My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 278

Chapter 278: Fu Wanquan Vs Lin Chen

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Chapter 278, Fu Wanquan VS Lin Chen!

Mocheng; Qinglong screams, evil spirits!

The two thousand-foot-long evil blue dragon lays in the void, and the dragon scale is blue; the head of the unicorn, the long tail of the carp, and the dragon horn flashes the light of absorbing stars.

Its entire body releases the breath of ancient wilderness, as if breathing casually, it can destroy mountains and rivers!

Lin Chen sat on top of Qinglong's head, playing with dozens of Naling Rings, and patted its dragon horn with great satisfaction.

"Swallowed more than 2,000 evil sect strongmen in one breath, I am afraid that even the Tiangang Realm can face up!"

A little thought; Lin Chen explored the dragon vein of the ancient Qianlong Dragon in the ancient Qinglong!

Each dragon vein contains the power of the prehistoric dragon, and a dragon vein contains 10 dragon powers.

At this time, the ancient green dragon had 121 dragon veins in its body!

1210 Dragon Power! More than three times more than before!

Lin Chen could not help but sigh, the martial arts realm, the more terrible the more.

At the beginning, the ancient Qinglong had control of 2 to 4 dragon powers and could already compete with most of the Tiangang Realm. Now you can control thousands of dragons to match the eighth level of the sky.

At this time, Mocheng was completely ruined and completely reduced to ruins. Many evil sect strongmen from all directions fell here.

Although Lin Chen got a lot of attribute light spheres from the evil Zong strong, the realm still stayed at the peak of the Tiangang Realm.

The strongmen of the same level have almost no more than three attribute light balls, which has little improvement on Lin Chen, and only the cultivation of more than seven levels can have a significant improvement.

At this time; a faint white light such as a glimmer of light was drawn across the sky; Bai Ruoyan lifted three figures with the power of space, and threw them in front of Lin Chen.

"There is a breath left. I know you want them to be useful, so I didn't kill them."

Bai Ruoyan smiled lightly, Lin Chen's eyes lit up!

"Lin Chen of Tiange Academy? Why are you ruining my blood gate! Who is this woman? Do you know who is the master behind me?"

The host of the Blood Sea Gate was frightened; he sneered at Lin Chen's Li Nei.

Seeing Lin Chen unmoved, the two Tiangang realms next to him warned.

"Our master is Fu Wanquan from the Fu family of Lingzhou, and he is the most promising genius of the Zi Xun class in the contemporary Tiange Academy!"

"If you are acquaintance, let us go! Otherwise, with the strength and details of the master, you have to crush a student who is also a student of Tiange Academy, it's easy!"

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled. Break the three spirit caps decisively!

If someone in Lin was afraid of something, he would not be called Lin Chen.

In the late nineth and second eighth days of the Tiangang Realm, after the death in the hands of Lin Chen, a large number of attribute light **** were dropped and suspended in the void!

Lin Chen collected all the photos according to the order, and the ancient Qinglong flipped all the attribute light **** into the body!

[The host gains 1.1 billion points of essence of combat spirit, 1.5 million points of rune energy, and 100,000 points of spiritual power.]

[The host obtains 200 million points of Qi blood energy, 5 million points of gold energy, 300 million points of qi essence, 4 million points of merit,]

Massive attribute values flooded into Lin Chen's whole body, and the nine-color battle spirit in Tan Tian quivered for a long time!

The ancient green dragon opened the dragon's mouth, swallowed three people, and the dragon veins in the body began to grow dragon spirit again!

The dragon force that moved mountains and seas and reclaimed from it!

Click! Click!

The Baizhang space centered on Lin Chen is constantly shattered!

A huge nine-color energy vortex emerged from the top of his head!

Every time the nine-color vortex rotates, it will continuously crack and twist the space!

This is a sign that the fighting spirit has merged with the world and started to connect with space.

This will symbolize that Lin Chen is about to step into the five tiers of heaven and earth!

"What kind of exercises is this little guy practicing? There is a mystery far beyond ancient and ancient times!"

Bai Ruoyan's vision was extraordinary, and he was amazed at the nine-color vortex above Lin Chen's head.

"Huh? There is a Yuanzun class strong man approaching here?"

Suddenly, Bai Ruoyan's eyes narrowed, and he suddenly looked east.

"Two people? Is it..."


The nine-color vortex erupted violently and was incorporated into Lin Chen's body like a funnel. He and the ancient Qinglong broke through at the same time!

After the Qiqiu was advanced to the mid-five stage of the Tiangang Realm, it slowly stopped.

The ancient green dragon has derived 20 dragon veins, adding 200 dragon power!

"Oh? The Tiangang Realm is fivefold, plus a Yuanzun Realm. You dare to destroy the blood sea gate of this young captivity."

The two figures slowly landed in the high altitude of Mocheng.

Lin Chen turned around and saw the bright blue school emblem on the chest of the person coming. His eyes narrowed and he smiled casually.

"You are the master Fu Wanquan mentioned by Xuehaimen?"

The young man in white clothes is like snow, with a three-foot green front, Qi Yuxuan's eyes, and there are thousands of swords hidden in his eyes, which are intended to chop, cut, and kill awe-inspiring!

"Every area has five levels of heaven and earth, have you heard of Ben Shao's prestige?"

Fu Wanquan pulled his sword slowly, as if a bright moon rose between heaven and earth!

His face is deep and serious, the sword is inlaid with three azure blue jades, the blade is straight, the blade is like frost, like the world-famous undefeated sword of the world, it moves out of the sky!

Wanquan sword! One of Lingzhou's ancient swords, a peerless sword customized for Fu Wanquan by Master Caster Master Wan, ranked in the sixth order!

Bai Ruoyan's expression is slightly changed, this child can control the sixth-order sword, it is by no means comparable to ordinary genius!

Perhaps the sons and daughters of the ancient family are only a few steps away!

She was about to flash to Lin Chen's side to protect him. The old man in Tsing Yi moved slightly, blocking Bai Ruoyan.

"No one in my family who is going to kill, has never been able to leave alive. Your Excellency stays here honestly."

The old man in Tsing Yi said indifferently, Bai Ruoyan was about to launch an attack, but found Lin Chen's face also full of warfare and expectation!

"It seems that this little guy is a bit sure, then let me take a look first."


"Boy, you seem to be different from other miscellaneous fish, and die before Ben Shaojian; sign up!"

Fu Wanquan's eyesight saw Lin Chen's extraordinary, said indifferently.

"Tiange Academy, Lan Xun Linchen!"

Heiyuan flashed his hand, Lin Chen smiled lightly.

The ancient green dragon was transformed into a dragon light, and Lin Chen's pure power climbed to 1400 dragon power!

"Oh? You're actually an academy? Still a body-building martial artist integrated with Qinglong, a bit ghostly. This is not an academy, and there are no elders guarding you! Today, the debt of the **** sea gate, you must take your life to pay! Ben Shao To kill you, just three swords!"

Tear ~!

The voice just fell, and the sound of space tearing resounded through the sky!

A sword light that splits the world roared out of the Wanquan sword, divided the clouds, and split Lin Chen straight!

"Xiu Luo Jiuhuang Change Tianshui Change! Thunder Penalty Change!"

The moment when the energy veins of the water system and thunder system exploded completely, Lin Chen's breath sharply raised the sixth peak of Tiangang Realm!