My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 289

Chapter 289: 3. Collect Interest.

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Chapter 289. Receive interest.

Lin Chen fed the two maids in advance and hid them in a secret room. It is estimated that they will not wake up for half a month, and will not hinder the escape of Lin Chen and others in a short time.

After four weeks of detection, Lin Chen secretly transmitted a voice to the sisters who became servants; the three carefully left the sixth floor of the ancient pagoda.

The ancient tower with a height of 10,000 meters has very complicated internal architecture and passages. In addition, there are many Tiangang realms in the tower, and some powerful fierce beasts are imprisoned. Two heavy sisters.

Outside the tower; the second daughter ran out in a maid's dress, under the leadership of Lin Chen, escaped into the vast expanse of jungle!

In the early morning, the sky is gradually clear.

Lin Chen passed through many complicated terrains on the island; at the dawn of the day, he successfully merged with Bai Junhao and other three people on the southern edge!

"Brother Lin Chen!"

"Great, the two school sisters are fine!"

When the three saw Lin Chen and others, they were all relieved, and they all gathered in a crack in the mountain.

"What? Brother, are you going to stay here? Let's go first?"

Bai Junhao was shocked when he heard Lin Chen's previous suggestion. The other four also stared at Lin Chen with unreasonable eyes!

"Relax, I haven't been stupid enough to be self-sufficient. There are so many beasts here, and I have to get some interest back!"

Lin Chen smirked, he had long missed the large number of beasts on this island!

Under normal circumstances, Lin Chen couldn't find so many beasts. In the area where the fifth-order beasts gather, they are basically extremely dangerous wilderness areas, or dangerous areas that have been lost since ancient times.

In these areas, the hidden dangers and variables are extremely large, and they breed natural dangerous environments, poisonous malaria, mist, volcanoes, thunderclouds, etc. These risk factors are no less than those of the beasts themselves.

Furthermore, the fifth-order beasts have their own territory, and the distribution range is extremely wide, and they can't be as dense as the current abyss island!

Although Abyss Island is full of high-level fierce beasts, it is extremely dangerous, but for Lin Chen and his ancient Qinglong, this place is the most perfect place to practice!

Summon the ancient green dragon, the dragon soars to the sky and takes all five of them away!

The vast space encircled the gap; Bai Ruoyan looked dazedly at the five young men who were placed beside her by the ancient Qinglong.

"This brother Lin Chen is so crazy, everyone is rescued and has to drill back!"

Bai Ruoyan, who has always been extraordinary, was stomped by Lin Chen for the first time, and his beautiful cheeks were full of anger and anger!

Abyss Island; northern region.

The fifth-order intermediate-level Qianmoqiu python screamed fiercely, swaying the brave python tail that swept across the river, threw it at the thick waist of a three-armed three-armed ape, banged it down, and smashed five seats. Thousands of mountains!


Between the four-armed ape and the pain; two giant arms as rough as a jade stick to the tail of Qianmoqiu Python, and the other two arms are hammered like a torrent of eruption, flowing a fierce and wild atmosphere , Through all directions, even a dozen punches!

The former is hammered and fleshy, and python scales are cracked!

The skull on the top of the head splits and splits into two halves, revealing a colorful and complex energy giant blade, just about to hack to the four-armed apes!

Tear ~! Boom~!

Two blue lights descend from the sky! Sonic booms, thunder and thunder!

The blue light is like a dragon falling into the world, and the moment when it is killed by the thousand demon Qiu Python, it is instantly entangled!

Between the cracks of the earth veins; the dragon claws were torn apart, the dragon tail strangled, and the power of crushing the starfall instantly twisted the thousand demon snakes into pieces, and they were divided on the spot!

In addition, the blue thunder was transformed into a figure, and his feet fell straight to the top of the four-armed ape, slamming down the overlord-level fierce beasts of the fifth-level and above!

[The host receives 300 million points of qi and blood energy, 400 million points of qi and blood energy, 200 million points of qi and blood energy,]

Lin Chen and the ancient Qinglong were killed by the two super-level fierce beasts below the fifth-order advanced level in the lightning room!

The two fierce beasts scattered a large amount of blood-red attribute light balls, covering the ground, were taken away by Lin Chen and the ancient Qinglong, and the corpses were also swallowed by the ancient Qinglong in a few bites!

"The two fifth-level intermediate beasts with blood veins of the ancient relics can increase my energy of qi and blood by about one billion yuan, increase my 8 dragon power, and allow the ancient green dragon to spawn a dragon vein, increasing 10 dragon power!"

The abyss island under the high sunlight, loomingly reflects the figure of the young man hidden in the jungle, it is Lin Chen.

He has already killed 29 fifth-level intermediate-level overlord-level beasts in a row, and the improvement of these beasts is certainly small for him and the ancient Qinglong, but the victory is much!

If it is in the great wasteland, Lin Chen wants to kill so many fifth-level intermediate overlord beasts, at least to find more than a month!

However, under the premise of the abyss island; the fierce beasts are extremely dense, Lin Chen uses the two great magical skills of Ten Thousand Fire Nets and Blue Dragon Piying to master the magical attack, and the 29 heads only need one morning!

"Although the magic eye stone of this abyss island is limited, more than half of the area is a blind spot, but everything should be careful."

Lin Chen pondered a little, and suddenly had a plan!


The seventh floor of the ancient pagoda; many heads of forces in Lingzhou and the sectarians are in fierce competition, and their bids have fluctuated one after another!

Suddenly; the eyes of the three powerful sectarians were fixed!

"Huh? What a great Qinglong!"

"This ancient Qinglong even singled out the fifth-tier advanced Skyhorn Swordtail Tiger and Purple Flame Lion King!

"One pick two still has the upper hand, this strength, I am afraid that it is only one step away from the fifth-tier top, right?"

The Tsing Yi swordsman in the trio was quick and raised his bid!

"This Qinglong's serial number is: 479? I have sold thousands of top-grade spirit crystals plus three fifth-level advanced medicines!"

"Long Yixuan, I think you are a neuropathy. This green dragon has such a strong potential. If you cultivate it properly, you might be able to compare it to the peak of the heavens and the ninth realm! Who would you like to joke about at your shabby price? Lao Tzu gives 15 million top-grade spirit crystals Plus a copy of the low-level defensive skills of the blue rank!"

Inside the seventh floor of the ancient pagoda; there seem to be some exciting episodes.

East of the Abyss Island; another day and night passed, and now it was late at night, the activity of the fierce beast was even more violent!

After two days of screening and fighting, the ancient fierce beasts that are powerful or extremely cunning survive in the Abyss Island!

And those people who have been captured have basically suffered more than half of the casualties. Now, it is the carnival of the murderous beasts!

Rippling in the space, Lin Chen sat cross-legged on the back of the ancient Qinglong.

Someone Lin was interested in staring at an ancient mysterious lake, and the lake was shining with bright waves, and there were many treasures, as if there were some treasures.

Lin Chen laughed.

"Interestingly, if it weren't for my Zijin pupil to spy on the weather machines, I really couldn't find two tier five high-level beasts lurking in this lake! This beast also disguised as a treasure of heaven and earth? The creatures are really amazing!"