My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 277

Chapter 277: All My Handsome Names Are Here?

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Chapter 277: All my handsome names are here?

"Although this woman looks mediocre, she has the best figure I've ever seen, shit, can't help it, take her down!"

Ru Mao, the blood-staining head of Xiezong, smiled kinkyly and immediately patted it with a palm!


The strong wind passed by, the teenager kept his hands up and smiled while keeping a smile, and the five fingers shattered the star-shattering power of the galaxy!


The strong wind of power destroyed more than a dozen tall buildings, almost toppled the entire street, and smashed dozens of Tiangang realms into powder on the spot!

The pupils of some underworld powerhouses have shrunk their pupils; these two are so young that they have such strength?

"This Mocheng is really creepy, it is completely the carnival of the evil martial arts warriors."

The blue light flashed away, and the attribute light ball on the ground was taken away, and the young man frowned.

"There is only pure power here, and the people who can enter here are all wicked, wicked with more than 100,000 lives."

The woman in Tsing Yi nodded; these two were Lin Chen and Bai Ruoyan in disguise.

"Exactly, if they fight, then these people will be wiped out!"

Lin Chen's eyes crossed the rare fierce and murderous intention; his ancient Qinglong, just happened to be tempting, hungry and unbearable!

"Well, we still enter the auction venue first. There are several strongholds in the Blood Sea Gate. If we destroy one, we will move the whole body, but this auction is different. Will come out of town. Otherwise, these guys, anything can be done."

Bai Ruoyan nodded with a smile and restored her strength to Yuanzun Realm. As long as both sides encountered, she had absolute confidence to destroy the other side!

The two walked to the auction venue, and wherever they passed, all the evil sect strongmen took the initiative to make way!


Mocheng auction venue; located in a magnificent venue on the edge of Mocheng, can accommodate 10,000 people!

There are countless black goods from Lingzhou or other regions, all of which are treasures that cannot be seen, and will be auctioned here.

"Grandma has a dogleg, how long do I want Laozi to wait!"

"Are you calling you a head? Laozi Tiangang Realm hasn't called yet, it's your turn to be a wild dog like this?"

"What are you talking about? Mother, there is a kind of drawing knife!"

Noisy, abusive, murderous, bloody, flooding the entire venue!

Unlike the auction that Lin Chen has participated in, the Mocheng auction is in an atmosphere of crossbows, and many evil sect warriors may feel at any time a fight.

"Welcome everyone to participate in this Mocheng auction. Our blood gate is still the same as the old one. All the people who shot in the auction are executed. I hope everyone will not seek their own way and keep their heads calm."

At this time; a charming woman with six layers in Tiangang Realm, wearing a piece of silk, with a hot figure, appeared in the air and walked on the meeting table.

There are three skulls tied around the woman's waist, which looks strange and beautiful!

Bang Bang Bang!

Thousands of iron gates were erected around the auction hall with a height of more than 100 meters. At the same time, the five Xeon atmospheres rose in the background of the auction!

"A strong breath, two Tiangang realm seven, two Tiangang realm eight and one Tiangang realm nine!"

Lin Chen marveled secretly; counting the three people who were beheaded and the deputy master who was killed by Bai Ruoyan, the top of the blood sea gate had four Tiangang realm eight and three Tiangang realm nine!

This force is placed on top of Lingzhou, and even second-rate denominations will be somewhat awkward.

The strong men of the Blood Sea Gate emerged; many evil Sect strong men immediately calmed down.

"The master of the Blood Sea Gate arrived, and his injury recovered to 60%. Hehe, even the top fighting power of the entire Blood Sea Gate was all together."

Bai Ruoyan's pretty face rarely crosses a sense of senran and murderous intention!

Once she escaped after being besieged by many strongmen, her strength was greatly reduced after being poisoned, and she almost died after being chased by the Blood Haimen. Today, she must first recover the blood debt from the Blood Haimen!

The charming woman in the six layers of Tiangang Realm holds an ancient sword suspended in the air, the cold light is faint, and the greasy way.

"You; today's first auction item is..."

"Today's first auction item is the dog heads all up and down the Blood Gate. The starting price; a pile of shit. Each price increase should not be less than two pieces of shit, please bid at your discretion!"

At this time; the juvenile joking voice spread throughout the auction venue, and many evil Sect strongmen got up in shock!

Who is so big a dog to dare to come to the site of the Blood Gate to find death?

The evil sect warrior beside Lin Chen quickly retreated, fearing that he might be involved.

I saw; in the front seat, Lin laid his hands on the back of his head, tilted Erlang's legs, and looked at the crowd on the stage with a playful look.

Suddenly, the charming and charming woman covered her mouth and chuckled; "Who am I? It turned out to be the famous Tiange Academy's new generation Tianjiao, Lin Chen, and son Lin."

Lying trough?

This time it was Lins turn to be stunned. My Lins name and handsomeness came to the edge of Huangzhou Mocheng?

"Really Lin Chen!"

"Isn't Heng Yu Gong a book about the talents of the top-level young mind and fifth-level advanced treasures to reward this child?"

"Hahaha! I can remember the Eight Wastelands Hall, but it gave out five million top-grade spirit stones and a reward for the top-level combat skills of the green rank!"

"Slain him! Damn, this is a big fat sheep!"

The whole venue suddenly boiled!

Lin Chen's mouth slightly smoked, grandma's, it was these two forces!


The breath of Yuan Zunjing slightly revealed; the space solidified, and thousands of Tiangang realms could not be moved, and Bai Ruoyan suppressed the audience!

Her sleeve robe gently waved, and dozens of white-armed spurs shot in a specific direction, penetrating dozens of evil sect powerhouses!

"Here is more than seven times in Tiangang Realm. I have helped you severely wound them. The master of the Blood Gate has found my breath and is escaping. I will chase him and I will hand it over to you!"

"Remember to leave me the head!"

Bai Ruoyan secretly transmitted a message to Lin Chen, he quickly said, Bai Ruoyan smiled, Qian Ying turned around, escaped into the void, and disappeared in an instant!

With the disappearance of Bai Ruoyan, there are a lot of evil sect powerhouses in the audience who are stunned!

Roar ~~!

Long Xiao shakes the earth and earth; the ancient Qinglong was born, and he was so angry!

Throughout Mocheng, the wind surged in an instant!


Two kilometers away from Mocheng, two figures flew at speed.

"With the experience accumulated by the young masters, they can certainly pass the assessment of the college and become a long-standing Zixun Tianjiao."

The old man in green shirt smiled indifferently; the handsome young man who flew to the front smiled proudly.

"The Academy has not been born in the Purple Order for thousands of years, and the next is the era of my Fu Wanquan!"

The handsome and handsome young man was talking, and suddenly his brows were closed, and their expressions changed at the same time.

"Huh? Why did the tribute to my blood gate happen?"