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Chapter 292: The First Battle Of The Son

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Chapter 292 The First Battle of the Son!

The other side is as inferior as the battlefield between Lin Chen and the Son, in a more terrible battle!

I saw it; the silver light flashed, Bai Ruoyan's slender green jade fingers flicked, and a silver needle blasted into the void, aiming at the blade of the lightning-throwing sword!

The sword was aimed at the front, and the sky in front of the second woman shattered and scattered like a tofu block!

The space between the two sides is rapidly twisted and the ripples are messy and complicated! I can't see the terrible aftermath of the collision between the two!

Both sides are Yuanzun realm, the fighting spirit has become the Yuanfu of heaven and earth.

Between Yuanzun Realm, if the two parties intend to control it, the offensive will not even have the opportunity to pass the aftermath of the battle, completely smashing it into the chaotic void!

Both Chi Ying and Bai Ruoyan have people who do not want to hurt. That is Qi and Lin Chen during the day!

So the two of them have not completely let go of their hands to fight.

If not, within thousands of miles, the world will be reversed, and the yin and yang will be reversed! There will be no creatures!

call out! A glimpse of floating shadow flashed, Ling Rui's Jianguang hole pierced the void and pierced Bai Ruoyan's splendid body!

The afterimage disappeared, and Bai Ruoyan did not have a sword. Let the Yuanfu avatar with a sense of combat stunned for a while!

The light and weak jade hand appeared like a ghost, as if it was weak and weak, and it was imprinted on the back of Yuanfu's doppelganger; the erupted palm blasted it to the sea below, setting off a thousand waves of convulsions and turning into a vortex of sea waves!

Chi Ying took off with the sword and struck again. The fierce battle between the two sides changed rapidly in an instant!

One hundred miles away from the Three Yuanzun Realm;

Under the command of Qi Qi during the day, four ancient fierce beasts surrounded Lin Chen!

The blazing blaze of blazing red flames, like a tornado storm, will swallow Lin Chen!

Jin Yan even swallowed a golden light, suddenly blasted into the fiery storm!

Two very different forces, about to collide together, turned into a miraculous fusion with a fiery storm, and instantly turned into three meteorites. The golden light blasted Lin Chen and the ancient green dragon!

Lin Chen's pupils shrink!

There is such a play?

The energies of the two ancient fierce beasts are very different, and mixing them together is very likely to cause a devastating explosion, but even during the day Qi Qi can perfectly integrate them and maximize their power!

The name of the Son is indeed well-deserved!

"Xiu Luo Jiuhuang Change Tianshui Change!"

Immediately completed the first rebuild of the Luo Jiuhuang change, Lin Chen urged the recharged rune, the palm of the wheel turned the dark energy roulette, and the ancient green dragon spit out two blue light dragon breaths, turning into a blade-like cutting away !

boom! boom! boom!

Thunderous roars and vibrations erupted throughout Lin Chen's body, like the constant thunder of the sky!

Every pore in his body was glowing with the dragon spirit that broke the mountains, rivers and rivers, bursting out like a thousand dragons and dancing, and the momentum was shocking, like the sun and the moon!

The sea of celestial monsters underneath the feet continued to raise raging waves, even if it was 30,000 meters high from the sea surface, the dragon's air still shocked the sea surface and rolled up thousands of waves!

After nearly 11 days of crazy killing and slaughtering of beasts, Lin Chen has obtained a large amount of Qi and blood attribute light balls, and his Qi and Blood energy attribute value has exceeded 130 billion points!

On pure power, there are already 1,400 dragon powers!

"Dark bite!"

Everything is only in the blink of an eye; Lin Chen transported 1400 dragon power, and raised the dark roulette in the palm of his hand to shoot it!

boom! boom! Sigh~!

The moment the dragon's blade cut off the golden light, it exploded with the aftermath of destruction!

The moment when the destruction energy spilled out, it was pushed out by Lin Chens dark bite roulette with pure power, and the energy of the explosion was swallowed up. The aftermath never hurt him and the ancient green dragon!

Almost at the same time, the offensive launched at the northwest direction of the Purple Wings stepping on the cloud, the beast hoof stepping on the auspicious cloud, thundering into the void, and sprinting from the heights to meet!

The ancient blue phoenix behind it screamed, and its wings fluttered; three huge currents of ice, fire, and wind swept across the sky!

Among them, the energy of the wind system and the fire system are merged, blessing the body of the purple wing tread cloud beast, making its collision more lethal and destructive!

"Thunder penalty!"

In the electro-optical flint, Lin Chen completed the second revision of Luo Huang's change when he took the shot; his cultivation practice was twice, from the mid-fifth mid-level of Tiangang Realm to the early six-level, and then to the sixth peak.

"Charged Rune Bingtian Finger!"

At the moment when the fighting spirit transformed into a special bloodline, Lin Chen flashed the ice sky finger like lightning!

Within hundreds of miles, the cold came suddenly! Binghua turns between the sky!

Bingxing Hanmang condenses through the sky, cuts through the sky, freezes the void with one finger, and freezes the movement of the Purple Wings Stepping Cloud Beast extremely slowly!

The ancient green dragon head facing the Son didn't return, and his mind seemed to become one with Lin Chen, the dragon tail was curled up, and a blue dragon swinging tail was remade!

The dragon's pure power of more than 3,000 dragon powers erupted, and the tail cloud beast was swept to the sea under the tens of thousands of feet, and the sea vortex and huge waves were shocked!

"This kid's Qinglong is hidden so deep, not the fifth-level senior peak, but the fifth-level top!"

During the day, Qi eyes suddenly squinted; the power of the ancient dragon tail flapping of the ancient Qinglong was close to 3100 Dragon Power!

"There is a big secret in this kid! His body can actually release the ancient green dragon. This blue dragon and he are originally homologous, can be fused into his body, and can be summoned to fight at any time. If the holy son can also get this secret method , The first son of this ancient family is not far from me!"

The endless greed flashed in his eyes, and during the day, Qi only realized Lin Chen's importance to him in a brief confrontation. He has now stared at Lin Chen completely!

During the day, Qi was born in the Bai family, and received the baptism of the Holy Son several times.

His mental skills and special abilities hidden in the bloodline allow him to establish bizarre contact and communication with fierce beasts, and can tame a certain number of fierce beasts.

His army of fierce beasts, at the level of the ancient family in Lingzhou, has made many strong men of the same generation frightened!

If he can do like Lin Chen and the ancient Qinglong, and incorporate the beast body into his body, then he himself is the whole beast army!

"Xiu Luo Jiuhuang Change Abyss Change!"

Lin Chen made the third and ninth huanghuang changes, and the cultivation was promoted like a broken bamboo to the mid-seventh stage of Tiangang Realm before slowly stopping!

During the day Qi Qi proudly stood between the four ancient beasts, Lin Chen and the ancient green dragon stood in the sky, fighting for the sky!

The two sides couldn't make a move, and the momentum just condensed has deterred Qiankun, disturbing the entire sea area outside the abyss and changing the colors, turning the stars!

Abyss Island; Thousands of miles outside the ancient tower.

Numerous first-class power leaders and sectarian strongmen from Lingzhou, and even the Baijia strongmen guarding the Abyss Island, the number is up to a thousand!

When they walked into the air and looked at the changing sea in the distance; they all shuddered with horror and cold hair!

In the end, what kind of young man ate the bear heart, leopard gall, and dared to show his teeth to the immortal Baijia Shengzi during the day?