My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 271

Chapter 271: Meet Bai Ruoyan Again

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Chapter 271, Meeting Bai Ruoyan Again!

The grand ceremony ended two hours; Lingzhou Qianhuang Mountains.

At the height of the mountain range, a green dragon flew by at a rapid speed, and rolled up a violent wind!

"Simply go back to the academy. This time, they stole the Han family alchemy fingerprints. In case they find a young man, will I lose it?"

Lin Chen sat on the back of the ancient Qinglong, biting a wooden spirit banana, touching his chin and thinking.

"But I helped them take the first place, shouldn't I blame me? Although I have collected all their refining medicine experience and content of the second layer."

Lin Chen is tangled, but his eyes are suddenly frozen, and the three scary swords of the heavenly river slash through the sky!

"Qinglong is back!"

The ancient green dragon was instantly incorporated into Lin Chen's body, and his purple phoenix wings spread like lightning, transforming the energy of the wind system and suddenly stepping on the void, opening 100,000 meters in one step!

Dao Qi rolled like a frightened dragon, passed Lin Chen, and swept to the distant sky.

"Damn, it's a terrifying knife! Fortunately, it wasn't against me, or it would be ashes on the spot!"

Lin Chen, who dodged, pinched cold sweat secretly.

These three sword qi can be several grades stronger than the seventh level of Tiangang Realm, and their master's cultivation may be more than eighth level of Tiangang Realm!

"Old Yao, surround that bitch!"

"She has been seriously injured and we have been chased for thousands of miles, and then dragged down to capture her back to the gatekeeper!"

The cold drink thundered like thunder, spreading through the vast altitude of the thousand wild mountains.

Four continually appearing figures of space jumping flashed one after another; Lin Chen immediately held the black abyss gun and stepped back to the side, waiting for the battle.

As soon as his thoughts moved, Lin Chen stretched the "Ten Thousand Fire Strategies" to the extreme, covering his whole body.

Then, cover up your breath with the spiritual power of the late stage of the spiritual realm and hide in a basin and valley!

The four figures traversed the sky at a high speed, and the screaming sound burst!

The white-haired Qianying headed is as beautiful as a fairy, but the breath is weak at this time.

The three blood-covered figures behind her were like blood streamers, constantly following her.

Bang ~~!

The three of them suddenly accelerated and surrounded the woman in white in the shape of a "pin". Each side had a strong breath, which shocked the trembling beasts in the thousand wild mountains!

"One Tiangang Realm at the beginning of the Nineth Heavy Duty, two at the end of the Eighth Heavy. There is also the woman in white, who may have reached the end of the Tiangang Realm at the Ninth Heavy Duty, what a terrifying lineup! What is the situation?"

Lin Chen hairy, this level of master in the first-class power is also a very powerful elder!

"Don't show up at this time, so as not to be hammered into That is?"

When carefully looking at the true appearance of the woman in white, Lin Chen took a breath of air, and the woman turned out to be Bai Ruoyan!

"Why is Ruoyan sister? Shit, this time I won't be able to meet Chen!"

Bai Ruoyan has sentimentality to Lin Chen, and has taken great care of her previous secret territory. Lin Chen can't do anything to save her.

"Qinglong Biaoying!"

The fingerprints changed, and his thoughts moved. Lin Chen first displayed the Dragon Soul of this new society, releasing the ancient green dragon's body after it became smaller.

The ancient green dragon that became a hundred-footed figure occupies the void, except that Lin Chen can perceive its existence, but it is like a transparent existence.

At this time, during the wandering flight of the Blue Dragon, even the ripples in space will not rise up, nor will it disturb the three powerful men!

"I'm afraid I have to take out all three changes of Shura's Jiuhuang change!"

Thinking about it, Lin Chen heard the conversation between the four and couldn't help erecting his ears to eavesdrop.

"You two, be careful, this demon girl can injure the door master, and also kill the master of the deputy door master. There are quite a few profound methods. If you can't capture, you can kill it on the spot! "

The headed blood-clothed man said in a cold voice; as the ninth heavyweight of Tiangang Realm, he was still extremely wary of the severely wounded and weak Bai Ruoyan.

The blood is dyed red and the pale white dress, and the lady's red lips are dotted with blood and the red is Yin, which looks beautiful and desolate.

The beautiful eye originally flashed to the death of the unyielding fighting spirit, but suddenly flashed, showing a strong hope of vitality, Bai Ruoyan's corner of the eyes secretly glanced under the mountains.

After so many days of being chased, Bai Ruoyan showed a fascinating smile for the first time, and Yingying smiled.

"Don't the three of you deal with me alone? Isn't it unfair? When I fought with your master, it was still a one-on-one duel."

A look of doubt appeared in the eyes of the leading man in the bloodcoat, and he sneered immediately: "You sneaked into our gatekeeper, and you still say a duel?"

Wen Yan; Bai Ruoyanxian's hands gently covered her lips, she smiled.

"So what about another sneak attack?"

Bai Ruoyan's chuckle made the three of them confuse their heads. The leading men in blood-coats no longer ignored them, and all three waved the blood knife in their hands!

"Brother Lin Chen! It is now!"

Bai Ruoyan was suddenly cold; the face of a blood-dressed man in the late eightfold behind Bai Ruoyan suddenly changed!

"Slow rune!"

The gray-white fulu deterred ghosts and gods, and the world was changing, and the repair of the blood-covered man was instantly calmed down for half!

At the moment when the slow rune appeared, just above the top of his head, a thousand-footed green dragon appeared like a ghost, like an ancient giant engine, airborne!

"Blue Dragon Soul Claw!"

When the blue dragon waved its dragon claws violently, like the dragon's breath of the chaotic blade flying and killing, the blue blade chopped out, monstrous momentum, swallowing eight wilds!

The offensives were launched almost at the same time; Lin Chen held a black abyss gun, and his body released infinite blood to transform the energy bloodline, burning and detonating instantly!

"Xiu Luo Jiuhuang Change Tianshui Change!"

"Thunder penalty changes! Abyss changes!"

Tiangang Realm is four, five and six!

Lin Chen's fighting strength is to break through the sixth mid-term of the sky and earth with electric light and flint!

"Charged Rune: Precious Eight Wastelands!"

The black abyss is like an electric skimmer, Lin Chen shoots out with a stab, the blue thunder dragon sweeps the universe, and the blood-clad man in the late eighth layer penetrates on the spot!

Although the defense of the fighting spirit that he reacted to in an instant prevented the blue dragon's split soul claws bursting out from the ancient green dragon above his head, he couldn't prevent Lin Chen's "precipitable eight wastelands"!

Before he died, he never knew how he died!

Xiu Wei was suddenly blocked for the most part, and a silver-robed boy appeared in the breath of only one-thousandth of his eyes!

"How can the six layers of Tiangang Realm... perform such a... terrifying attack..."

The blood-clothed man is not finished yet. He was crushed by the electric dragon on the spot, bursting into the sky of the attribute light ball, and the bones are gone!

"God palm!"

Bai Ruoyan shoved his hands in a row and shoved them on the spot; they shattered the shock of the other two on the spot!


Bai Ruoyan, the imperial warrior with excessive fighting spirit, spit out a bright red blood, backing up again and again, like a kite with a broken thread.

Lin Chen, who was standing behind her, turned around and hugged her quickly. The two hadn't seen each other for a long time. They didn't say anything when they met. With a look in their eyes, they understood each other's thoughts!