My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 281

Chapter 281: Wind Prison Hades Step

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Chapter 281: Wind Prison Hades Step!

The secret hall; Lin Chen broke into the hall with great force.

Followed by a large group of old students and students watching the drama, as well as the anxious Lu Ying and others, he has been persuading him constantly.

If a Lan Xun class student has a conflict without permission, he will be punished by the Presbyterian Church. Even if Lin Chen has extraordinary potential, the Presbyterian Church cannot easily let him go!

Lin Chen didn't care about those messes! Wait for the Presbyterian Church? The Presbyterian Church may not really punish him, it can be up to several decades.

But for this critical moment, he also sold his teammates, also pitted Lin Chen for a point, and also treated him as someone who was a gunman. He wouldnt be called Lin Chen if he didnt do it today!

The elders of the Secret Realm Hall saw that so many people were coming suddenly, and they looked puzzled. Today is not the time to send out rewards for contributions. How come there are so many people suddenly?

"Elder, I'm going into the secret realm of meteor wind!"

Seeing Lin Chen about to enter the secret realm of the meteoric wind, several elders who hurriedly came behind immediately shouted!

"Student Lin Chen! Don't take it easy, you need to wait for the notice from the top of the college!"

Lin Chen didn't look back, stepped into the space channel of the mysterious wind and disappeared in the hall!

The elders of the secret realm who just opened the space channel to Lin Chen are puzzled. What the **** is going on, even a few elders are so anxious?

"It's over, this little guy went in!"

"It's too late. Entering the secret realm is a randomly transmitted direction. We simply don't know where he will appear in the meteor wind."

"Ye Xing, Ye Xing, what are you doing badly, why are you going to provoke Lin Chen as a lunatic!"

"Ye Xing is Ye Juesheng's cousin, but also his left arm and right arm. If Lin Chen has done anything excessive to Ye Xing, I'm afraid that Ye Juesheng will not let him go after he leaves the border!"

Several elders thumped their chests, and all the hearts of the elders were stunned!

After today, I am afraid that another storm will sweep the college!


The mystery of the meteoric wind; here is a vast expanse of desolate mountains, surrounded by violent and raging winds.

A wind blade is like a blue light, like a flash of fire, and some are gray-white wind blades. The sharp edge emitted from the sky and the seven layers of the sky must be temporarily avoided.

In a valley somewhere in the secret territory, a young man with one arm was sitting cross-legged, his expression showing a smile of conspiracy.

"The 7 million points completed for the task are enough to practice for half a year in my secret realm. At that time, my peer will be able to help me improve my strength again!"

While Ye Xing was complacent, the sneer of the teenager sounded in the valley.

"Senior student Ye Xing is a good deal. He betrayed his teammates when he was on a mission. He returned to the academy and impostored all of us with mission reward points. I cant do this kind of behavior on the face of someone in Lin, how do you do it? Arrived?"

Ye Xing suddenly opened his eyes, revealing a trace of panic and disbelief!

As he looked around; he saw Lin Chen standing at the top of the valley!

"Lin Chen? Your kid is not dead yet?"

Ye Xing lost his voice in horror. At that time, the mutant monster dragon was comparable to the late seventh stage of Tiangang Realm.

Coupled with the siege of the three evil dragons, he thought that Lin Chen and others had all become food for the demon dragon!

"People like you live so freely, how can I die, my lord. Dare to use me as a gun, you are still the first person, Ye Xing, die for me!"

Lin Chensen sneered abruptly, suddenly released the ancient green dragon, 1410 dragon force mixed with the mighty force of pushing the mountains and rivers, and clawed down!

Ye Xing's expression changed abruptly, and the residual image was like moving space, leaving the place in an instant, the speed was fast, which made Lin Chen look sideways.

The dragon claw pierced through the entire earth, sinking into the valley and becoming ruins.

"Blue class skills? No wonder you can escape under the hands of the mutant monster dragon, but my ancient green dragon is not as good as the mutant monster dragon to deal with!"

When the thoughts moved, Lin Chen was awe-inspiring. When the earth's fighting spirit merged into the ground like a dragon and returned to the sea, several thousand high mountains appeared in the lightning like 700 miles away, blocking Ye Xing!

The ancient green dragon roared; lightning flashed away, the dragon's claws lifted up, and shoved towards Ye Xing suddenly!

Ye Xing was in a hurry and shouted quickly!

"Wait a minute, Lin Chen! I still have a lot of task points that I can give you..."

"Send you uncle! That's what I deserve, die for me!"

Lin Chen shouted loudly, the Green Dragon's energy was not reduced, and a claw was crushed directly above Ye Xing!

Bang ~!

Ye Xing was slammed down to the ground, and the ground lifted two pieces of surface rock, such as a huge wave, Ye Xing was hit tens of thousands of meters below the ground!

"Is this kid so strong?"

Ye Xing struggled a few times and died in the air, leaving only a green treasure chest and some attribute light balls.

Lin Chen jumped into the crack and took away a lot of attribute light balls.

[The host obtains 1.5 million points of wind energy, 30 million points of essence of combat spirit, 5.15 million points of merit,]

After picking up all the attribute light balls, Lin Chen's wind energy surged, and then he grabbed the green treasure chest that Ye Xing died with one hand.

[The host obtains the green treasure chest, and opens the treasure chest to obtain: the blue-level intermediate body skill combat skill "Wind Hell Pluto Step", incarnation of Pluto, nine step prison, nine step wind. The wind is over thousands of miles, and the prison is boundless.

"Blue-level intermediate body technique? It looks more advanced than Ye Xing's body technique just now, just right! Make up for the shortcomings of my purple phoenix wings."

The ancient Qinglong guarded Lin Chen, he sat cross-legged; consciousness connected to the system to issue commands.

"System, I want to study "Wind Prison Hades Step."

[The system has received 12 million points of merit, and is inheriting "Wind Prison Hades Step" for the host.

Less than half a day later, Lin Chen perfectly controlled the blue-level intermediate body skills.

The mystery of the meteoric wind; the dazzling array of attribute light **** was swept away by a vast green dragon and ghost-like ghost image.

What comes after is safe; Lin Chen did not panic after he wiped out Ye Xing, and even picked up a lot of wind-powered attribute light spheres in the central area of the meteoric mystery.

"It is worthy of the blue rank intermediate, this level of combat skills is rare, this is still a mastery of skills, in the realm of Tiangang Realm, there should not be many opponents in the speed field in my field!"

In just one day, Lin Chen traveled to almost half of the meteorological realm of the meteorite, picking up a large number of wind attribute light balls.

At this time of day, Lin Chen's wind energy attribute value has reached 95 million points, becoming the highest value among the nine kinds of combat attributes!

Just as Lin Chen was about to leave; the ancient green dragon entrenched in Lin Chens head burst out into the depths of the meteoric winds a strange roar, both hostile and fearful.

"Deep in the secret realm; what seems to be there?"

Lin Chen turned around, and the light of Zijin Pu flashed through his eyes; it seemed that there was a weird life fluctuation in the deepest part of the secret realm.

"It's strange, according to the college's instructions on cultivation secret realm, as long as it is not a special cultivation secret realm, there are no creatures!"