My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 293

Chapter 293: Lin Chen Vs Daytime Qi

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Chapter 293, Lin Chen VS Daytime Qi!

Huang Xiao thunders; between the distortions of space, light and shadow are interlaced, and the phantom that covers the sky is constantly changing!

The five ancient behemoths fluttered in the air, and there were two young figures mixed between them. Between the battles between the battles, the world was turbulent, the void collapsed, and they were the main battlefield of chaos and fighting within a thousand miles!

I dont know how many rounds of the battle, and the battle cant be stopped for a long time. The ancient blue phoenix and the blazing golden dragon first opened the distance!

After the previous scuffles, Lin Chen had initially found out the details of the Qi four-headed beast during the day.

In addition to the Jin Yan Comparable Tiangang Realm Jiuzhong mid-term, the rest are just advanced to the top of the fifth tier, at most match the early stage of the nine.

However, under the control and collocation of Qi in the daytime, they have exerted more than double their strength. The seamless combination between the collocations and the energy-mixed attack are the pinnacle!

But for Lin Chen, who often fights with ancient Qinglong in cooperation, this is not a dead end!

Jin Wu crowed, the flames gathered, and turned into a ball of flame with turbulent energy.

Jin Yan's beasts breathed out, the golden light flicked, and suddenly turned into a glowing Yan ball that was distorted in the space, showing a golden color, each one was ten feet in size!

"A wild dog in every area can be undefeated for 200 rounds against Ben Shengzi. It is enough to be proud. Let's die! In the hands of Ben Shengzi, there are ways to let you hand over the secret method of Nazang Qinglong!"

Tianqi Shengzi slightly waved his scepter, and hundreds of Yan **** emptied and flew between them; the momentum was huge, forming a series of meteor showers, and fell towards the larger ancient green dragon!

"Hahaha! Who wouldn't talk big words! I will wait until you win, Muggle Son!"

Along with the young people's pride, there was a series of sonic booms!

brush! brush! brush! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Hundreds of purple flames and blue winds vanished in a flash, and numerous afterimages belonging to Lin Chen waved their gun bodies, flashing out around the ancient green dragon!

As each afterimage emerges, there will be more than one blazing Yan ball picked up or crushed by Lin Chen's spear!

Lin Chens lightning-like cover made the ancient green dragon free space and opportunity. Dragon claws pushed out wildly, crushing mountains and rivers, shattering the void, and tearing away the weakest defensive ancient blue phoenix and blazing golden black. go with!

During the day, Qi brows frowned slightly, the palm of the Holy Jade roulette was spinning at a rapid speed, the phoenix tail swayed, and the golden Wu Xiaoming; spit out a torrent of energy interweaving ice and fire!

Jin Yan's Beast and Treaded Cloud Beast alternately cover and rush to the ancient green dragon from the left and right sides!

"Magic Thunder, Thunder, and Eight Wastelands!"

The gunpoint ring dance stabbed, a hundreds of feet of electric dragon was born, shattered and shook in front of the two behemoths!

Lin Chen, who was already preparing for the second hand, pushed in the air in the palm of his hand!

"Corrupted Rune Light Fury!"

The energy ball of the light system surrounds the pure and immaculate destruction of the fighting, and bursts from the palm of the hand, and the lightning rushes to the energy torrent that the ancient blue phoenix and the blazing golden wuwu teamed up!

Although this move did not completely repel the attacks of the Blue Phoenix and Jinwu, it made Tianqi Shengzi's eyes suddenly condense; his voice of doubt was mixed with consternation.

"How can there be such a weird combat skill, the energy of the Blue Phoenix and Jin Wu have been weakened by a large part, what combat skill is this?"

At the moment when the offensive of the two great beasts of the Blue Phoenix and Jinwu was weakened, the dragon claws of the ancient green dragon tore their torrents of energy and captured their bodies in the air!

Between the force of the ancient green dragon's dragon claws, the feathers of the blue phoenix and Jinwu were torn apart, penetrating into the flesh and blood, and letting them cry on the spot!

As the dragon's claws gradually tear their flesh and blood, a large number of colorful and colorful light **** roll from the wounds of Blue Phoenix and Jinwu, dazzling!

A large number of attribute light **** are blue, white, blue, red, yellow and so on. The colors are different, colorful and colorful, suspended in the void, like a picture of a fairyland!

The ancient blue phoenix is different from other fierce beasts, it has more attribute energy in its body than most fierce beasts!

"not good!"

During the day, Qi secretly screamed badly. I didn't expect Lin Chen's hand at all. I immediately used my mind to control the Tayun Beast and Jin Yan Sao Beast to support the Blue Phoenix Jinwu!

"Slow rune!"

[The host consumes 7 million runic energy.

The palm pushed the virtual space horizontally; a gray-white rung descended from the sky, calming the movement of the two behemoths on the spot, the movement became extremely slow!

Lin Chen volleyed a kick, 1400 Dragon Power broke out!

At the same time, between the two hands and the gun, the gun was like a round turn, smashing the two big guys into the sea!

"Brother Chen, I saved 75 million rune energy, and it was you guys!"

Lin Chen's toes tap lightly, the purple phoenix wings flap, and the incarnation remains!

With Lin Chens pure power, he can only play against the mid-eighth stage of Tiangang Realm. Although it cant cause substantial damage to them, its no problem to fly them!

Qi was dumbfounded during the day; what technique was this?

There is no fluctuation of the fighting spirit, no space blockade, and no treasures are used, so that the two fifth-order top fierce beasts are so out of thin air?

The afterimage shuddered a few times in the void, although the distance was more than two hundred miles away, but Lin Chens speed even thrilled him even during the day!

"Damn mortal, want to sneak attack on this son?"

As soon as the palm roulette turns, the place of Qi disappears during the day, and the tip of a spear that traverses the void has just pierced a void!

Lin Chen showed up and waited.

Seeing him in a space beyond a hundred miles, Lin Chen was not in a hurry to chase. His waist was straight like a war gun. He held the black abyss and walked in the air, blocking the daylight.

The first task now is to destroy the fiery sky and the ancient blue phoenix!

At this time; the 315 dragon veins of the ancient green dragon's body roared to swallow the dragon's qi; the dragon body twisted and twisted the blue phoenix and the golden black disk together!

Its four dragon claws and dragon mouth cooperate, constantly biting, strangling, and swallowing their qi and blood energy step by step!

In just ten days; Lin Chen let the ancient green dragon devour more than 800 heads of fifth-level intermediate and advanced fierce beasts, and the pure power reached 3150 dragon power, nearly doubling!

In terms of combat power, today's ancient Qinglong is not inferior to the later stage of the Tiangang Realm!

Now the ancient Qinglong, devouring the fierce beasts below the top five ranks, has little benefit.

If single heading, the ancient green dragon can single any one of the four fierce beasts, but if the group battle is played, the ancient green dragon cannot resist the fierce attack of the four fierce beasts.

[The host gains 1 billion qi and blood energy, 500 million qi and blood energy, and 1.5 billion qi essence,]

[The host gains 1.5 million points of water energy and 2 million points of gold energy.]

Innumerable attribute light **** are integrated into the body of the ancient Qinglong, and give back to Lin Chen. The attribute value has ushered in a wave of skyrocketing!

During the day, Qi suddenly stared at the ancient green dragon, and its dragon veins opened wildly; the pure power was like a broken bamboo and entered the 3300 dragon power, and the expression slightly changed for the first time!

"What a joke! His blue dragon is actually swallowing my blue phoenix and Jinwu's blood, forcibly robbing energy. This is a cultivation method like the demon dragon. Is this blue dragon a demon dragon with a **** head variation?"