My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 291

Chapter 291: The Prestige Of The Son

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Chapter 291: The Prestige of the Son! !

Lin Chen, who is always ready to use Zijin Hitomi, reacted almost instantly! I have exposed whereabouts!

"In ten days, I have slaughtered more than 800 heads of fifth-order beasts, ha ha ha! Enough is enough, whether you are a son or a dog, brother Chen I will first glance!"

The ancient green dragon changed into a blue light dragon breath, suddenly included in the body.

Lin Chen's purple phoenix wings suddenly showed up, turned into the wind prison Pluto, stepped in the wind and stepped in prison, the sky crossed the layers of sound explosions, exploding the endless rolling waves!

Wind Prison Hades step superimposed purple phoenix wings! His speed, like a meteor across the sky!

South of the Abyss Island; Bai Ruoyan's expression slightly changed above the vast altitude of thousands of miles outside the island. She has sensed that the aura of Yuanzun in the Abyss Island has shown signs of movement and is extremely fast1

"What is this little guy doing, and how has the Son of Yuan Zunjing and Abyss Island been alarmed!"

Just thought of this; a shadow of the silver robe shuttled through the void, purple flames circulated, the blue wind was like a prison, suspended in the void, and Bai Ruoyan glanced at each other.

The two still had time to speak in the future, and the thunderous sonic boom followed, and Lin Chen and Bai Ruoyan were waiting for them! But his face was not as dignified and depressed as before!

The range here is beyond the space boundary of the Abyss Island, plus Bai Junhao and others have been rescued, the other party definitely has no means to threaten Lin Chen and Bai Ruoyan!

With the strength and details of the two, you can not only fight a battle but also escape, there will be no more pressure!

The two streamers are more than 10,000 meters apart. As soon as they go up and down like a sacred arrow, they show two figures!

The first to meet are the two Yuanzun Powerful!

"Your excellency, is it a strong man outside of Lingzhou? How dare you even dare to offend my Bai family, is it hard to live impatiently."

The Chiying beautiful woman stared at Bai Ruoyan, the indifferent way, and her hand clasped a scary sword like a cloud in the sky, the sword was strong and moving!

"Every Bai family can't deter me. The same is true of you, Yuan Zunjing's duality. For me, it's only a few dozen rounds."

Bai Ruoyan hit a white skirt, surplus hung in the air, swinging like a snow. That extraordinary temperament, the indifferent and beautiful eyes between the eyebrows flashed indifferently.

"Really, then how about it!"

Chi Ying knew that she was not Bai Ruoyan's opponent, flipped his palm, and the light of the Naling Ring flashed!

A cyan-like energy rising from the palm of the palm formed a figure, and gradually distorted into a human form, and finally turned into a fierce middle-aged man with a tiger-eye eagle eyebrow, a sword across the waist, like the king of the ancient times!

"Oh? Yuanfu avatar, this person must have left the original owner who arranged the space boundary of this abyss island."

Bai Ruoyan was a little surprised, and even she felt a difficult space boundary, which is logically not a duality of Yuanzun Realm!

"You're a little bit of eyesight. Elder Bai Yuan's Yuanfu avatar has the triple cultivation of Yuanzunjing. You are one to two. I see how you can protect this kid!"

Chi Ying's hand lifted, when the sword light was out of the sheath, it was dim and dark, and there was actually a taste of the glorious doomsday!

On the other side; Qi and Lin Chen stand opposite in the sky during the day.

"Why did the holy beast auction of this Holy Son appear to you like a humble mortal, with five levels of heaven and earth? What kind of **** did you dare to come out and jump? Could it be that an ancient Qinglong and a Yuanzun Realm Dare to look down upon my failure of the Bai family?"

During the day, Qi frowned, and her feminine face smirked slightly with contempt.

Lin Chen took out the white lupin, which was smaller than the slap, from his arms. The word "handsome" was engraved on it, and he laughed.

"Your Excellency is the so-called Holy Son, isn't it? It doesn't look too good, and I'm not as handsome as one in 10,000. I don't have a five-fold master in Tiangang to kill more than 800 on your island. The head beast, I dont know if your son can achieve half the efficiency of someone in Lin when he has five levels of heaven."

Talking about anger, no one can compare him to someone in Lin. In just a few words, it exposed the Qi Qingjin in the deep days of the city, and the eyes were split!

It's no wonder that when you flew over earlier, there are very few fierce beasts on Luton Island!

At first he didn't believe that an ancient Qinglong who had not reached the top five ranks could achieve this level; it was this kid who did it!

The most important thing is that Lin is not hungry, he is a fierce beast who has good potential and excellent qualifications. Most of them are fancy by many buyers, and the rest are generally the same goods in the same level. !

"I think you are looking for death! Dare to provoke Ben Shengzi, if you can leave alive today! I will write the name of Tianqi Shengzi upside down!"

During the day, Qi's shoulders were suddenly shaken, and the eyes glowed with immortal white light!

At this moment; above the vast sky, there is a long roar of Xun Tianhe!

Dark shadows cover the sky, four giant monsters appear across the void, Lin Chen's expression is rare and dignified!

Four behemoths were entrenched at the foot of Qi Qi in the daytime, and there was a great deal of shock in the wild. Each one was the strongest beast that ordered ten directions in ancient times!

The first blazing golden black flame spread its wings with wings, like a wing in the sky, nearly five hundred feet, burning a red flame in the whole body, like a black eagle, and four-tailed feathers dotted with star-like red fire !

The second head is for an ancient blue phoenix!

Its feathers are blue, the shape is like a goose, the height is one hundred feet, the wings are thousands of meters long, and the feathers are all set. Each feather sways different energy torrents of various elements. energy!

The third head is an extremely rare purple wing treading cloud beast in ancient times!

It looks like a cow, with a giant wing from behind, purple all over, and six horned horns on both sides of the head, which penetrates all directions!

On the last end, even the ancient green dragon in Lin Chen's body unconsciously sprang out and entered a state of alert!

A golden flame flows through the body. It looks like a sturdy horse, with limbs like oxhooves, front claws more like the claws of a black eagle, a unicorn head, a carp tail, and a coral horn. Gao Ruo 400 Zhangzhang, overlooking all living beings!

It's a Jin Yan ! I am afraid that its rank is close to the fifth rank peak!

During the day, Qi stands in the very center of the four fierce beasts, in charge of the holy disk, holding the heavenly staff, wearing a dragon robe, wearing a feather crown, waisted jade belt, and eyes like stars!

He is like the destiny of this heaven and earth, and his eyes are like a king who judges all destiny, arrogant to Lin Chen!

Lin Chen's heart sank, this is the most top and most powerful peer in the ancient family, the ancient Son!

Just a glance, a throw up, are enough to suppress the countless days!

The power of the Son! Dominate the Seven Domains and order the Eight Wastelands!

Nine days and ten places, no enemy!

An unprecedented sense of killing and oppression completely enveloped Lin Chen and his ancient green dragon!