My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 280

Chapter 280: Only I Pit Others No One Pits Me

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Chapter 280

"Magic Thunder!"

When the slow runes held Fu Wanquan's lore, Lin Chen displayed the three-style combat skills of Mowei and Thunder, and all the runes burst out with the recharge!

Thousands of green lightning guns spread out in parallel, as Wanma galloped away. Thunder Dragon glanced across the sky and penetrated the blade of the energy star sword!

"My horror sword of the Stars has been stolen! It was the same fighting spirit that corroded me before, and it is also now, some of the means this kid played was not even known to Ben Shao!"

Fu Wanquan's eyes showed a shock that was hard to conceal, Lin Chen's various means even he had never seen, unheard of!

The next moment; fanatical greed appeared in his eyes!

"If the unpredictable means of waiting for ghosts and gods are for me, I am afraid that the first seat of the academy will have to be given to me! This kid must have a big secret! Catch it, knock out his secret! Maybe it is more than the Blood Sea Gate. value!"

At the time of the electric light flint, Fu Wanquan was about to show his full strength; Lin Chen's mouth also outlined a sneer.

Lin Chen could clearly see his greed. Since he dare to stare at his characteristic rune, then someone in Lin is not irritating!

Lin Chen is about to make the third change of Shuluo Jiuhuang's change, intending to cooperate with the slow rune and Fu Wanquan to fight hard.

Suddenly; the sky cracked open a crack!

Bang ~!

A figure was blasted out and fell down like a meteor; that figure was the old man in Tsing Yi who first followed Fu Wanquan!

Blood stains remained on the corners of his mouth, his face was pale, his breath was weak, and he was obviously hit hard!

"Master, the Yuanzun Realm around this kid is so powerful, it is not suitable to stay here for a long time!"

Fu Wanquan gave the old man a suspicious look, only to see Lin Chen's side has slowly emerged a delicate and graceful beautiful shadow.

"Yuan Zunjing, it's still too early for Ben Shao. Well, since they are all students of Tiange Academy, this kid can't run away, and later his two mysterious moves will be Ben Shao sooner or later!"

Fu Wanquan gave Lin Chen a deep look, Wan Quanjian scabbed, sneered.

"Lin Chen, right, Ben Shao remembered! You dare to ruin the blood gate that Ben Shao cultivated for many years. This debt will require you to pay it back ten times sooner or later!"

The old man in Tsing Yi took Fu Wanquan to escape into the void, and Bai Ruoyan did not stay, letting him go.

A Yuan Zunjing's death strikes back, perhaps not threatening her, but it can threaten Lin Chen's life.

If this little guy has three longs and two shorts, I am afraid that he will not forgive himself for a lifetime.

Lin Chen relieved Shuras Jiuhuang transformation, and there were bursts of weakness in his body, but he was no longer as vulnerable as before.

After performing several Shura Jiuhuang changes, Lin Chen's body has already had a certain adaptability to this secret.

"Sixth order sword! If I could kill him, that sword would be mine!"

Lin Chen looked at his nearly broken blackwater gun with more than 50%, but said helplessly.

Someone in Lin hasn't tried such a defeated battle!

After a long period of time, I couldn't even catch a light ball of attribute, and made me weak all over, and even the well-known combat gun was smashed by others.

"Brother Lin Chen, you dont need to be discouraged. The young mans practice time is at least thirty years longer than you, and his strength is already very close to the saints and saints of the ancient family. You can fight him for more than 100 rounds without falling. The wind is enough to be proud, and you may not be able to surpass him for a few more years."

Beautiful eyes turned a touch of tenderness, Bai Ruoyan softly comforted him with a few words.

"Sister Yan, I will return to Tiange Academy next, are you with me?"

Lin Chen turned around and saw his expectation, Bai Ruoyan smiled.

"It's okay. Anyway, I haven't investigated my next enemy and the steps to restore strength. Blind action is also a waste of time. It doesn't matter if I act with you temporarily, but Tiange Academy can't allow outsiders to enter. More Not to mention Yuan Zunjing like me."

"It's okay, little. I can stay in the college for less than a month at most, if the sister Yan is outside the college, just wait for a while."

Lin Chen smiled.

"Are you sure? Sister is afraid that the school sisters and girls who admire you in the college will take you to Taohua Township, and then forget that your sister may not, may you."

Bai Ruoyan seems to be a smile; someone Lin is ashamed, this sister Ruoyan really understands herself.

"How can the school's sisters and sisters compare to my fairy Ruoyan!"

"You're so slick, when will I be yours?


Three days later; Lin Chen arrived at Tiange College.

Bai Ruoyan waited for Lin Chen in Qinghai City outside the college, and collected some information about the past.

After knowing that Lin Chen had left the refining ceremony, Lan Xun and Lin Tianjian and other Lan Xun class old students also left the Han family the next day and returned to Tiange Academy.

College mission hall; a crowd of students and students stared at Lin Chen screaming at the elders!

"Fuck the shit! Lao Zi obviously completed the task, and it was me who contributed the most. Why should Ye Xing that **** get all the task points?"

Lin Chen jumped like thunder, and he was so angry that Qiqiao made smoke!

Just returned to the academy and prepared to submit the quest to siege the Han family of four-headed evil dragons. The elders told him that this task has already been completed?

The most special thing is that the recipient of the reward is Ye Xing, who sells his teammates on the spot?

He Lin someone came out to pretend to be forced for many years, only he has been pitting others, when no one else pits him! I really met a ghost today!

"Brother Lin Chen, don't worry. We have already reported this to the Presbyterian Church. When Ye Xing hurriedly returned to the academy, he saw that the four-headed evil dragon was dead. He threatened that all of us were killed. So I received the reward alone."

At this time, Lin Tianjian, Lu Ying and others also arrived at the mission hall to explain the persuasion to Lin Chen.

"At first, he thought we were all dead. I'm afraid he couldn't imagine that Lin Chen's young master was so magical that he wiped out four evil dragons."

Lin Tianjian shook his head and smiled; this Ye Xing was too sinister.

Hearing Lin Tianjians words, the students and students present were stunned and their scalp numb!

Lin Chen actually wiped out the four-headed evil dragon with one person?

When they saw that Ye Xing had only one arm left and was in embarrassment, he was shocked by half of the academy!

Everyone agreed at the time that only the top 80 Lan Xun-level Tianjiao team could complete the task. Lin Chen completed it by himself?

"My mother, how long did Lin Chen become the Lan Xun class! Even the four-headed evil dragon was eliminated by a single horse?"

"This kid is hiding too deep!"

"Senior Lin Chen, is my idol!"

Regardless of freshmen or old students, Lin Chen expressed his sincere awe and admiration.

"Although Ye Xing's behavior is very shameful, he is now in the secret of cultivation, and he must wait for him to come out. The Presbyterian Church has decided to severely punish him, so please don't be restless, Brother Lin Chen."

Lu Ying is trying to appease someone's anger, he knows, he shows a harmless smile of humans and animals, the words are not surprisingly endless laugh!

"Don't do it! Wait for the elders to do it. I'm going to find Senior Ye Xing in the secret realm to talk about the three views of **** moral conscience!"