My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 273

Chapter 273: Wake.

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Chapter 273

Two old men in red robe appeared in the air, standing proudly between the three peaks, their eyes suddenly opened, and they grasped the void with one hand!

The space seemed to be twisted like a disturbed paste, squeezing the Tiangang Realm nine times on the spot, crushing it into powder and bones, exploding into powder and blood!

"Yuan, Yuan Zunjing's strong?"

The face of the surviving man in the eighth blood suit in Tiangang Realm suddenly changed dramatically, and numerous blood gas packages appeared all over his body, as if urging certain secret methods, and he sneaked into the void in a flash.

"Move my Han's benefactor, still want to leave?"

Another old man in red robe outlined a disdainful arc in his mouth, and took a step, the space cracked and his figure disappeared into the sky.

"Lynn, are you okay?"

The remaining old man in red robe quickly helped Lin Chen.

"I'm fine, give me the best secret room! I want to heal her first!"

Lin Chen's eyes were red, and his face was pale. After lifting Shura Jiuhuang's change, he decided not to let go of Bai Ruoyan despite the feelings of weakness in his body.

"no problem!"

The old man in the red robe nodded his head and waved his sleeve robe, which lifted the space barrier and immediately led Lin Chen into the heaven.

When the old man in the red robe glanced casually at Bai Ruoyan in Lin Chen's arms, his expression changed suddenly!

"Is this woman the one from the Bai family thousands of years ago?"

But at this time, Lin Chen, who focused all on Bai Ruoyan, did not notice the change of the old man in red robe.

"Little friend Lin Chen is so nervous about this woman, it seems that the relationship is extraordinary, he saved me Han family between the fire and water, even if he took the risk of offending the Bai family, he must be kept in it."

The old man in the red robe realized the importance of Bai Ruoyan to Lin Chen, and immediately decided to take Lin Chen to the Han's closed chamber.

A heavenly paradise; a dense room.

In the secret room, only Lin Chen and Bai Ruoyan were left. Bai Ruoyan's beautiful and delicate body lay horizontally in the closet, and the white dress was stained with blood, which was enchanting and poignant.

Lin Chen swallowed a softer "Qian Fu Zi Jin Dan" to heal the wound, but he couldn't take too much care and reached out to hold Bai Ruoyan's catkins.

He seriously extended the fighting spirit of the water system into Bai Ruoyan's spoiled body, and understood Bai Ruoyan's injury in less than three breaths.

"The meridians are nearly 70% damaged, and the internal organs have suffered serious internal injuries. Fortunately, Dantian and the heart have not been injured. As long as they are treated in time and then reconditioned, there should be no major events!"

Carefully put down Bai Ruoyan, Lin Chen sat cross-legged on the side, waved it out of hand, and transferred a spare fourth-order red furnace from the Naling ring.

Grab a few fourth-order medicinal herbs and fifth-order spirit treasures and throw them into the dan furnace; Lin Chen's two-handed handprints changed lightning, and the speed of Lei Shunqianyin's refining medicine was almost only in the blink of an eye!

A green pill is released, the grade is not high, but the power is very soft and light.

Remove the beautiful lips of the lady with your fingertips and let them take the green pill medicine and then refine it!

The Sanqing Ling watermark was displayed together with Lei Shunqianyin. This time Lin Chen refined a bottle of light red spirit liquid.

"Fortunately, I had dug the medicinal materials of several mountains in the Han family. Otherwise, I would let the Han family prepare the medicinal materials now, which may delay the best time for treatment."

Congratulating secretly in his heart, Lin Chen lifted Bai Ruoyan with one hand and slowly fed her the red spirit liquid.

I don't know how long it has passed; Lin Chen also tinkered with a full barrel of purple medicine and took a deep breath before removing Bai Ruoyan's shirt.


Because of the knife wound left by Xiu's shoulder, the lady unconsciously groaned in pain.

"Lin it you..."

At this time; Bai Ruoyandai's eyebrows flickered, and slowly opened her eyes, her eyes blurred.

Lin Chendun felt a little embarrassed, but he woke up when he untied his clothes.

"Sister Ruoyan, I..." Lin Chen wanted to say, and her jade hand lightly pressed against his lips.

"Idiot, I'm not sure who you are. If you need to heal, just untie it."

Bai Ruo smoked Ruo Yousi's laugh, that pale face still could not cover the beautiful lady Qingguo Qingcheng, the beauty of the beautiful Xuanxian Fanghua.

"Sister Yan is offended."

Lin Chen closed his eyes, and awkwardly untied the lady's clothes.

Immediately; he put his hands in his arms and picked up the perfect body that was soft and boneless; gently soaked Bai Ruoyan in the medicine barrel.

The purple spirit seems to find the main heart, and is slowly absorbed into Bai Ruoyan's delicate body.

Sensing that Bai Ruoyan's injury had begun to recover steadily, Lin Chen was relieved.

The tense nerve slackened instantly, and then the spirit seemed to be swept by a heavy sense of fatigue and fainted directly.


Lin Chen did not know how long he had been in a coma. When he woke up again, he was already sleeping on a soft bed, and he did not know who was cured of his injuries.

The moonlight came into view, and when Lin Chen woke up, the silver-haired person stared at him with worry.

"The squad leader is awake? Woo woo, squad leader, I'm afraid you're in trouble! I heard the elders saying that you were scared to death when you were chased by Heavenly Gang Realm! I thought you couldn't wake up!"

People held Lin Chen in tears and cried with tears, and the pear blossoms were raining. Lin Chen scratched his head, holding Han Yizhi and patting his shoulder to comfort.

"Hey, how can I have something wrong with your squad leader. I look so handsome, God doesn't want to let me die."

Han Yizhi's light and daffodil-like sweet body odor made Lin Chen feel a little like a horse, and rarely blushed old.

Somehow, Han Yizhi always had an inexplicable charm that made his heart beat faster.

"Unexpected; Brother Lin Chen, you still have this hobby~"

At this time, Bai Ruoyan smiled and pushed open the door of the room, looking at the two on the bed.

Han Yizhi was so scared that she let go of her hand, her face reddened, and she was just about to explain.

"Sister Yan, what the **** happened to you, let Tiangang Realm Jiuzhong chase you down at all costs."

Lin Chen, regardless of being unconscious for a few days, asked Bai Ruoyan.

"After being separated from you before; I retreat and practice for a period of time, taking Qianyuanguo to restore to the early stage of the ninth heavy practice of Tiangang Realm, and then just arrived in Lingzhou, I met one of the enemies of the Chou family."

Bai Ruoyan's expression rarely appeared, struggling and angry, Hao teeth clenched.

"I couldn't restrain the anger in my heart before I ambushed the attack. I thought I could kill them, and then I retreated, but I didn't expect that their background was far beyond that time. I only killed one and was seriously injured by them. Only the embarrassed escape Fortunately, in that mountain range, I sensed the star jade left on you.

After hearing this, Lin Chen frowned slightly, staring solemnly at Bai Ruoyan.

"Sister Yan, I think, you should tell me about yourself. With my current strength, I believe it will not be your burden anymore."