My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 290

Chapter 290: The Son Is Dispatched

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Chapter 290

Lin Chen jumped alone into the lake and fell from high altitude; he fell into the lake with a bang.

Leaping into the lake, two fist-sized spirit beads illuminate the eyes, shining with milky white light, like a round of sun and moon hanging in this dark and deep lake, beautiful and beautiful.

The smile of cats and mice was drawn between the corners of his mouth, Lin Chen deliberately went to touch his hands to touch the two night pearl-like spirit beads, and the whole lake swelled and twisted instantly!

Between the torrents, the two blood basin mouths were covered with countless **** barbs and sharp teeth, lashing towards Lin Chen! The speed is so fast that it simply cannot react in the lake!

"Tiangang fighting spirit!"

The golden fighting spirit transformed the energy and blood veins. Lin Chen circulated the golden light of Jin Gang fighting spirit. The moment when the two blood basins tried to bite him, it was like a tiger swallowing a black iron, and could not chew a trace!

"Ancient Qinglong!"

The moment the command was given to the ancient green dragon in his mind; Lin Chen burst out with a fist, more than 900 dragons were born like a mad dragon, and he penetrated one of the blood basins!

Bang ~!

The space is turbulent, and the ancient green dragon that has been lurking for a long time is out of the state of the blue dragon, and bites into the two black giants in the lake!

The entire lake suddenly rolled up huge waves, and it was turned upside down. The blood wave rendered the bottom of the lake; not long after, the ancient green dragon swallowed two Pearl Clams.

This fierce beast has a static brake and a strong shell defense. It is born with a pearl like a pearl as a bait. It is specifically used to lure food and creatures. It is a'assassin killer' lurking in the deep sea.

It's a pity that they met Lin Chen, a human being who is more terrible than monsters! There is no chance to retract into the shell.

[The host obtains 800 million points of qi and blood energy and 600 million points of qi and blood energy.]

When the system light screen pops up; the ancient green dragon swallowed the two pearl abyss clams into the body, and chewed the fierce beast core into the abdomen, and the dragon veins opened again!

"There are 10 dragon veins, the ancient Qinglong can break through 2000 dragon power!"

Lin Chen was so excited that in this abyss island, it was a paradise for him and the ancient Qinglong!

The figure swept away; one person and one dragon left the bottom of the lake, searching for the next target again!

Lin Chen deliberately engraved the ancient Qinglong with a mark similar to the fierce beasts participating in the auction, even if he was occasionally exposed to the magic eye stone, he did not have to worry at all!

Seven days later.

The seventh floor of the ancient tower; the fierce beast auction has begun to come to an end at this time, and many forces and denominations have purchased their favorite high-level fierce beasts.

At this time, within the hundreds of light screens, another scene attracted everyone's attention!

The body of the nearly blue dragon is like a sacred dragon with clouds and rain, Long Xiao moves the sky, and the two claws brutally cut through the void, tearing a fifth-level advanced peak and super powerful ancient dragon dragon into pieces!

"An overbearing ancient green dragon!"

"Huh? Isn't this the old man Xiao Xiao photographed? Why does it seem a little different!"

"The number is 511, not the one auctioned by Old Man Xiao!"

"Did Tianqi Shengzi surrender two ancient green dragons at the auction this time?"

"It's not easy! The ancient green dragon is not the hybrid of the dragon, but it is a true purebred dragon family, and its potential is definitely higher than most fierce beasts!"

"Grandma's one leg! There is such a good baby in the relationship; five fifth-order high-level medicines! Plus one thousand five spirit crystals and a blue-level low-level attack combat skill!"

At this time; there are many sectarian strong eyes, and they have already returned from full load.

And this bid is the level of horror!

"Damn, these lunatics can even take out the blue-level combat skills. The bottom of the first-class sect is horrible!"

Many strong men competed with blushing and thick necks.

The green dragon they saw was Lin Chen's ancient green dragon!

In order to hide his identity, Lin Chen specially let the ancient Qinglong suppress some of the strength, because none of the fierce beasts exiled in the Abyss Island except the several in the ancient tower are top five ranks.

Top of ancient tower

A few days ago, I sat safely in front of the top window of the tower and read a blue-level combat skill of Tianqi Shengzi. During the day, Qi opened his eyes slowly at this time, with indifferent and honorable, indifferent words in the eyes. .

"Something seems to be going wrong, what's going on, Elder Chi Ying, can Ben Shengzi surrender Qinglong this time?"

The beautiful woman in Yuanzun Realm behind him hesitated a little and shook her head; "Qi Jun Sheng Zi, Chi Ying never remembered that Sheng Zi means the sky. When the "Made of the Beast Master" method was implemented, there were many fierce beasts present. Never fully remembered."

"That's it. It's just an ancient green dragon. There are several excellent beasts like him in the seat of this son. It doesn't matter if you sell it."

In the daytime Qi Qi didn't care; instead, he focused on the blue-level combat skills in his hand, savoring the reading room, and the endless storm disillusioned in his eyes!

However; things seem far beyond everyone's expectations!

The eleventh day of the fierce beast auction!

The seventh floor of the ancient tower; many first-class forces and sectarians have all selected their favorite beasts, and the banquet is about to end.

"Huh? No, look, what is that?"

Two old men in black with fierce eyes suddenly snorted; old fingers pointed to a picture in the center of hundreds of light screens; two giant beasts encircled a green dragon and was bitten by the counterattack on the spot, torn into pieces!

"Isn't this the ancient green dragon that day ago?"

"My God! This seems to be the third head? What's the number!"

When everyone saw the number 424 engraved on the top of the ancient green dragon head, they were suddenly surprised and surprised!

"In the beginning it was 479, then 511, then 424? Are there really three ancient dragons?"

"479511424? What is this?"

"No! There is an anomaly! The three-headed ancient green dragon, and their strengths are completely similar, which is not realistic. Quickly pass the message to Tianqi Shengzi!"

Top of ancient tower

It was almost at the same time that the VIPs noticed the anomaly; Qi opened his eyes suddenly during the day, and the tremendous energy storm burst in his pupils! Like the end of the world, it will come to the world in an instant!

His eyes were fixed on the direction of the southern part of the island!

The aura of heaven and earth in the sky of the abyss suddenly became chaotic, and the wind surged!

"There are only some worms who don't know about life and death mixed into this son's auction, looking for death!"

The toes suddenly rolled up; during the day, Qi's figure moved like space, and the stars flickered, violently tearing the space, and quickly swept south!

Roar roar roar ~ ~!

The whole ancient pagoda began to falter, bursting into endless roars of beasts, and the fierce and natural disaster-like floods originated from the ancient and ancient times broke out in a flash!

Southern area; Lin Chen, who had just killed two fifth-order high-level beasts, suddenly stood upside down with cold hair, horrified, and a chill caught by the killing and doom throat suddenly hit!

"Found? It's the Son of Abyss Island!"