My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 274

Chapter 274: The Past Bai Sinners

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Chapter 274: The Past, Bai Sinners

Lin Chen's eyes were extremely sincere; Bai Ruoyan stunned, and after taking a deep breath, his expression returned to the past indifference.

"Alright, let me tell you. You have only grown up in about half a year, and you can fight even in the late stages of the Tiangang Realm. Even if you know me, it won't cause you any trouble."

"The elders of the two Yuanzunjing also appeared, no need to wait outside."

Suddenly, Bai Ruoyan smiled lightly.

Two red robe elders outside the room appeared ghostly, and one of them smiled.

"The girl shouldn't be surprised, the old man didn't intend to overhear, just worried about Lin Chen's injury."

Bai Ruoyan smiled with a smile; "It's okay, the two elders are so kind to me, and at the critical moment, I saved my brother Lin Chen and me. I deserve it. What's more, after being an ancient family, the two braved hugely The risk has kept me, and I have remembered this situation in my heart."

Seeing Bai Ruoyan's tone was serious, another old man in red robe quickly said.

"White girl is polite, you have a close relationship with the Lin En people, he has kindness to my Han family, and I will naturally not die."

Bai Ruoyan gave Lin Chen a surprised look. To what extent did his brother Lin Chen grow up and became a benefactor of the Han family?

"At great risk? Ruoyan, what does that mean?"

Lin Chen became more and more wrong and asked quickly.

"Brother Lin Chen, you already know the ancient family. Then, did you ever know that the Bai family in the ancient family? I was once a person of the Bai family and was called the biggest traitor in the history of the Bai family."

Talking about this matter, Bai Ruoyan's expression is very complicated, with anger, reluctance, and frustration.

"At that time, I peeked at the Bai Family's Secret Code, and discovered the transactions of certain ancient families of the Bai Family and the crimes that were committed. The elders were severely punished."

"At the last moment of execution, they didn't expect me to have an important treasure in my body. I forcibly broke out in the penalty space, but in the end I was in the palm of the Baijiazhan emperor Taishang elder, and later Many masters sent by the Bai family encircled the captivity and rushed out of the captivity after exhausting all the details, but they were poisoned and lived in the 24 domains outside of Lingzhou."

"Later, I bought the location of a city master in a wasteland. I suppressed the injuries and the corrosive poison at the cost of wasting repairs. I found a lot of mathematicians and pharmacists in a hundred years. Brother Lin Chen, everything has changed."

Bai Ruoyan's flue was all cause and effect, Lin Chen only realized suddenly! The two old red robe elders thoughtfully.

"No wonder the Bai family posted a killing order to kill you, saying that you practiced evil skills, and turned to an ancient family outside Lingzhou to sneak into Lingzhou to undercover. In order to provoke a civil war, there were such twists and turns in the middle. ."

Hearing the words of the two elders, Bai Ruoyan remembered what the Bai family did, and the corner of his mouth outlined a disdainful arc.

"Oh, the Bai family dare to say, marry their own actions to my head. Han parents are old, I can guarantee my life here, when the Han family fell, half of the reason is Because of the Bai family."

Bai Ruoyan's words were striking, and the expressions of the two elders changed abruptly, and his expression was very dignified.

"Girl, can't you talk nonsense, what evidence do you have?"

Bai Ruoyan shook his head.

"I dont have any evidence, but according to my discovery in the Bai Familys Secret Code that day, the Bai Family had secret exchanges with many ancient aristocrats outside Lingzhou. There was a transaction and a record, and it was with the genocide of your Han family. One day is the same, and the forces involved have the same name!"

Bai Ruoyan did not say the name of the force, and the two elders fell into deep contemplation.

They would not believe Bai Ruoyan completely, but they would not think she was groundless.

The facts have passed for more than 100,000 years, too long ago, and it is not something that can be solved by one person in one sentence if one wants to trace the former secret.

"According to the large amount of transaction records and transactions recorded in the Baijia Midian at that time, I speculate that their goal should be to unite the ancient aristocrats of other states in Kyushu, except Lingzhou, to wage war and overthrow all the ancient forces of Lingzhou. It was destroyed by erosion, but I dont know why only the Han family and the other two families were wiped out. I have no way of knowing the reason halfway."

Bai Ruoyan sighed softly, Lin Chen was also shocked by this matter!

Overthrowing the ancient aristocratic family of Lingzhou, the ambition of this Bai family can really go against the sky!

"What the girl said today, we two old guys will bear in mind, but our Han family is no longer among the ancient family, even if we report this matter, we will not get any attention."

The two old men in red robe looked at each other, shaking their heads and sighing softly.

"The time has passed so long, if you want to overthrow it, it will be overthrown already. Since we are dark and the other side is bright, we only need to plan ahead."

At this time; Lin Chen smiled.

"If Sister Yan, it's our turn to take the initiative this time, first find your enemies to recover a little interest, how?"

Bai Ruoyan smiled; "You have raised the injury first, let's talk, little guy, how can we charge interest on the strength of the two of us, don't expect the elders of the Han family, if the Bai family found me and the Han family There is an affair, but this will provoke a great war between the two families."

"Huh? When will someone in Lin's business rely on someone else's strength! Ruoyan, did you forget what we did when we first met?"

Lin Chen squeezed his eyebrows, Bai Ruoyan stunned, then said with a ecstatic expression.

"You mean, help me get rid of the final toxins, let me restore some of my cultivation, and then we will destroy them again?"

"My smart Ruoyan sister is finally back!"

Lin Chen sighed, Bai Ruoyan glamorously gave him a blank look.

"Monitor Lin Chen, will you..."

Han Yizhi held Lin Chen's clothing corner, worried.

Lin Chen rubbed Han Yizhi's silver hair and smiled.

"Relax, it will definitely be fine!"

A red robe elder suddenly laughed.

"Since you are going to take revenge, then this person must bring you some help."

Grab it with one hand; the power of the flashing silver and white light flashed by, and a figure was bound in the room.

The blood-covered man's face was terrible; but his whole body was imprisoned by the space constraints of the two elders, and he could not move.

This man was one of the three who chased Bai Ruoyan before, and the last surviving Tiangang Realm in the eighth stage!

"This person is also a ruthless character. After being caught by us, he wanted to explode for the first time and was stopped by us."

Elder Hongpao shook his head and smiled. Bai Ruoyan frowned and shook his head slightly.

"Useless, they are professional killer organizations. Once arrested, as long as there is a chance, they will immediately commit suicide without leaving a little useful information."

However; someone Lin's eyes shined, rubbing his hands and walking towards the man, hehe laughed!

"Who says it's useless! I don't want to have a few more!"