My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Zi Jintong's Secrets Of Cultivation

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Chapter 28

After a belly dance was completed, 100,000 people were present, and the scene was full of wailing, or rolling with a smile, or vomiting, which was spectacular.

Yan Jiwen's old face instantly became extremely pale, his eyes were like a sword, and Lin Chen was locked with a violent aftermath of fighting spirit!

Isn't it easy to crush a kid who doesn't have the power of the psychic realm with his ninth-level strength in the battlefield?

I saw that Shangguan Yunfan immediately stood in front of Lin Chen and waved it with one hand, which was almost dispelled by the pressure of the war that was almost turned into a grind.

In any case, today's Lin Chen is the savior of their Shangguan family. Even if it offends the twenty-four-star operator, he must stand up immediately!

"Oh, Master Yan, why bother with a younger junior, right? Having said that, I have invited you to come over this time and haven't invited you to taste our Kwai Sang Ling liquor, which is the special feature of Wan Ling City. The Lord of Mansion feasts on you."

The fat man in the yellow robe immediately came out to play the round field, with a smile on his face. This made Yan Jiwen's face calm down. He sneered and swept his sleeves and walked away.

"Hey, Brother Yun Fan, you can find the treasure this young man this time. I'll appease the whole old guy first, and I'll nibble with you when I'm free."

The fat man in the yellow robe secretly transmitted a voice to Shangguan Yunfan. The two friends for many years communicated with each other through eye contact and immediately understood.

After the two left, Shangguan Yunfan smiled at Lin Chen.

"Master Shi Lezhi, are you satisfied with this result?"

"It's so-so, I can handle him myself. But if you don't stand up just now, your ancestral altar at Shangguan will be restored to its original state immediately."

Lin Chen's mouth outlined a dangerous smile, Shangguan Yunfan felt the mystery of the teenager's origin!

There is no practice of connecting the spirit realm, but dare to say that the other party has a nine-fold battlefield? If he didn't have a hole card, he wouldn't believe it!

"Although Master Shi Lezhi is assured, your kindness to my Shangguan family will be remembered in our own hearts. We are not the kind of heartless and unjust people."

Shangguan Yunfan's tone is sincere. This scene is different in the eyes of others. The owner of the Shangguan family is so polite to a young boy. Is he the mysterious man who just let Master Yan bet?

"Leave me less of those bells and whistles. I was interrupted before. Now let's talk about remuneration. If there is one less child, your ancestral altar will be restored that day, and it will be closed immediately."

Lin Chen waved his hand, this Shangguan Yunfan pinched a sweat, how could this kid be as cunning as an old fox, which looks like a teenager!

"Master, please, let's go back to the house and talk about the payment."

Shangguan Yunfan led the people away, many people cast their eyes on Lin Chen with curiosity,


Shangguan Mansion; Ceremonial Hall of the First Hall. The atmosphere in the hall is dignified and many elders gather here.

"What? His remuneration requirement is the secret recipe of Zijin Tong, our Shangguan family?"

"Impossible! This is the inheritance passed down by our ancestors, which can only be cultivated by future generations, and will never be passed down."

"But what did he want this cultivation secret to do? Without the blood of our Shangguan family, he couldn't cultivate at all!"

After returning to Shangguan Mansion, Lin Chen immediately found a secret room to retreat.

The remuneration conditions he gave were also very simple. They were the whole set of "Zi Jin Tong" practice secrets of their Shangguan family. In addition, what he wanted was some medicinal materials needed for refining medicine. It was painless for Shangguanfu.

"If we don't follow the ancestors' instructions, we are bullying our teachers and betraying our ancestors!"

"But this kid is mysterious, if he closes our ancestral altar again..."

"Then don't do anything twice, give him some compensation, and if he doesn't know him, destroy him!"

"No! How can I go to Shangguan Mansion to do this kind of banditry? Besides, the details of this kid are not revealed at all. Let's start, maybe we will pay a heavy price."

"We must never put our ancestors behind us!"

"Don't you abandon the whole family in order to stick to the rules?"

When many elders kept arguing, Shangguan Yunfan spoke.

"The elders are not going to argue anymore! We have to follow the ancestral teachings, but we also have to report our kindness. I will think of a holistic strategy to protect the best interests of both of us."

As soon as this remark came out, all the elders were surprised to see Shangguan Yunfan. Is there a win-win option in this situation?

"This is the end of this matter. I will talk to Master Stone tonight."

After all, Shangguan Yunfan left the ceremonial hall, but only the elder in the eyes of the elder flashed a smile.

"It turns out that there is indeed a win-win solution."

Shangguan Mansion; back courtyard, a secret attic.

The father and daughter stood here, Shangguan Yunfan and Shangguan Bihan.

"Dad, why did you suddenly call me Brother Lin Chen here?"

Shangguan Bihan asked curiously, Shangguan Yunfan smiled.

"Yo, it's called Big Brother so quickly."

Shangguan Bihan's pretty face was reddish, and she smirked: "Daddy~~!"

"Bihan, dad asked you, what do you think of this young man?"

For this question, Shangguan Bihan was stunned, his face reddish, and he smiled: "He is very special, more unique than any man that Bihan has seen, he has no rules but he is not unique."

"Since your impression of this kid is not bad, Dad has decided to equip you with him and let him be my man in the government, how?"

When Shangguan Yunfan tried his daughter, her expression suddenly changed slightly, "Dad, how can you do this! What if you cause trouble to Brother Chen Chen, and you haven't asked Bihan, how can you do it without permission?" Decide."

"Bihan, Dad, it's also difficult to ride a tiger. This little guy asked me to practice the secret recipe of the Zijin pupil of the Shangguan family. You don't know ancestral training. This thing is our lifeblood. Even if the family is destroyed, it can't be passed on. "

Shangguan Yunfan sighed deeply, and Shangguan Bihan's face flushed and stomped with anger, "But you can't use Bihan's lifelong happiness as a bargaining chip! Daddy, I'm really angry!"

Shangguan Bihan turned and left, and Shangguan Yunfan did not stop, only sighed.

Closed room;


A fierce battle of Wuxia colors rushed out of Lin Chen's body, and it could be turned into mountains and seas. The room was shaken and shivered, and finally returned to the body.

"Unexpectedly, the attribute light sphere I picked up in Shangguan Mansion directly let me step into the psychic realm."

Open your eyes, your eyes flashing!

Psychic realm; psychic psychic spirit, which can look at the internal organs of the warrior's internal organs.

Lin Chen turned on the system, and a status information bar appeared in front of him

[Host: Lin Chen

Cultivated as: psychic realm one

Ultimate strength: 10641 tiger power.

Qi blood energy: 751734 points.

The essence of the fighting spirit: 293592 points.

Mental Strength: 13158 points.

Practical skill: 10458 points.

Mind Method: Chaos Five Spirits (16%)

Xihui exercises: Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Swords, Ten Thousand Spirits Pills, Real Water Guiyuan Thrones (15%), Soul Retribution Spread Spectrum, Four Demon Seals, Taishi Bible (2%).

Owned items (Secret Tips): Seven Star Soul Rifle.

Possess blood energy: Qinglong blood vein (45 points), Zijin pupil blood vein (10000 points)

Character Rune: Slow Rune Level 1 (Rune Energy 1175)

The energy of each element: 41581 points in the fire system, 48212 points in the soil system, 46715 points in the wood system, 47872 points in the gold system, and 52188 points in the water system.

"The more elemental energy attributes I collect, the stronger the increase in mentality brought by the Chaos Five Spirits tactics. The pure power also reaches 10,000 tiger powers. If I encounter a battlefield, I will not use the slow rune. Can break the wrist with the opponent!"

Lin Chen worked his mind for a week, and found that the speed of fighting recovery was more than 70% higher than before!

While Lin Chen was satisfied with this improvement, a knock came from outside the chamber.

"Master Shi, we have discussed an answer about the remuneration. Is it convenient now?"