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Chapter 286: Dive Into The Abyss Island.

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Chapter 286: Dive into the Abyss Island.

"Holy Son, the space enchantment has been determined to be closed. Neither the captured human race nor the auction beasts will have a chance to escape."

At this time; a voluptuous young woman who stood behind Qi Qi in the daytime respectfully respected her; she was the Yuanzun Jingqiang who guarded here!

"Well~ Well done, there are a total of 231 forces participating in the auction, all of which are denominations or families that can be seen in Lingzhou. The plan of my Bai family will push it further."

Drink the best wine in the cup; Qi Chi's mouth outlined a contemptuous sneer during the day.

"A group of lowly mortals, really thought that the capture of a large number of fierce beasts was to sell them to your denomination, and Ben Shao did not lack that garbage-like resource..."

During the day, Qi took the gimmick of practicing the control of fierce beasts, and took the name of requiring a lot of resources to feed the fierce beasts. After capturing and surrendering a large number of fierce beasts, he publicly auctioned the fierce beasts in exchange for the resources to feed the fierce beasts. , A big web has quietly unfolded...

Inside the Abyss Island.

A wind blew past, and a few perceptive beasts looked around instinctively. But no creatures were found, and even the extra breath did not appear.

In order to avoid beating the grass and startling the snake, Lin Chen turned the ancient green dragon into the shadow of the dragon; he did not disturb any fierce beasts throughout the journey!

"Where is it, is it true that everyone is so miserable so quickly?"

Covered with purple gold pupils, Lin Chen tried his best to urge the state of "out of nothing", and the illusion of emptiness in the void gradually emerged!

Within the threads of many luck, doom, and bad luck, Lin Chen crossed a thousand miles, and finally caught a hint of pale green in the center surrounded by many luck!

"Qiyun is located in the east of more than 700 li!"

Lin Chen twisted the dragon's body, and the transparent dragon flew to a position more than 700 miles away at a rapid speed!

To the east, Abyss Island.

The Xuanwu Dragon Turtle with nearly ten thousand years of life roars with a violent roar. Its head is like a fierce crocodile, and its body is like a mountain. It is more than one hundred feet high, and it spit out the brutal breath that destroyed the mountains and rivers!


Breathing with a hint of dragon's breath destroying the 10,000-meter forest, several figures flashed quickly, trying to escape the attack range of the Xuanwu Dragon Turtle!

I don't know; this Xuanwu dragon turtle is extremely murderous, and it is also aimed at the white man in high speed! Waving indestructible four claws, chasing after all!

The seemingly bulky tortoise shell and body, but the speed of the attack is extremely fast! Wherever he passed, the earth's veins shattered, and towering trees were uprooted and destroyed!

Xuanwu Dragon Turtle's violent beast pupil flashed a strong attack and possessive desire! As if the white man had something fatal to attract it!

"It's not a way to go on like this, you run away first, let me break it!"

Fleeing to no avail, a few white-headed teenagers in a deep voice screamed!

"Junhao, don't! You are a genius with a double layer of heaven. This basalt dragon turtle can at least match the five layers of the heaven with a layer of dragon. Even if you use your Blue Dragon Possession, it is not its opponent!"

The other two exclaimed quickly. The three were Bai Junhao, Ying Liang and Gu Chenfeng who were taken away by Long Xiangyu!

"Let's talk nonsense, we will all die if we waste more time. Its goal is me. I will lead it away. The farther you go, the better! I will try to escape afterwards!"

Bai Junhao looked down, and he already had the determination to die!

"Fart! I shouldn't be a seed to abandon my brother!"

"Who did you Bai Junhao treat me as Chen Chenfeng? Leave yourself and run away? Run a fart!"

The two spoke in unison, and had long seen Bai Junhao's thoughts. The two left and right, proudly standing on his left and right sides.

The three stood side by side; facing the basalt dragon and tortoise less than ten miles away, the determination in the eyes revealed the wreckage!

Bai Junhao shook his head and smiled, the whole body shone with a surplus of blue light, the dragon scales appeared, and the bold and dry smile.

"Since that's the case, let's put out the last effort in life! To be born together, to die together! At least we did not embarrass Lin Chen and Class 66!"

Faced with the rush of the Xuanwu Dragon and Turtle, the three players showed their cards and burst into the final roar of life. They rushed and rushed to meet the Xuanwu Dragon and Turtle together!


Flurry of swords, flurry of guns, screams of blue dragons, heads of the nothingness dragon turtle rushed!

The three of them tried their best to resist each other, and they were forced to retreat step by step by the Xuanwu Dragon Turtle only with less than two breaths!

"Good job."

The chuckle of the teenagers, like the power of endless new life, poured into the hearts of the three, and they all burst into incredible ecstasy!

The words just dropped three drops of pure water energy that contained the blue sky and blue sky from the top of the three people! If Daigo is initiating, he will gradually heal their injuries!

The blue light was extinguished, and a dragon shadow suddenly appeared in the transparent space, and the dragon body twisted into a silver robe boy!

When he raised his hand, it was Thunder's palm. When he crossed the space, the void burst!

The palm power is like a galloping horse, and between the five fingers is the dragon power like a wilderness, slamming through the head of the Xuanwu Dragon Turtle!

boom! !

The moment Dragon Force penetrated the body of the basaltic tortoise, the head exploded, the blood fluttered, the turtle shell shattered and scattered, and the fragments of the turtle shell shot like a hurricane into the jungle, destroying one after another barren forest!

The silver robe rolls over, and the expressions of the three people are shocked to be difficult to calm!

one strike!

Just a blow! The basalt dragon turtle, which is comparable to the five levels of heaven and earth, is exploded into pieces!

Xuanwu Dragon Turtle is famous for its defensive power. It is difficult to kill with a single blow, even the six layers of Tiangang Realm, not to mention breaking the huge and hard turtle shell into pieces!

"Brother, really, is it really you?"

Bai Junhao swallowed, and he even had a hard time believing that the person in front of him was his big brother!

How long did it take to enter the college? Has Brother Lin Chen transformed into such a situation?

The palm just now is difficult to achieve even in the Academy's Lanxun Tianjiao!

"Otherwise, throughout Lingzhou, have you ever seen a second man who is as handsome as your elder brother?"

Lin Chen smiled, the cynical tone and tone immediately made everyone confirm that he was not disguised! This tone is only him!

Bai Junhao's heart is both touching and complicated, and he thought that he had caught up with his elder brother in the adventure, but unexpectedly, he was thrown farther and farther!

"Squad leader, you..."

"Brother Lin Chen, you shouldn't be here!"

Gu Chenfeng and Ying Liang's hearts are touched and sorry!

But they have seen it with their own eyes, and the master of the island, their strength is beyond their historical cognition!

In front of the strong men of that level, they seemed as fragile as ants, and one finger could make them die more than a hundred times!