My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Engagement? ?

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Chapter 29 ?

"Oh? Is it Shangguan Yunfan."

Lin Chen put away his body, opened the door of the secret room indifferently, and said with a smile: "Naturally convenient, please ask Yunfan's inside."

The two sat in a closed room, and Shangguan Yunfan pondered for a moment before finally speaking.

"Master Shi Lezhi, after our family's discussion this time, the elders would rather close the ancestral altar again than give up Zi Jintong's cultivation secret."

As soon as Shangguan Yunfan opened his mouth, Lin Chen's expression calmed down instantly, and he said: "Then you mean one shot or two, right?"

"No, there are other solutions."

Shangguan Yunfan's eyes suddenly became more sincere, he said one by one.

"Please Master Shi, no, please, Lin Chen, you and I will add a daughter to make a relationship, so you will count as half of our Shangguan family. In this case, if I pass on you Zijin Tong to practice secrets. Inside the family No one will object."

This sudden request forced Lin Chen to be stunned!

what? got engaged? What kind of operation is this? Want me to marry that Shangguan Bihan to get Zijin Tong's cultivation secret?

Is there such a good thing in this world? Buy one get one free?

Shangguan Bihan's appearance, temperament, figure, self-cultivation, mentality and qualifications. All of them are first-class national beauty and Tianxiang-class ladies. Fangling is less than 20 years old, which is already the eighth level of psychic realm.

If you put it in the outside world, don't even add another Zijin pupil to practice secrets, I don't know how many young Tianjiao will come back!

It is impossible to cultivate Zijin Hitomi without the blood of the Shangguan family, but the secrets of cultivation still cannot be spread.

Because if it is obtained by some powerful people, even if they can't practice, they can spy on some secrets of Zijintong in the secrets of cultivation, which will cause unimaginable threats and losses to the Shangguan family!

"No, although Lin Chen loves beautiful women, in this way, I want you to be your son-in-law in Shangguan. I would rather not. My nature likes freedom and I don't want any restraints. If you insist on not giving, then It can only be shot twice!"

Lin Chen shook his head decisively; his face gradually became cold.

"Wait a minute! Master Stone, you misunderstood what I meant. The marriage I said was just a guise!"

Shangguan Yunfan hurriedly threw out his real purpose, "Dating is just to give us a well-known reason to get Zijin Tong to practice secrets. On the day of the marriage, I am Shangguan Yunfan promised to help you get ready for the rest of the night and treat you A few years after I really left my Shangguan family, I will publish the rest letter again, and the secret will be in your hands, and the elders have nothing to say."

Shangguan Yunfan's plan really moved Lin Chen a little bit.

"But will this matter affect the reputation of Miss Shang Bihan too much?" Lin Chen hesitated a little.

"Hey, although the influence of reputation is bound to be there, it is also a method in no way."

Shangguan Yunfan's pretense sighed very sadly, but he added a sentence in his heart. It wouldn't matter if your kid became my son-in-law.

"I agree with this method, but I hope that the Shangguan family can keep their promises, and if they get married, they will come up with other things. Both of us must be the end of jade and jade." Lin Chen's tone was soft and firm.


Shangguan Yunfan nodded sincerely.

"Also, I want to make two copies of the book!"


"Who knows if you will regret it, just put the second copy with me and keep it safe."


Shangguan Mansion; the secret room under the ancestral altar.

Both parties have decided to lay down their relatives, and signed a letter of closure in advance, with the seal of the world seal of the Shangguan family. Lin Chen was not afraid of their repentance this time.

"This is the secret of cultivation in the Ziguan pupil of the Shangguan family. You need to use spiritual reading to get the cultivation method."

From the five dust-covered counters, five black iron pieces were taken out, and Shangguan Yunfan solemnly handed them to Lin Chen.

[The host obtains the secret of "Purple Golden Eyes", the system has been included. To open the practice of Purple Golden Eyes requires 10,000 points of skill and 500 points of blood power of Purple Golden Eyes to reach the entry level.

At the moment when Lin Chen got five pieces of black iron, the system light screen popped up immediately.

"Friend Lin Chen, since you are also half a member of the Shangguan family on the bright side, I still bother you to attend a grand event with me three days later; the treasure appraisal meeting of the Wanling City."

After the two parties exchanged their transactions, Shangguan Yunfan's tone also became more relaxed, and he laughed.

"Oh? Jianbao Conference?"

Lin Chen showed curiosity.

"The treasure appraisal conference is a grand event convened by treasure appraisers in our field. From ancient times to the present; the history of martial arts has not endured for a long time. There are too many strange and mysterious things bred in this world, and extraordinary people and ordinary strong people can be completely distinguished. This requires someone with special means to identify the singularity and develop it later to become a treasurer."

Speaking of this, a sense of instinctive pride appeared in the eyebrows of Shangguan Yunfan, and said with a smile: "And our Shangguan family is the largest and top-ranking treasure family in Wanling City, and it can be placed in the front of the entire wasteland. Mao."

Lin Chen suddenly realized that it is no wonder that the Shangguan family is so wealthy, and the strong are like clouds.

"It seems that I must go to this treasure-mapping conference."

The corner of Lin Chen's mouth rose faintly.

After briefly explaining the rules and origin of the Jianbao Conference with Lin Chen again, the two separated in the secret room of the ancestral altar.


The next day; Shangguan Yunfan revealed that Lin Chen and Shangguan Bihan's betrothed, set off an unprecedented storm in the entire Wanling City!

Regarding Lin Chen's fixed relationship, the elders have nothing to say. This child has extraordinary potential. If he can become a member of their Shangguan family, it will be a big happy event. In this way, it is not a bad thing to give Zi Jintong the secret of cultivation.

Lin Chen, who is the center of attention, is completely locked in retreat. What he wants to practice this time is the "Purple Eye" he just got!

Inside the room; Lin Chen withdrew his mental strength and just read all the cultivation tips and records of "Zi Jin Tong".

"Purple golden pupils are divided into six realms, insight into the insignificance, pupils to see the fire, hope to produce dew, Pingsheng purple electricity, no neutralization, golden pupil twins."

The first contact with the treasures of the treasure class is still the high-level treasure treasures. Lin Chen couldn't help but lament the many magical features of this purple golden pupil!

"I have completed the entry training, system, first absorb 1000 blood points for me."

[The system injects 1000 points of Zijin pupil blood into the host.

A dip of cool energy was instilled from Tianling Gai, shuttled through Lin Chen's whole body blood, he struck a spirit, and immediately gathered the strength of the blood vein according to the meridian route and operation formula recorded by Zi Jin Tong.

This infusion of blood energy is to allow Lin Chen to directly absorb the power of the blood, rather than exchange blood, and it is a principle to absorb the blood of Qinglong before. Otherwise, Lin Chen has two different blood veins and has already exploded and died.

After the blood veins of Zijin pupil merged into the whole body, energy began to condense in Lin Chen's double pupils, and his eyes were covered with a layer of lilac brilliance.