My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 282

Chapter 282: Punish Lin Chen?

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Chapter 282 !

The life fluctuations captured by Zijin Tong have a newborn-like initial vitality, but do not completely constitute a complete life body.

The figure flashed, Lin Chen and the ancient Qinglong plunged into the very center of the mysterious realm of meteor wind!

The central area of the meteoric wind secret realm is an unfathomable abyss, there are constantly gray and white wind blades dancing and roaring under the abyss!

The gray wind blade cuts the void a little, the space shows a hairline crack, and even Lin Chen shows dignity.

At the bottom of the abyss is the source of life fluctuations.

As soon as his thoughts moved, the ancient Qinglong shrank and became more than ten meters long. Geng Jin's fighting spirit formed a faint golden coating. After protecting the whole body, Lin Chen and Qinglong entered the abyss together!

The above-mentioned ancient green dragon's current dragon body is strong enough to withstand the eight attacks of the Tiangang Realm. Although the gray wind blades around the abyss are powerful, they cannot hurt the ancient green dragon and Lin Chen.


When approaching the distance of three thousand feet from the abyss; a breath like an emperor came to the world and shocked the world!


The ancient Qinglong burst into an uneasy roar, but Lin Chen shook his head and smiled.

"It's just a residual image of will, without posing any threat, broken!"

Spiritual fluctuations are rippling like waves, release a little, and instantly destroy the breath of the emperor!

One person and one dragon arrived under the abyss; under the abyss, it was a clear underground world!

In the underground world, there are scattered limbs and broken feathers, and a large skeleton appears in front of Lin Chen!

At the very center of the skeleton is a blazing energy of life light mass!

Inside the Life Light Group; there is also a fist-sized attribute light ball!

"Great, this should be the remains of a powerful beast of the ancient Huang clan. Although the body is dead, the remaining life energy of the remains is condensed together again, and I want to nirvana to be born again! Good tough vitality!"

Lin Chen was amazed, maybe even the elders of the academy did not know that such a situation would happen to a corpse in the secret area of cultivation.

If it were not the mystery of Zijin Tong, Lin Chen could not find the secret here.

"This ancient phoenix is extraordinary, and maybe it will be reborn. It is a fatal threat to the students who enter this secret realm. Unfortunately, it met someone in my forest!"

Lin Chen's thoughts moved, and immediately urged the ancient Qinglong to swallow the light of life!

The ancient green dragon swallowed not only the life light group that wanted Nirvana to be reborn, but also the attribute light ball inside!

[Congratulations to the host for obtaining the energy of qi and blood from ancient relics, and the host to obtain 88 billion points of energy for qi and blood.


At the same time, Lin Chen and the ancient Qinglong released the energy of qi and blood that covered the stars and covered the moon.

The ancient Qinglong was agitated with light blue blood flames all over his body, and his figure began to faintly expand again by one point! The dragon veins in the body are constantly filled, and then new dragon veins are born!

"It hurts! My mom, ah!!"

Lin Chen burst into burning roar like soul, this is the first time Lin Chen ingested such terrible energy of qi and blood in an instant.

The quality of this attribute light ball is so high that it almost caused him to die!

The next moment; Lin Chen swallowed the light of Naxing Sheyue, as if every pore, radiated the amazing power of Wei An! Pure power starts to climb straight up!

Lin Chen, who originally held 290 dragon power in the flesh shell, is like a desolation, and has entered the 400, 500, 600 dragon power mark!

In the end, Lin Chen's pure power stopped at 720 Dragon Power.

The ancient green dragon climbed to 1680 dragon power, and there were 168 dragon veins in the dragon body! Pure power can match the ninth early stage of Tiangang Realm!

With 720 Dragon Power, Lin Chen can single out the seventh stage of Tiangang Realm head-on with pure power alone!

With his series of hole cards and combat skills, it is not a problem to face head-to-head with Tiangang Realm!

If one person and one dragon are fighting separately, it is enough to compete with the two heavens and the ninth realm!

"Huh? My Purple Phoenix Wing has been repaired!"

Lin Chen's thoughts moved, a pair of purple flame wings spread behind his back, lifelike, each feather flowed with purple flame Xiahui.

Lin Chen's purple phoenix wings flicked slightly; his figure seemed to jump into space, and tore a space crack in an instant!

Tear ~! Boom~!

The air wave oscillated and set off infinite waves, Lin Chen's figure disappeared in the underground world instantly!

After two breaths; the meteor of the meteor wind, above the abyss of the center, burst out a residual image!

Aftershadow glanced at the blue light, Lin Chen urged the "Wind Prison Hades Step" with the purple wing wings at full speed!

boom! boom! boom!

Every step that Lin Chen stepped out turned into a streamer, jumping out of reach, like a star ball throwing!

This horrible momentum has disturbed some of the students who practiced in the mysterious realm of the meteor wind. Everyone looked up at the sky with horror, and his face was scared by his speed!

With just twenty breaths, he circled the mysterious realm of the meteoric wind!

"Hahaha! Cool! If you let me meet that Fu Wanquan again, Brother Chen, I have to hammer him into Pipi shrimp; I have to jump on the top of his head!"

Lin Chen exhaled very freely, and the advantage of suppressing his opponent with speed in the past is back!

"Well, it should be attributed to the light energy of the sphere of light belonging to the ancient Huang clan, so that my purple phoenix wings can be repaired. It is a coincidence. It is too time to come!"

Lin Chen pondered for a moment, and then thought of the key, then immediately patted his forehead!

"Mother, fly hi, almost forgot that the ancient Qinglong is still in the abyss!"


The Great Hall of Secrets; Lin Chen took away the attribute light ball of the Meteor Wind and returned to the Great Hall, and found that there were already a dozen elders waiting for himself.

"Your elders, I am so happy today! I suddenly become handsome again, hey, so annoying, I have suffered the troubles and pressures I should not have at my age."

Someone Lin just walked out of the hall, facing everyone's eyes, confidently flicked the bangs and sighed deeply.

"Little guy, I ask you, how are you doing Ye Xing? Have you found him?"

Elder Yuan was also in the camp of the elders. He first asked Lin Chen that his expression was very solemn.

"Oh, I killed him."

Lin Chen didn't even think about it, a lightly written sentence made the whole hall sigh with air!

crazy! This guy is definitely a lunatic!

The student of Lan Xun level said that if he killed, he would kill it. Does he not know the rules of the college or care?

Less than half a year after enrolling in the school, kill the two Lan Xun ranks, which is nothing in history!

"It's over, you guys! Why can't you do so without thinking! This time the old man can't keep you!"

Yuan Lao hates the way that iron cannot be made into steel; it is regret and sigh!

It was at this moment; a sound was transmitted across the sky, spreading all over the entire Tiange Academy and spreading out millions of miles!

"Lan Xun class student; Lin Chen, confirmed that he has personally killed the Lan Xun class student, Ye Xing. It has seriously violated the regulations of the Academy!"

The hearts of the people in the Secret Realm suddenly choked!

It's over; this is over! The elders will speak, this madman will be severely punished!