My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 283

Chapter 283: Lin Chen's Rage

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Chapter 283 Lin Chen's Fury! !

The high-level voices from the Presbyterian Church are transmitted to every area of the academy accurately, even if they are millions of miles away.

The elders and students in the secret hall are silent for Lin Chen, and some are gloating and gloating, and they are all looking for a good show.

"Student Lin Chen has seriously violated the regulations of the academy, and according to the regulations, he should be imprisoned for a century."

"However, in view of student Ye Xing, betraying students in the same school in his mission and lying openly, he has rashly received reward points for the mission that should belong to the other three, including Lin Chen. The attitude and behavior are extremely bad, and I do not know how to repent. The plot is serious. The behavior of Lin Chens students is justifiable and understandable. Therefore, Lin Chens punishment is exempted and Lin Chens mission rewards are compensated!"

The announcement made by the elders of the Presbyterian Church made everyone's expression extremely rich and wonderful!

"Me, am I not wrong? Lin Chen didn't even punish?"

"I'm fucking, have you seen a ghost? Ye Xing is not Liu Ji! Although his crimes are disgusting, they can't die. Besides, there is a background behind Ye Juesheng, how could the elders completely let go? Lin Chen!"

"Why is this! It's not fair! This result! I peeked at the school sister once and then shut the laozi for two years. It's not fair!"

Everyone including the elders can't guess this ending!

They all cast their doubts and unbelievable eyes on Lin Chen.

Someone Lin at this time, biting the blue rose in his mouth, stepping on the bench, caressing his chin melancholy, with endless sadness, looking up at the ceiling of the hall forty-five degrees, melancholy.

"Maybe it's because of me, he looks so handsome."

Everyone is down!


High-level Presbyterian Church; in the hall.

"Zero punishment? Compensation for task points? What are you doing, can't you go crazy?"

"It's nonsense! What decision is this is completely detrimental to the credibility of the Presbyterian Church!"

The two elders who had a good relationship with Ye Juesheng shot the table angrily and snarled coldly.

The white-browed elder sitting in the first place shook his head and smiled; his eyes signalled that the little white lily in the white clothes next to him stretched out a few rolls of jade jade and handed them to the two.

After the two took it, they puzzled; "What is this?"

"You open it and see if you know it."

Little Loli in white smiled with a playful laugh.

When the two elders pressed the anger and opened the jade jade; they exclaimed!

"Ancient aristocrats; invitations and invitations from Lengjia!"

"An ancient family; Miss Ning Lingqing of the Ning family fell in love at first sight, and was willing to make a marriage contract with Jun. Will my heart last forever?"

"There are also Han's thank-you letters and gift seals, this, this is?"

"Even the retreating medicine master Bai Yun, Xiang Tianyin, and Qing Xuzi all sent out invitations to meet. What is the situation?"

When the two elders read the contents carefully, the shock was hard to hide!

The white loli hugged her chest with both hands, her beautiful eyes showed a bit of splendor and appreciation, and she smiled.

"On the Lengjia Qianyue Tower alone, climbed to the highest level of the branch; the eighth floor. Received an invitation letter from the Lengjia to participate in the Holy Fire Realm. With one person's assistance, he assisted the Hanjia Refining Pharmacist to participate in the ancient family refining ceremony, Modify the Danfang by assisting the position of the pharmacist on the spot, and assist the master pharmacist in refining the fifth-level peak medicine!"

The white-browed elder headed laughed, as if he hadn't been so happy for a long time, and his eyes smiled brilliantly!

"Such a peerless genius, can make me have a long face in Tiange Academy when you speak it out. Are you willing to shut it up? Compared to it, Ye Xing who blames himself is nothing!"

In the beautiful eyes of the little loli in white, there is a rare enthusiasm for educating the child through the ages!

"The most important thing is that this child is under 20 years old! His future will be full of infinite possibilities; we have decided to include Lin Chen, the student, as the fifth largest purple junior student!"


Lin Chen knows why he is exempt from punishment.

He has come into contact with ancient aristocratic families one after another, and his deeds are horrified at the secular level. He will more or less fall into the hearts of the senior officials of the General Hospital. In the end, it is not worth punishing himself for a Ye Xing value. Naturally, the senior people are aware of them.

Lin Chen had just arrived in the mission hall, and received the mission reward points that should belong to him together with Lu Ying and others. Suddenly a few flights came and ran in breathlessly!

"Lin Chen, finally found you!"

"Brother Lin Chen, the big things are not going well. Sister Su Lan was arrested!"

"Brother Lin Chen, woo woo, help! Junhao and Gu Chenfeng have an accident!"

Lin Chen looked closely at Shangguan Bihan and Yue Linlin, Zhang Yu and Yan Haitang, who had not seen for a long time.

Everyone's expression is in a hurry, especially the honest and honest Zhang Yu, seeing Lin Chen as if he saw a savior, a big man cried on the spot!

"What's going on, talk slowly one by one!"

Lin Chen looked dignified and immediately appeased everyone.

Shangguan Bihan was very anxious, the first said.

"It was a large team task we accepted a month ago. At that time, Jun Hao and Ying Liang, Zhang Yu, as well as Sister Su Lan and Sister Su Lan were there. Then we took part in this task together."

Yan Haitang immediately took the conversation and said very quickly.

"But after successfully carrying out the mission, we were caught in the mist of a mountain range, and then we encountered the blue prince of the Academy, a senior named Long Xiangyu! He took everyone away! Only me and Bi Han, and Zhang Yu were not with everyone when they were exploring the way out of the mountains, so they would not be extricated from the captivity!

"Long Xiangyu?"

The expressions of Lin Tianjian and Lu Ying changed a little; any old student in the academy will not be strange to this name!

This is one of the four major blue honours of Tianxun Academy, known as the most promising alternative purple honours!

It is not an exaggeration to call his status in the academy!

Then, Zhang Yu wiped her tears and said excitedly.

"At that time; I still wanted to rush out and fight desperately with Long Xiangyu, but Chenfeng wanted to imply me, don't let me rush out, and forcibly took action to resist, attracting his attention, and wasted an arm by him on the spot! Sell everyone to a place called Abyss Island!"

Yue Linlin's expression was solemn and serious.

"On this matter, we have reported to the Presbyterian Church, but the Presbyterian Church said that Long Xiangyu must be contacted for confirmation, and there must be sufficient evidence to allow the elders to investigate."

The meaning of this sentence is obviously to protect Long Xiangyu. Is this man's life a matter of life?

It is enough to see from the expressions of the people that at that time they were in the dark, watching their partners being taken away, how powerless that despair should be!

So; after returning to the college, they deeply felt that only Lin Chen could help them!

Lu Ying's eyes flickered slightly, and she only looked at Lin Chen, and she didn't even dare to look directly at Lin Chen's eyes!

Lin Chen's expression at this time was very calm. But in those calm eyes, the unprecedented anger is turning!