My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 285

Chapter 285: Tianqi Shengzi

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Chapter 285

"What's more, even Yuanzun Realm can't fully control the wind and grass on such a vast island?"

Lin Chen half-jokingly said; Bai Ruoyan nodded seriously.

"It's really impossible. The island has a wide range of faces. To be precise, even one fifth is difficult. Although Yuan Zunjing is a Yuan mansion in Dantian, it has the power of heaven and earth, if it is only for exploration and search. But no problem, but it is really unrealistic to monitor every moment."

Bai Ruoyan looked at the determined young man, sighed in his heart, Qian Ying flashed, and reached the vast sky of the island.

Shallot jade refers to dancing in the void, and the radiance of the hair as fine as a hairspring turns a circular arc of light.


Bai Ruoyan sneered, solidified in the void in the void, and suddenly cracked a circular gap, and then solidified at the speed between the electric light and flint, without letting any spatial ripples pass out.

"Remember, brother Lin Chen, in the event of an invincible strong man, must protect himself. If you have an accident, the blood and hatred that your sister will bear is more. You dont want your sister to go this way."

Bai Ruoyan's eyes were a little helpless and sighed lightly.

Lin Chen took the initiative and boldly took Bai Ruoyan's catkins, smiled slightly, nodded, and stepped into the island in a flash!


Lin Chen dived into the Abyss Island and discovered that the situation inside the island was completely different from what he saw outside the enclave!

Killing, bloody, violent; flooding the entire island!

Lin Chen only used Zijin pupil to probe a little, and within his observation range, he collected more than 200 first-order fifth-order beasts, most of which were above fifth-order intermediate!

"The amount of horror is the tip of the abyss island. According to this ratio and the density of the beasts, does the whole abyss island have more than two thousand fifth-order beasts?"

Lin Chen was a little shocked. If he had attacked in anger before, let alone be able to fight against the Yuanzun Realm and the Holy Son here. Just with these fierce beasts swarming up, it was enough for him and the ancient Qinglong to drink a pot!

"However, two thousand heads of fifth-order beasts! For me, as long as they are broken one by one, it is the walking blood and blood attribute light ball!"

Lin Chen's eyes were full of fierce light, but the matter under him was to look for everyone's figure first.

According to Bai Ruoyan's information, in the fierce beast auction held in this abyss island, a large number of people in the Tiangang realm will be invested to throw it here; for the devastating beasts to swallow, in order to demonstrate the fierce beast's ability and right The fighting characteristics of the human race.

Lin Chen wants to find the beasts before they attack Bai Junhao and others!

The "Ten Thousand Fires" formula wrapped Lin Chen's own breath tightly, like a stone on the side of the road, unremarkable.

"Qinglong Biaoying!"

Just in case, Lin Chen changed into a smaller version of the ancient Qinglong, and after performing the "Blue Dragon", his figure was completely transformed into transparency!

Lin Chen disappeared and disappeared into the island.

Abyss Island; an ancient tower as high as 10,000 meters.

The drunk gold fans in the ancient tower, delicious food, Jiuchi grove, beautiful and beautiful women, everything! The atmosphere is extremely luxurious and luxurious.

At this time, all the people in the tower are all Lingzhou heads and faces and sectarian strongmen, and the lowest are top second-rate forces and first-class sects, with immortal heritage!

They have only one purpose to gather so far, to buy fierce beasts!

That's right, the transaction in this abyss is like a transaction in the black market; buying a controllable beast provides a stronger and more stable force for their sectarian forces.

Generally speaking, high-level beasts have good spirits, and they are generally difficult to be surrendered by human races.

But it's different in Abyss Island!

Because this time he surrendered a large number of fierce beasts, the son from the Bai family, during the day Qi, also known as Tianqi Shengzi!

Tianqi Shengzi transports a large number of beasts every two years, and captures a large number of Tiangangjing human races to be thrown on the island, holding a beast auction here!

Here, the fierce beasts and the human races are fighting each other; the fierce beasts that show enough potential and combat power will be bought at a high price, and the human races that are captured will eventually be swallowed by all the fierce beasts!

"Everyone, now that all the beasts are in place, our auction will officially start. Let's enjoy it, the screams of the humble wild dogs, appreciate their despair before they die. Take a good look at the beasts Aesthetics of violence~"

At this time; a soft young voice slowly passed into the ancient tower, many heads of power, sectarian strong are all shouted with passion!

brush! brush! brush!

A full screen of three hundred and twenty magic eye stones thrown back is presented in front of many powerful men; many beasts of high mountains and mountains appear in the light screen.

Some violent beasts have begun to fall into the fight between the beasts, while others are dedicated to hunting and scattered on the island's many tribes.

From time to time, some clan burst into the tower with a screaming scream, causing a lot of ridicule from the powerful.

Some human races form a team to hunt fierce beasts, most of them can only be reduced to food, and become a powerful foil to show the fierce beasts. They are not opponents at all!

Most of the human warriors thrown into the island are below Tiangang Realm's sixfold, compared to a large number of fifth-level intermediate and advanced fierce beasts, their resistance does not form an effective offensive at all!

The conspicuous position of each beast is marked with a conspicuous mark, which is convenient for bidding by all buyers.

"Huh? The No. 159 Chi'e Sword Tiger actually swallowed three Tiangang realms twice. Interestingly, the old lady bid for a fifth-order intermediate treasure plus a blue-order intermediate combat skill!"

In the hall; a demon beautiful woman who is indulging in devastating two beautiful teenagers suddenly sees the scene in a light screen, the demon stranger lights up, and raises the bidding card of the soft bed beside him.

The shrewd little girl in the hall immediately recorded the bidding of this beautiful woman. If someone bids higher than her, the little girls will inform her verbally.

"Qin Yaofu is your **** mother, you have to play with your man, what to grab with Laozi!"

The red-browed giants holding four beautiful servants to the left and right scolded, and then shouted the price; "Sword Tiger No. 159, Lao Tzu has two blue-level intermediate combat skills plus a fifth-order treasure!"

The auction just started, and buyers from all walks of life immediately caught the beast they wanted, bidding one after another, and it was extremely lively!

The denominations and forces gathered in the ancient tower at least involved more than 200 forces in Lingzhou, and the scene was extremely hot and enthusiastic!

The top floor of the ancient tower; a luxurious and distinguished room.

The jade screen made of pure sapphire is layered, the feminine young man in purple shirt is sitting on the dragon chair, and the millennium wine is shaking in his hand.

Between the young man's eyebrows; there is also a lifelike Linyin, as if they all reveal the dignity of a natural nobility, born with him, he is above countless levels of all beings!

Son of the Bai Family, Qi during the day!

After the inheritance of the authentic ancient family, the Xeon existence destined to stand on the peak of Lingzhou in the future!

The competition and game between the ancient family, the competition is the number of sons and daughters between each other! They are the leaders and pioneers of the times!