My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 284

Chapter 284: Abyss Island

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Chapter 284: Abyss Island!


The space around Lin Chen began to break slightly, and the calm eyes were burning with anger!

Mr. Yuan was there to see the situation and quickly blocked; "Little fellow, this matter is not trivial. It is best to report to the Presbyterian Church. With your current influence, you should be able to..."

boom! boom!

Lin Chen slammed his toes suddenly, the mission hall shook violently, as if a space tremor, the whole sky island shook slightly!

Everyone in the hall was shaken and shaken, and a shock appeared in Lu Ying's beautiful eyes!

How long has it been before, Lin Chen is stronger than before when he played against the demon dragon, I don't know how many times!

"I know Abyss Island; leave the rest to me! You can rest assured that I will bring everyone back safely! And that Long Xiangyu, his dog's life, I want Lin Chen!"

Lin Chen left a few words, the figure suddenly shuddered!

"Boy Lin Chen, no!"

When Yuan Lao Shen drank, he suddenly reached out the old palm; the force of space spins and solidifies, trying to forcibly leave Lin Chen!

He only took one step, the figure has long disappeared in the hall, in the vast space, there is absolutely no breath for him!

Yuan Lao and several elders took a breath of air!

"What a terrible speed! This body speed, I'm afraid it has surpassed most of the college's blue rank body style!"

"Go to the Presbyterian Church and send someone to the Abyss Island. Damn, this kid is crazy and even dare to tear it down! How long has it been since the strength of the broken body of Laozi can't even stop him!"

Old Yuan said anxiously; he couldn't help but scold.

"It's **** endless, I just provoke a Ye Juesheng, and now I'm at Long Xiangyu!"

If Yuan Lao knew that Lin Chen had already forged Liang Zi with Fu Wanquan, he was afraid that he would be angry!

Outside Tiange College; Qinghai City.

After carefully disguising, Bai Ruoyan sat in a restaurant, thinking about the little information he had collected in the past two days.

She was holding a cup of fine wine, and her catkins were supporting her jade cheeks, and her face changed suddenly!

"How did this little guy return to the college two days later and ran out again! And so fast!"

Qian Ying flashed, leaving a few pieces of spirit stone on the table, and Bai Ruoyan disappeared into the void and disappeared.


"Little guy, what's wrong? Suddenly remembered the little lover who was going to have a meeting?"

Bai Ruoyan traveled through the void, followed Lin Chen's side, and said with a smile.

Having just finished speaking, Bai Ruoyan's expression also became serious. For the first time, she saw Lin Chen showing such a deep and strong murderous opportunity!

"Brother Lin Chen, what's wrong with you?"

Bai Ruoyan asked softly; she knew that although Lin Chen was usually a hippie smiley face, she was never ambiguous in business, but she never saw him express this expression!

"My partner from the Wasteland Branch was caught with me in a place called Abyss Island, and now I want to rush over as fast as possible, otherwise they may be in danger of life."

Lin Chen's tone was cold and low.

Bai Ruoyan frowned, but she had just heard a little news about this abyss island recently.

It is said that there are often a lot of fierce beasts in that abyss island, it seems to be a son from an ancient family, and there are some powerful and terrible ancient fierce beasts!

Successfully cultivated, excellent beasts will be sold to many first-class and second-rate forces at high prices. The range and denominations involved are extremely wide.

Unless Bai Ruoyan's strength and knowledge are rich, and there is an intelligence network that he has contacted, it is impossible for the ordinary Tiangang Realm to hear such news!

"Brother Lin Chen, there is a high possibility of the existence of the Son on that island. Are you sure you want to go?"

Just in case, Bai Ruoyan told Lin Chen the truth.

Lin Chen was completely unimpressed, and his indifferent eyes showed the murderous indignation!

"It seems that this little guy is very determined, and he doesn't know which child's holy son has provoked this little guy."

Bai Ruoyan sighed in her heart, she knew Lin Chen's strength and details. If he came crazy, even if he lost to the Son, the other party would have to lose his skin!

"Yes, see you at the critical moment and take him away, now it is useless to persuade..."


One day later; the sea of demon.

The reason why Lin Chen knows the route of the Abyss Island is because the black mist island he once arrived in is also in this sea area!

Heiwu Island is located in the southern area of the sea of Tenjin, while Abyss Island is located in the north, more than 100,000 miles apart.

Two streamers flashed across the sky, Lin Chen ignored the huge cost of urging the blue-level body method, and swallowed the high-level pill!

In the north of the sea; a vast and misty island comes into view, and its scope is wider than many giant cities that accommodate tens of millions of people!

"Wait! Brother Lin Chen, there is a space enchantment set by Yuan Zunjing in this island!"

Bai Ruoyan stopped Lin Chen, Dai Mei frowned slightly.

"Then get in! Nothing can be a reason for me to stop!"

Lin Chen's eyes were red, and he already had hysterical murderous intention in his eyes!

Suddenly; Bai Ruoyan turned suddenly, and Bi eyes stared at Lin Chen.

While Lin Chen was in doubt, Bai Ruoyan's catkins snapped on Lin Chen's face!

Subsequently, Bai Ruoyan's slim and delicate jade hands firmly pinched Lin Chen's cheek!

"Mother, it hurts! What are you doing if Sister Yan!"

Lin Chen took pains, Bai Ruoyan held his face, staring at him very seriously, his lips lightened, his voice soft and serious.

"Don't be stunned by hatred! You are not the brother of Chen Chen who I know at all! We break in like this, and regardless of whether the other party has the power of Yuanzun level, the other party will only threaten the person you want to save. Live, what will you do then? Kneel down or kill him desperately?"

Lin Chen's expression of tenderness and concern for the beauties made Lin Chen stunned slightly!

The redness in the eyes gradually subsided, after a few breaths; in the dark and deep eyes of the teenager, it was replaced by cynicism as usual, and a little smart and confident.

"Sister Ruoyan, thank you."

"This is the brother Lin Chen I know."

Bai Ruoyan smiled, and if she was beautiful, she would make Lin Chen scratch her head and laugh.

"Then how do we get in?"

Beautiful eyes squint, Bai Ruoyan overlooks the island, a moment later.

"You can go in. I can open a gap for you to enter without disturbing the enchantment, but the shortcomings are also here. I must maintain the gap in the enchantment. If I go in with you, if the other party is in The internal reinforcement strengthens, and you and I will be trapped inside."

Lin Chen nodded thoughtfully, "In other words, we will become turtles in the urn."

"Yes, if I maintain the gap in the space boundary, you can have a chance to advance and retreat, but your actions must be borne by yourself. I honestly don't want you to take this risk."

Bai Ruoyan said helplessly; Lin Chen smiled confidently.

"If Sister Yan is at ease, I know everything. I am saving people, not revenge,"