My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 275

Chapter 275: Qinglong Mutation

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Chapter 275

Tiangang Realm is eightfold! The quality of the dropped light ball is of high quality, allowing Lin Chen, who previously exhibited the change of Xiuluo Jiuhuang, to break through the four levels of Tiangang Realm on the spot!

Seeing Lin Chen's face close with a smirk; the blood-clothed man was glaring, and he couldn't break free of the space.

"Since you want to die like that, someone from Lin will give you a ride!"

Lin Chen flipped his palm, and slapped his head on the killer's celestial cover, and the sound of cracking bones came.

The blood-clothed man's eyes rolled over, and there was a hint of relief in Lin Chen's eyes before he died, closing slowly.

After the death of the blood-covered man burst out a large number of attribute light **** suspended in the void!

Roar ~~!

Suddenly, a dragon roared, the evil and vicious blue light flashed, and the ancient green dragon several tens of feet rushed out of Lin Chen's body!

"This is, an ancient green dragon? Little friend Lin Chen still carries such a green dragon with him?"

The two red-robed elders were a little surprised, and even their cultivation behavior did not notice the existence of the ancient Qinglong, which was quite surprised.

The shrunken ancient green dragon swallowed the dragon's mouth and swallowed the corpse of Tiangang Realm!

Lin Chen's pupils shrank, he didn't order the ancient Qinglong to eat the corpse at all, it was its autonomous consciousness that ran out and swallowed him!

"What's the matter, is the ancient Qinglong not under my control?"

Upon closer inspection, Lin Chen noticed the clue!

Now the ancient green dragon, the dragon scales are glowing with a cyan color, the dragon claws are grim, the dragon teeth are dark red, and there is a round of light like a blood moon in the dragon pupil!

Compared with the ancient Qinglong killed by Longwei before, there is more violence and evil!

"Qinglong's power eats the corpse and begins to increase its strength? No, this is not out of my control. It is because the ancient Qinglong began to transform in the direction of the demon dragon, and the body began to crave energy!"

When Lin Chen put his mind on the origin of Qinglong in Dantian, he found the problem!

In the origin of Qinglong, there is a constant hunger for energy, just like a hungry person is hungry for food and water is a reason!

Qinglong's perception stems from Lin Chen's consciousness. Lin Chen has no alertness around him, and there is no threat to Qinglong. The instinct in the source drives it to appear to swallow the corpse.

Lin Chen's two surges in the blood of the Blue Dragon originated from evil dragons and demon dragons, making the transformation and growth of the blue dragon closer to the demon dragon family.

After swallowing the corpse, the pure power of the ancient Green Dragon climbed straight up, surpassed the 430 Dragon Power mark, and was still constantly hitting a higher level!

"Huh? What kind of evil dragon's posture does this blue dragon still practice?"

The two elders looked at each other in amazement. They didn't think that Lin Chen even had an evil dragon in captivity!

"Forget it, whether you are an evil dragon or a demon dragon. As long as it is the power of my Lin Chen, they are all part of me, I will not let you kill innocents indiscriminately!"

Lin Chen put the ancient Qinglong back in his body, and then picked up all the attribute light **** suspended in the void, and the attribute value was soaring!

[The host obtains 300 million points of essence of combat spirit, 5.1 million points of merit, 2 million points of wood energy, and 100 million points of essence of combat spirit.]

[The host gains 510,000 points of mental power, 50 million points of qi and blood energy, 100,000 points of rune energy, 500,000 points of rune energy,]

Lin Chen's pure strength and fighting strength began to break through at a rapid pace!

Even the two well-informed elders in red robe felt shocked!

The morale of the battle is rising, Lin Chen's repair breaks through the cover of the tens of thousands of fire nets, and advances to the fourfold late repairs in front of the two!

"Unfortunately, if there is another Ninefold Heavenly Gang Realm, maybe I can directly enter the Fifth Heavenly Gang Realm."

Lin Chen sighed somewhat regretfully; but Tiangang Realm Jiuzhong is not a Chinese cabbage, and it is not necessarily an opponent to go all out with his own strength.

Hearing Lin Chen's regret, it was the experience of the two, and he could not help opening his mouth on the spot!

What kind of exercise is this? Can you advance if you kill someone?

But this promotion must have a process!

They didn't even see if Lin Chen was running mentality or other means, so he jumped directly from the early stage of the quadruple to the later stage of the quadruple!

Can he practice with that monster dragon? This is too incredible!

"Xiaoyou Linchen, the old man deeply feels that it is the most correct decision in the history of my Han family to cooperate with people like Xiaoyou!"

One of the elders in the red robe gave Lin Chen a deep look and said solemnly!

They saw endless possibilities on Lin Chen!

All sorts of prosperous means, not even the legendary Son!

Although this method is suspected of the evil sect's method, the two people have a long-sighted vision, and they can see at a glance that Lin Chen is not the kind of killing nature, and indiscriminately kills the innocent evil sect for the sake of cultivation.

"No way, after all, I am the most handsome man in Kyushu!"

Lin Chen said seriously; Bai Ruoyan smiled.


After an hour; only Lin Chen and Bai Ruoyan remained in the room.

The injuries of the two have recovered to over 90%, which is not a major problem.

Bai Ruoyan sat on the bed, exposing the white and flawless jade back, and the silk was coiled up, and the skin with frosted skin could be broken.

No matter how many times I watched it, this skin made someone Lin's blood pulse open. He bit his tongue and smiled after forcibly calming.

"This is the last time to detox."

"Well, I don't know how much I can recover this time."

Bai Ruoyan said faintly; but he didn't know that Hong Xiafei had dyed her delicate ear tips, and her inexplicable heartbeat accelerated.

Lin Chen reached out his hand and printed his palm on Bai Ruoyan's white and flawless jade back; mobilizing the rune energy, the part of the deepest corrosive poison hidden in Bai Ruoyan's body began to be suddenly drawn out!


Bai Ruoyan Hao teeth clenched the lips of cherry blossoms, not daring to send extra movement to affect Lin Chen.

[The host gains 1.5 million rune energy and 1.1 million rune energy.

The system even popped up a light screen, Lin Chen flawlessly considered, he found that there was a deep accumulation of corrosive toxin hidden deep in Bai Ruoyan's body.

"It seems that the person who chased Ruoyan sister is very small, the toxin remains so strong for so long."

Lin Chen was shocked secretly in his heart, vigorously exerted force, and urged more rune energy to condense in the palm of his hand.


Bai Ruoyan's face was flushed, and she was moaning for the first time, and a dragon-like gas was pulled out of her body.

The dragon is fierce and rushed into Lin Chen's palm!

"No! The pumping is too fierce!"

Lin Chen was scared! It's time for the toxin to erode his body!

On the occasion of a thousand shots; Lin Chen's eyebrows radiated a ray of light, which included all the poisonous dragons, such as the Xinghai swallowing the dragon.

After the eyebrows absorbed the Duron, the system popped up a light screen.

[The host is drawing energy to form the rune of corrosion, and the power of the level 3 corrosion rune is increasing.