My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 272

Chapter 272: Life And Death

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Chapter 272

[Obtained 200 million points of essence of fighting spirit, 950,000 points of merit, 100 million points of essence of fighting spirit, 1.5 million points of merit,]

The dragon body of the ancient green dragon burst into a roll, and all the attribute light **** were taken away, followed by Lin Chen's body!

In Lin Chen's body, the crackling sound of breaking through the shackles came, and his breath soared to the sixth peak of Tiangang Realm!

[Congratulations to the host's advancement into the Tiangang Realm.

The system light screen pops up, and Lin Chens attention is focused on the remaining two strong!

"Lao Yao was killed? When did this little ghost appear, and what started it!"

The leader of the blood-clothed man in Tiangang Realm Jiuzhong briefly fell into consternation and shock!

Even if Yao Yao's strength was in the early to mid-stage of the Tiangang Realm, it was okay to stick to it for a short period of time. It was not so easy to be killed by one face-to-face.

A boy in Tiangang Realm with six heavy levels actually wiped him out in just two moves?

"Slow rune!"

Lin Chen took another shot, and the rune energy was reduced by 5 million points!

The slow rune that came to the air suddenly blocked the two men's fighting spirit and actions, and Lin Chen's rune energy was rapidly reduced!

"Charged RuneBingtian Finger!"

A finger is frozen for thousands of miles, and the aurora ice beam like an ice star penetrates the sky!

The moment Lin Chen pointed out Bingtian's finger, holding Bai Ruoyan, who was seriously injured and nearly unconscious, retreated quickly!

Slow Rune and Bingtian means to make the entire space slow and cold, almost completely frozen!

The blood of the wind system burned to the extreme, and with the power of the Purple Phoenix Wing, Lin Chen's figure was like aurora crossing the sky, and he moved away a hundred miles in a flash!

"Brother Lin Chen, you..."

Bai Ruoyan in his arms was about to speak, but Lin Chen was serious.

"Don't talk! Your meridians have been severely damaged. Keep your breath balanced. If there are any accidents, it will be life-threatening at any time!"

In order to cooperate with Lin Chen to attack the Tiangang Realm at the critical moment, Bai Ruoyan forcibly took the full blow of the two in front.

Now that she is the end of the crossbow, any action will endanger her life at any time.

Being tightly wrapped around the waist by the teenager, Bai Ruoyan's eyes were blurred, as if the pain in the whole body had disappeared, and only the childish face of the teenager remained in his eyes.

For so many years, he has been cold and arrogant, and he has never depended on any one person when he has gone to Kyushu alone.

When he sensed that the piece of star jade in the boy knew that he was in the mountain range, he seemed to find a trace of dependence, and he would calm down surprisingly.

For so many years, it seems that this is the first time I have relied on a person like this. Still a teenager who is countless generations younger than himself.

Bai Ruoyan's beautiful face glowed with faint red glow; if he wanted to touch the young boy's firm face, the injury of the meridians could be damaged, or Bai Ruoyan's Daimei twitched and fainted in Lin Chen's arms.

The beauty is in her arms, but Lin Chen cares too much flawlessly, his mind is tense, he does not think that the slow rune and Bing Tianzhi that he just did can delay the other party.

The purple phoenix wings crossed the billowing purple flame and swept past, leaving only the cracks in the space that were burned and twisted.

Embracing Bai Ruoyan, Lin Chen turned into a purple and blue light across the sky, and the twisted and vibrating space thundered like a thunder running through the void, resounding through the sky.

In less than a dozen breaths, Lin Chen had rushed out of the area of the Qianhuang Mountains. The deafening roar attracted many small denominational powerfuls to look up, looked closely, and hurriedly bowed his head, no Dare to look at it more.

Brush brush ~~!

There was a popping sound behind him, Lin Chen had already felt the persevering pursuit of the two behind him, frowning.

"Damn, these two stubborn guys!"

In his heart, Lin Chen gritted his teeth and urged the Purple Phoenix Wing.


The burning purple flame of the purple phoenix wing is more intense, and it becomes two hundred feet long purple phoenix wing, and the speed increases again!

The energy of the Purple Phoenix Wing began to be exploded by Lin Chen at this time, and his energy of Qi and Blood would be consumed by the expansion of the Purple Phoenix Wing!

Even with the power of Shura Jiuhuang's three changes, Lin Chen still did not expand to one battle and two battles.

Tiangang Realm is very different from Jiuzhong, and there is another Yae in the late stage. The chance of sneak attack is only once, and it is impossible to copy the second time.

Lin Chen's rune energy had more than 30 million points before, but he still dwarfed the two in the late battle of Jiuzhong and Yazhong.

The most important thing is to protect Bai Ruoyan who was seriously injured around Lin Chen. It is impossible to protect Bai Ruoyan by the ancient Qinglong alone.

Therefore, Lin Chen has only one result! escape!

As long as you can rely on the Han Family's Heavenly Habitat area, everything is no longer a problem!

"Damn, how can this kid fly so fast?"

"His wings are not ordinary wings, they are the wings of some ancient relics!"

"Quick battle and quick decision, can't let this kid run away!"

"That kid can kill Lao Yao in seconds, perhaps with important adventures! Grab him and force him out!"

The speed of the two is suddenly mentioned, and they are chasing after!

The light of the Naling Ring flickered, and Lin Chen put four high-level elixir into his mouth.

He continued to maintain the highest speed of the Purple Phoenix Wings, and also continued to accelerate the blood of the wind system, and the blue wind blades were flowing throughout his body, advancing Lin Chen's progress!

Zhenshui Guiyuan Jue has been running, ensuring Lin Chens injury will not be comatose because of being too heavy.

The feathers of the purple phoenix wings gradually fell off, like a meteor stroking the night sky, spattering in the void, and the lilac blood flowing in the sky.

Lin Chen has never used the Purple Phoenix Wing so excessively, and keeps it at this speed; his Purple Phoenix Wing can only be destroyed!

Between the first line of life and death, Lin Chen could not care so much!

"Since you want to chase, I will do you all!"

In his eyes, the bare feet were not afraid of the fierce light of wearing shoes, Lin Chen's palm shone with a chill, and the entire arm turned to the water energy bloodline!

"Charged RuneBingtian Finger!"

A bunch of cold light embellishment, the ice star is like a awn, lasing towards the two who are chasing Lin Chen!

"It's not that easy to repeat the old tricks!"

The hearts of the two are spirited; the blood-clothed men in the late eighth stage of Tiangang Realm pushed with both palms, and the war blades swept straight out of the thorns, and turned into a rainbow burst into the sky, facing Lin Chen's Bingtian fingers!

On that day, the blood-clothed figure of Jiuzhong Jiu suddenly shivered, shifting like a shadow, shifting from the position of five hundred miles from Lin Chen to the distance of one hundred miles between two breaths!

Lin Chen's pupils were trembling slightly, and he suddenly grasped the flash of the black abyss gun, the rune energy was mobilized, and he was preparing to die again.

Thunder shocked like thunderous thunder, shocking the universe!

"Where is Xiaoxiao, dare to touch my Han's benefactor, I think you are looking for death!"