Fatty and Shangguan Yunfan.

Master Yan took a deep breath, fortunately he was also an operator with a low status. He had seen many big scenes, and this situation could not fool him. He spoke loudly.

"This seat is a fortuneteller within the 24-Star Abacus Organization, Yan Jiwen. Today he lost the bet with his fellow "Shenshuzi" Shi Lezhi and hereby abides by the gambling contract!"

When Yan Jiwen revealed his identity, the 100,000 people gathered at the high platform of the western square set off an uproar!

The rare and distinguished ratio of the pharmacist is to the pharmacist. Twenty-four stars are the largest calculus organization in the wilderness. Will they be defeated by their counterparts today?

What is that gamble?

In the eyes of everyone, curious and suspicious eyes were cast, Yan Jiwen actually untied his upper body robe, even more shocked!

His belly full of flesh began to tremble, his waist twisted like a snake.

A hundred thousand people in the audience were stunned and stayed in place!

If this belly dance is performed by a full-bodied beauty, it must be pleasing to the eye, but if it is a greasy fat man between middle and old age...

This scene is extremely explosive!

Some people in the front row under the stage responded that they were even more radical!

"Why did I vomit! Vomit~~~"

"It's actually this gamble, this... pooh!"

"Did you laugh just now! If you laugh, that would offend the master of mathematicians!"

"I didn't. I just remembered the happy things. My daughter is away all year round, and I'm ready to go home these days."


"What are you laughing at?"

"I also think of my daughter, and she is ready to go home."

"Your daughter...the same one?"


"You two elders, have the same daughter...?"