My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 288

Chapter 288: Shall We Come Again?

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Chapter 288

The maid who had just stepped into the secret room turned around in doubt; how could the stone door in this secret room be closed by itself without a third person.


Lin Chen waved his palm lightly and stunned the two maids; dragged them aside.

After the mental power was slightly released, Lin Chen was relieved after checking the whole body of the sisters and sisters Su Lan.

He sensed that the jade body of the two had not been infringed, and Lin Chen felt relieved. If not, with their two personalities, if their bodies were lost, it would be difficult to preserve them even if they were saved.

"Bringing this thing with you, the temperament of these two beauties is also extreme, rather jade than broken."

When referring to jade, Lin Chen doubled his fingers and touched the arms of the two beauties to the lower abdomen.

Lin Chen opened up their meridians, temporarily built an energy channel, and began to absorb the remaining fire energy in the second female Dantian.

The forehead was constantly sweating, and the red light flashed on the fingertips. It was no easy task to safely remove the poison from Dantian.

Sister Su Lan's second daughter is Leng Yueqi's personal disciple, practicing extremely ice warfare, and completely opposed to the fire energy.

The ice-based fighting spirit has been mixed with the fiery fire energy into a fiery toxin!

At this time; the warrior of Tiangang in the second daughter Dan Tian is integrated with fire and poison!

It is safe to strip off the fire and poison, and it will not hurt the lives of the two people nor affect the cultivation. The difficulty is no less than that of Lin Chen and a strong man with nine tiers of heaven and earth!

Fortunately, this secret room is extremely closed and secret. As long as fierce fighting does not erupt, Lin Chen does not have to worry about being discovered by the strong man of Yuanzun Realm.

"Fire special bloodline!"

Lin Chen transformed all of his fire fighting spirit into special bloodlines, and devoted himself to depriving the second female Dantian of the fire poison.

Sister Su Lan's face took the lead to restore a touch of ruddy and vitality. The meaning of death lingering between eyebrows began to recede.

Sister Su Lanjiao's body was trembling, and for the first time there was a reaction of life activities. Lin Chen was very happy and began to increase her strength slowly.

As time passes by one minute and one second, Lin Chen's mental energy consumption is violent, and he always maintains the state of highest concentration.

Half an hour later, the second woman's fire poison has been withdrawn by 70%.

Su Landai's eyebrows tremble, slowly opening her eyes, when she sees Lin Chen; Qianyan blurs, whispering softly.

"Brother Lin Chen, are you?"

"This is not an illusion? Sister?"

The sisters' two goddesses were loose, and Qian's eyes were confused. It was unbelievable.

Having just walked away from the ghost gate, the second daughter who has not fully recovered her mind is hard to believe that Lin Chen will appear in front of them!

"Of course it is not an illusion. Looking at Kyushu, there is no second person as handsome as me."

Lin Chen smiled happily; the second daughter's heart was overjoyed.

"Brother Lin Chen, me, I'm so hot!"

The eyes are blurred, Su Lan vomits Fang Lan lightly, the soft and slender body is like a twisting beautiful snake, bypassing Lin Chen's arm, and soft catkins entrap him!

Lin Chen took a breath! what's the situation?

Lin Chen waited for the opportunity to release his spiritual power, and found that the fire poison in the second woman's body was gradually drawn away by herself, and a small part of it has been transferred from Dantian to the whole body.

Although this small part of the fire poison will not threaten the lives of the two girls, it will produce a strong aphrodisiac to them, like a drastic aphrodisiac!

"Now their wise mind has just recovered, as long as I quickly help them to extract all the fire poison in Dantian, this state can be suppressed by themselves!"

The twins glamorous beauties haunted each other from left to right, and sent out a charming invitation to enter heaven like a dream, letting someone corner of Lin's mouth twitch!

The question is who can stand this!

At this time either beasts or beasts are worse!

"Well, I'm not the kind of man who is at risk! I can't stand it anymore!"

A quarter of an hour

Su Lan and Sister Su Lan's faces were as blushing as if they were pale, and their delicate ear tips were about to bleed.

Touching the kiss marks on his neck, Lin's old face also appeared a little embarrassed.

Lin Chen's act of wiping the kiss marks made the two sisters shy and unspeakable; that look was like finding a hole to drill in.

Both sides did not speak for a long time, and Lin felt a little guilty in his heart.

No, I can't make my sister so embarrassed. Take out your anger and courage, Lin Chen, but you are the club's first card, to find your confidence!

As a result, someone Lin stared at the two women seriously.

"Should we come again?"

Lying trough! What a special person you are!

As soon as this sentence came out, Lin Chen wanted to give himself a big mouth!

"Brother Lin Chen, you?"

Su Lan was embarrassed and annoyed; Hao teeth bit her cherry lips lightly, Lin Chen quickly waved her hands to explain.

"Isn't it! I just talked nonsense, I'm not watching you two not talking, I'm afraid you have any psychological shadows!"

The first time I saw Lin Chen in a hurry, the second daughter was both angry and funny.

However, Su Lan is right and wrong. She naturally knows how much risk Lin Chen took this time to save them. Thinking of this, Fang Xin couldn't help but fool around.

Su Lan Qiao blushed, turned her courage to stare at Lin Chen.

"Thank you, Lin Chen. I thought my sister and I were dead, thank you for giving us another chance to choose life."

Thinking of the moment he and his sister were captured by Long Xiangyu, the two sisters were already desperate.

When Long Xiangyu captured them to the Abyss Island; just after sealing off their fighting spirit and repairing them, the moment the **** was released, the other party had a chance to take advantage in the future, and the second woman swallowed the flaming fireball on the spot!

"Miss Su Lan is very polite. Although we used to have a little holiday, we are still part of class 66. We are not as good as brothers and sisters, but at least we are partners who have passed through life and death together."

Lin Chen said with a smile; he didn't care about it.

"Brother Lin Chen, now is not the time to struggle with these things,"

Su Lan's tone became rare and soft; Lin Chen nodded seriously and pointed to the second daughter who was knocked out.

"You put on the maid's clothes and I will show you the way. I have special hidden skills and they can't see me."


Outside the secret room; Lin Chen opened the way for the second daughter with the invisible state of Qinglong Biaoying.

When passing by the secret room, Lin Chen's Zijin pupil saw Long Xiangyu's figure through the secret room, and took a few deep breaths.

After the expression changed from turbulent to unrelenting, he returned to calm again. Lin Chen's eyes were cold and murderous.

"If you attack now, if you join the ancient Qinglong, you will be more than 80% sure to destroy him. However, you must take Su Lan with them and leave them. It is not appropriate to start. Long Xiangyu, your dog's life will be collected by me sooner or later!"