My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 270

Chapter 270: His Legend Has Just Begun

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Chapter 270, His Legend Has Just Started!

The nine layers of eternal clouds are endless, the radiance is gorgeous and colorful, and each layer is vast and vast, covering the sky, magnificent and magnificent!

The magnificent sky of the ancient city of Dan is illuminated by the strong Dan cloud, the nebula is disillusioned, like a miracle coming, immortal, bearing endless brilliance!

Under the glorious reflection of the nine-layered Danyun, which is like a miracle, what three layers of Danyun Ning Lanfeng, what two layers of Danyun blood, all are rubbish!

The two are not at the same level!

Fifth-order top-grade best medicine, and then up, it is sixth-order!

The sixth-order elixir has a fatal attraction for the powerful in Yuanzun Realm!

"Nine-story Danyun, you can't be wrong, this is a vision that only the top-fifth-class top quality can have!"

"I can't think we all underestimated his ambitions, his goal is far more than first!"

At the beginning, I noticed that Lin Chen's three medicine refining masters shook their heads and marveled.

"The Han family actually reversed, and it was still the first place! They will get two places for the two torch baptisms!"

"Unexpectedly, this time, the Han family is the protagonist, and everyone has become the background of the Han family!"

"Able to refine the fifth-order pinnacle elixir; the young man's level of refining medicament may be placed in the contemporary younger generation, including the Dans and Mos, can they enter the top ten?"

"I'm afraid it's more than that, you know, that little guy is standing in the position of an auxiliary pharmacist, sublimating the existence of immortality on the spot!"

"Eh, what about others? Where did they go?"

At this time; everyone discovered that the Han family's "auxiliary pharmacist" had already withdrawn from the field, leaving only the eye-catching main pharmacist!

"Korean parents are old, congratulations!"

"Your Han family has a deceitful descendant this time, maybe you can reproduce the scenery of your refining medicine inside!"

At this time; many veteran masters of refining medicine congratulated them, and their eyes were full of envy.

The three elders clenched their fists and smiled; but the inner shock was actually no less than everyone's!

Whether it is Lin Chen's "Thunder Instant Thousand Seals" proficiency or his level of refining medicine, it is far more than the Han family expected in advance!


Baijia; in the ancient tower hall.

"I didn't even see my face, where is this sacred place!"

"I don't think this kid will be from the Han family, because the auxiliary pharmacist does not limit whether it is the ancient family who participated in the festival, only the identity of the main pharmacist needs to belong to the family."

"With the fastest speed, send a messenger, we must find this son in the shortest time and draw him into our Bai family!"

Among the figures in the hall, two figures flickered slightly, and the space was distorted and disappeared in place.

Xiao Family; Luoyun Valley in an independent space.

Within a few groups of spiritual storms, a buzzing spiritual exchange was passed, shaking the world.

"According to the undercover we dispatched to the Han family, there has been no feedback about this child in the past ten years. I don't believe this kid will be the secret card of the Han family! Be sure to investigate!"

"Ten days, this child's true identity and all information must be collected within ten days!"

Han Family; Heavenly Paradise.

"Win! We won!"

"First place! We are actually the first place!"

"Brother Lin Chen is really amazing! Our Han family has a chance to chase the torch again after a thousand years!"

The entire Han family was caught in a carnival and screams. The four Lan Xun-level Tianjiao of Tiange Academy's admiration for Lin Chen was beyond words!

Lin Chen's level of refining medicine is enough to be placed in the top five levels in Tiange Academy!

Ancient City; Festival Square.

"No! I'm not convinced! He must have cheated. He is an auxiliary pharmacist. What can he do to raise a panacea to the top of the fifth order!"

Ning Lanfeng shouted suddenly; his eyes were directly on the old man in black robe hosting the grand ceremony.

Blood Hao is also like a wild animal with crazed eyes, his eyes red, and his eyes are staring at Han Ziyun.

"The little boy with no hair at all, are you questioning the old man's ability and justice?"

The old man in black robe hangs in the air, and his old eyes burst into a terrible murderous intention!


Ning Lanfeng was shocked, but his knees were soft and he knelt down on the spot!

This old man in black robe. Ning Lanfeng was calmed down only by his own killing intention!

"Eagle! Lan Feng is still young, and I don't want to be surprised!"

The two elders of Ning's family immediately flashed to Ning Lanfeng, and apologized.

"Okay, eagle boss, don't rush to get angry. After all, the strength of the young man is terrifying after all, and people with doubts are naturally normal."

At this time; the white-browed old man among those three masters of refining medicine smiled.

"Hahaha, let us explain to some old guys."

Another old man in Tsing Yi shook his head and smiled; all the young Tianjiao immediately cast a curious look.

"It's Senior Qingxu! Lingzhou has been honored as a master of refining medicine for thousands of years ago!"

"There is also Senior Bai Yun, who is said to have refined a sixth-order intermediate-level super medicine in 500 years ago!"

"His! Also the last one, is it the founder of "Tian Yin Refining Medicine Handbook", Senior Li Xiangyin?"

Tianjiao, the master of refining medicine, recognized the identities of the three masters of refining medicine and exclaimed from time to time.

"Oh, I didn't expect so many young people to recognize some of our old things for so many years."

Senior Baimei, Senior Bai Yun smiled, then pointed to the square not far away.

That position is exactly the position of Lin Chen as an assistant pharmacist!

Next to the platform, in addition to the broken broken red furnace fragments, there is a waste medicine residue.

When they saw the pile of discarded medicine residue, everyone stunned!

"With the young man's refining power, he has control over the medicinal materials and it is impossible to leave so many medicinal waste residues. The reason is very simple. Auxiliary refining, there is no delay. And with the modified Danfang, using a method that the main refining master did not notice, the grade of finished elixir was changed."

Bai Yun's words made the young Tianjiao appear a shock like never before!

While assisting in refining medicine, modify the fifth-order recipe on the spot?

Is such a thing really possible?

"So, the result of this refining medicine is neither accidental nor coincidental, nor cheating, but the result of this young man's long-awaited calculation."

On the side, Senior Qingxu sighed for a while, and Li Xiangyin looked far into the sky, and exclaimed in a long voice.

"This child's talents in refining medicine are beyond common sense. Perhaps in a few years, we will have an unprecedented peerless refining pharmacist in Lingzhou!"

After listening to the evaluation of the auxiliary pharmacist by the three master refining masters, everyone could not calm down for a long time!

No one expected that this grand ceremony would win the first place with the Han family!


Ning's house; the space is dense indoor.

"Even Ning Lanfeng is not enough! Who is this kid?"

"Ning Zhan, I heard that you have also dealt with this son. Tell me carefully what kind of person he is!"

The strong men of the Ning family turned their attention to Ning Zhan. He stood at the edge of the secret room, fearful and silent.

Ning Qingxuan, who stood at the top of the space secret room, smiled gracefully.

"No need to ask, his legend has just begun. Within ten years, his legend will spread all over Lingzhou!"