My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 287

Chapter 287: First Line Life

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Chapter 287, The First Life!

"I know what you are worrying about, have you ever seen someone in Lin Lin fought a battle without a chance?"

Seeing what they were thinking, Lin Chen laughed.

The three were stunned, as if they thought of the deeds that everyone had gone through with Lin Chen, and there was a pride in their hearts!

Suddenly, Bai Junhao seemed to remember something, solemnly said: "Brother, you appear so rashly, this island is full of magic eye stones..."

Before the words were finished, Lin Chen's figure seemed to become somewhat transparent, and finally his breath disappeared. The three were astonished as if they had seen a ghost!

"I have said long ago that I will not fight a battle without a chance. Since I came to save you, I am naturally prepared. I have surveyed a part of this island. The magic eye stone can cover only half of the area and half of the space. Its a blind spot, so we dont have to be too hands-on."

After lifting the "Dragon Shadow", Lin Chen appeared in front of the three people again, glancing at Gu Chenfeng's left arm, and Lin Chen's heart sank.

"Brother, little meaning, don't care. I came out of Lingzhou, and I have put my life and death away."

Gu Chenfeng felt Lin Chen's gaze and smiled.

Lin Chen did not speak, patted his shoulder and nodded. Then he turned to Bai Junhao with a serious tone.

"Junhao, why are you three of you, don't you say there are two more sisters Su Lan?"

Lin Chen's question suddenly made the three people's faces slightly change, and Bai Junhao's expression was solemn; "They were caught in the ancient pagoda by Long Xiangyu!"

Bai Junhao pointed into the ancient pagoda, Lin Chen's expression suddenly changed, the monstrous murderousness of his restraint revealed again!

"I'm going to save people first. This is a part of the map I painted on the way I just came. This is a fifth-level intermediate level Xuan Ling Feng Qi Pill. You can completely seal your fighting spirit inside, and there is a small bag to shield the breath of breath. Please be careful, follow the map to hide on the southern edge of the island and wait for me."

Lin Chen also emphasized a sentence; "Remember, you must walk with your feet, not fly, try to avoid the detection of the magic eye stone."

"That big brother you..."

Bai Junhao is about to speak, but Lin Chen has turned into transparency, and the Qinglong Piying will be shown again!

"Junhao, let's go. No one can stop or guess what the squad leader wants to do. What we can do is not to drag him behind!"

The eyes of the three met, and they reached an agreement. They swallowed the panacea that Lin Chen gave them. The fluctuations of the fighting spirit were sealed tightly, and then they immediately disappeared into the grass and disappeared.

The moonlight is bright and clear; Lin Chen goes all the way at speed!

What he is most worried about now is Su Lan and Su Lan. If the second woman is conspired by Long Xiangyu, for the second woman who always hates men, the consequences may be unbearable!

The island has a wide range, and it was Lin Chen who covered the shadow with a green dragon and hurried off with the Wind Hell Pluto Step. It also took me a half hour to reach the ancient tower!

"Very well, there aren't many entry restrictions in the Guta."

Lin Chen successfully mixed into the first floor of the ancient tower, which is spacious and bright, with a total of nine floors.

Before entering, Lin Chen explored the ninth floor with endless death and luck with Zijin pupil.

In the ninth layer, there must be a strong person of Yuanzun Realm. Lin Chens Qinglong Piying faced Yuanzun Realm and could not fully guarantee his own safety, so he must keep enough distance.

"The height of each layer is about kilometer. If my distance is within three kilometers from Yuanzunjing, it may be discovered. The seventh layer upwards, the stronger my personal luck, my Is the scope of activity limited to below the seventh floor."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed; jumping from the spiral on the first floor of the ancient tower to the second floor!

Roar ~~!

Within the first five floors of the ancient pagoda, fierce and brutal roars broke out from time to time, all of which contained the ancient ancient beasts that were more terrible than the fierce beasts that were publicly auctioned in the Abyss Island!

"The sixth floor, is this the VIP floor?"

Lin Chen dived into the sixth floor carefully, and each room was opened in turn, some were buyers who came to bid, and some were strong men stationed in the ancient tower, but there was no figure of Sister Su Lan's second daughter!

"Is it on the seventh floor?"

Lin Chen was about to dive into the seventh floor; in a dark and dense room at the end of the corridor, a young and strange red figure suddenly appeared!

The young man in red is slender, with a contour like a knife and axe, a domineering temperament, and a single knife, like a peerless swordsman who walks in the red dust in the world!

Each of his eyes has a sharp knife rhythm of ten thousand swords, which makes people dare not look directly at his eyes!

"Have seen Master Long Xiangyu!"

The beautiful maidservants on both sides were leaning forward, and Lin Chen, who was about to enter the seventh floor, was completely stiff!

He turned suddenly, his eyes cold, looking directly at the young man in red!

One of the beautiful maids in the corridor covered her mouth and smiled, Yingyingmei smiled.

"Master, are you going to leave? Didn't the two beautiful sisters please the master?"

"Don't say it, **** arrogant, these two dog women dare to commit suicide and don't follow Lao Tzu. Ben Shao Ke is not interested in the body!"

Long Xiangyu picked up the beautiful maid who was making fun of him, and he squeezed his palms unscrupulously, causing the woman to be glamorous and smiling.

The body? Did the two sisters Su Lan really come to the worst result?

With a tight heart, Lin Chen's figure trembled suddenly, and flashed into the dense room of Long Xiangyu.

I saw it; in the large and soft round bed in the secret room, there were two cool and beautiful ladies with no blood on their faces. They were Su Lan and Sister Su Lan! Their vitality has slowly faded away, and the fragrance disappears!


Majestic and profound murderous unceasingly emerged, and the dragon qi that broke the stars fell in Lin Chen's pupils!

At this moment; Lin Chen suppressed the outbreak of his desire to kill for a long time!

Suddenly, his murderous intention stopped suddenly!

Under the cover of Zijin Hitomi, the life of the second daughter has not been completely extinguished!

The main reason for the destruction of the two girls is that they are continually exuding a poisonous energy in Dantian to devour their vitality.

"It's a fiery fire bead, a kind of extremely fiery fire energy bead, it's extremely poisonous for those who practice extreme ice attribute combat spirit!"

Although it is highly toxic, the strength of the second women is already in the sky, and their vitality is not fragile. At this time, there is still a trace of vitality remaining in their bodies, but they are too thin, and the ordinary strong people can't detect it!

"There is still a chance! As long as I draw the energy of the blazing fireball, the two of them will save!"

Lin Chen put her fingertips on the second daughter's catkins. After confirming the actual situation, she was preparing to start. The two maids outside the corridor stepped into the secret room, as if they were planning to clean up the mess.

At this time; Long Xiangyu's obscene smile also came out of the secret room.

"Little Beauty, let's fight fire with me, ha ha ha!"

Long Xiangyu hugged the beautiful lady who made him laugh in another secret room.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed and slowly retreated to the side of the secret room. His palm pushed the stone door, closing the stone door of the secret room where the second daughter was suddenly closed!