My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 279

Chapter 279: Pinnacles

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Chapter 279

The 1400 dragon power is like a thousand dragon Qi Xiao, and the fierce and overbearing green electric thunder is blasted with a shot!


Fu Wanquan's expression changed slightly, and apparently did not expect Lin Chen to have such strength.

The pure power and the magical power thunder are superimposed, Lin Chen's overbearing shot smashes the sword light!

The rainbow-like sword light shattered, and the light of the stars scattered all over the sky!

"Ben Shao admitted that you are qualified to play against me, but that's all."

Fu Wanquan sneered, the shattered and overwhelming weather turned like a dragon, and seemed to have passed through the area behind Lin Chen as if spiritually possessed, and then gathered together again, slashing towards Lin Chen again!

"Wipe? What is this ghost sword?"

Lin Chen almost didn't panic his jaw, and the magic power of thunder and thunder shot was again displayed. The black abyssal gun cut through the layers of afterimages.

boom! boom! boom!

Gun Ying Qinglei advances layer by layer, completely destroying Jianguang Yuyun into nothingness!

"Different blue-level combat skills, this is rare! Jiuyin Broken Soul Sword!"

Fu Wanquan's fingertips crossed the sword body, and the lavender sword was like cutting through the ages. When the sword flashed out, the world was cut off!

It seems that there is only one sword sword in the jumping space, but there are eight different movement paths. One sword hides eight swords!

If this sword is against the enemy's ordinary heaven and earth, it is very likely to seriously hurt the opponent on the spot!

But under Lin Chen's Zijin pupil, this sword-man's hidden killing opportunity is at a glance!

"Come on well! Charging rune, imminent!"

Lin Chen was so passionate that he killed himself with a gun. Thunder Dragon burst out from the point of the gun. Thousands of feet of Thunder Dragon strangled the purple sword sword in front!

Taking advantage of Thunder Dragon's weakening of Jianguang's offensive, the Black Abyssal Gun swung out at a rapid speed, and Lin Chen instantly smashed the eight swords lurking in Jianguang!

With a kick on his foot, Qian Dao blasted with green trees and vines like Geng Jin's sharp arrows, piercing Fu Wanquan who had just flashed behind Lin Chen!

The sword was turned over, and the slightly scattered sword light shattered Lin Chen's impregnable Gengjin vines!

Fu Wanquan was about to wield his sword, and then an ice star Han Mang condensed the void, freezing thousands of miles, the cold only seemed to freeze the space!

"Charged RuneCorrupted Rune!"

"Bing Tianzhi!"

With the pupils shrinking, Fu Wanquan rarely felt a threat!

His instinct is to run his defensive combat skills. The blue-level intermediate "Taibai Sword Body", like a pure white sword light attached to his body, resists Lin Bingtian's finger positively!

Jian Feng swept away, strangling Yu Wei of Bingtianzhi into nothingness!

Pulling the sword, Fu Wanquan's sword tip stabbed the nine swords in rapid succession, and the sword light roared!

Each of these nine swords is mixed with a kind of top-level blue-level swordsmanship that has been cultivated to the extreme.

Some are like Panlong, such as Hongmang, such as thunder, like Wanyue. They are both flexible and heavy, and they have the momentum to cover the secret killing opportunities. Under the coordination of each other, there is a tendency to practice the perfect blue-level swordsmanship!

Lin Chen urged Tian Gang's fighting spirit, flashing thousands of thunders all over his body, pure power bursting and wielding black abyss guns in succession, exploding the nine kinds of swordsmanship that he was dancing in a row!

"Huh, how did my swordsmanship become so weak?"

Fu Wanquan was suspicious and found that he had a corrosive energy in his roots and meridian roots that eroded himself!

It is this energy that has caused his attack to weaken by more than a third!

"It turns out that the Corrupt Rune at Level 3 is so strong, Grandma's, please beat you first!"

Lin Chen's expression was as happy as a treasure, and the blue wind on his toes stepped on, and his figure was like a streamer!

He didn't give Fu Wanquan any reaction time at all. His marksmanship was like a dragon, and he faced Fu Wanquan's head and shoulder with a violent smash!

During the urge of the Taibai sword body, Fu Wanquan raised his sword and fought; the fast-moving sword shadow and the gun body's hard bridge and hard horse collided!

Between the sword and sword confrontations, countless battles burst out, because of Lin Chen's pure power and corroding runes, Lin Chen prevailed in close combat and beat Fu Wanquan all the way!

Said it was a violent fight, but in fact it was all fought off by Fu Wanquan's defensive combat skills!

Lin Chen fled to death with Bai Ruoyan last time. The use of Purple Phoenix Wings exceeded the limit and most of them have been destroyed.

Without the Purple Phoenix Wings, Lin Chen can no longer explode in the past much faster than the same level to suppress his opponents.

According to the battle on the spot, Lin Chen has discovered Fu Wanquan's cultivation practice, the mid-eighth stage of Tiangang Realm, and there are signs of breakthrough at any time.

With the mysterious mentality of Genesis Nine Tribulation, plus the double change of Shura Jiuhuang's change, and the increase of Qinglong's pure power, Lin Chen can barely fight him head-on.

In the face of many powerful combat skills, Lin Chen still needs the help of characteristic runes to play against him, which shows that Fu Wanquan is powerful!

With just ten breaths, Fu Wanquan removed most of the effects of Corrupt Runes!

"Tiankui Yin and Yang Fingers!"

"Bing Tianzhi!"

Two fingers slammed into a storm of destruction!

Geng Jin's spears are full of strength, and there are no fronts or breaks.

The sword edge is pulling, and more than one hundred sword lights are like a storm that devours the starry sky, strangling the gas of Gengjin!

The spearpoint penetrates through the void, and the overbearing and fierce pure power is like a mad dragon going out to sea, and the thorn comes out!

The blade was pulled, and the moment it blocked the body of the gun, it spun quickly, shook the tip of the gun, and split the sword away!

Lin Chen lifted his gun to block it, the dragon force was released, and when the gun body and the blade shocked and collided, the two retreated back more than ten steps and flew thousands of kilometers away!

"It's kind of interesting, I can play like this in the academy, there are no more than six, I know everyone, but I don't know your kid. It seems to be a dark horse, it is worth my hand to deal with you!"

Fu Wanquan glanced at Lin Chen with interest, and the swordsmanship changed again!

Lin Chen was completely absorbed in his attention and waited for it!

In all fairness, Lin Chen had also seen various arrogances when he came to Lingzhou.

But Fu Wanquan alone gave him an unfathomable feeling! And really let him see what is Peerless Pride!

In terms of swordsmanship, Fu Wanquan is proficient in all kinds of high-level swordsmanship.

And with the sharp edge of his sixth-order sword, if Lin Chen could not transform the blood energy of the gold system to display his defensive combat skills like Tian Gang, he would not dare to easily fight him close!

In addition, the Xeon's combat skills are not yet in a perfect state. It is the most ideal state to use the most appropriate combat skills at the most suitable time!

So far, among the younger generation, only Fu Wanquan in front of him can do it!

"Star Fighting SwordSword opens the door!"


The light illuminates the vast void, and merges into the Wanquan sword, condensed into a thousand-foot starlight sword weapon, and has the world-destroying power!

The star sword is hard to resist, Fu Wanquan wielded the sword, and the star sword suddenly burst, pointing directly at Lin Chen!

"Slow rune!"

One-handed horizontal shot of the void; the slow rune descended from the sky, calming the energy star sword on the spot!

In Lin Chen's eyes, he suddenly showed his bare feet, not afraid of the fierceness of wearing shoes, and rushed past!