My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 294

Chapter 294: What The Is This Son

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Chapter 294

"Where is this young man sacred? Why do I not have such a number one person in my impression, and there is a powerful ancient green dragon in my body."

A middle-aged man in a red robe standing at the height of Abyss Island frowned; he could not think of the answer for a long time.

"I don't know; in Lingzhou, only the sons or daughters of the same ancient family can contend with the sons!"

The three charming and charming women shook their heads, revealing incredible shock.

"Except for the Tianxian Academy's Zixun Tianjiao that can compete with it, any young Tianjiao cultivated by any first-class force can hardly be compared with the Son."

Many leaders of the first-class forces were worried and thinking.

In fact, they are not unheard of Lin Chen's name. On the contrary, some of the strong men present have heard of Lin Chen's deeds.

But they can't think of Lin Chen at all. Combined with Lin Chen's previous deeds, although his qualifications and potential are extremely powerful, he has not yet reached the top level of the Son of God!

A few months ago, I was just a teenager who was dealing with Tiangang Realm under five. How could I now confront the Son now?

Outside the Abyss Island; high above sea.

During the day, Qi stood up in the air, burning with anger, his palm clenched tightly to the sky stick in his hand; his face suddenly turned to iron blue!

He is a son, and his wisdom and heart are far beyond mortal. When Lin Chens ancient green dragon swallowed the energy of the blue phoenix and Jinwu quickly, he understood the causes and consequences during the day!

This kid came to him to hunt fierce beasts on Abyss Island!

Feelings during the day, he sent the strong of the Bai family to the large wasteland to catch a large number of beasts. The many beasts he surrendered to were mobilized to the Abyss Island and auctioned to many forces to cast a net for their Bai familys plan. Everything!

All the **** made this boy a wedding dress!

"Today, you will definitely die!"

In the daytime, the eyes of Qi Qi were red, and they roared for the first time. The figure shuddered suddenly, and the figure jumped into space.

"Who is still dead?"

Lin Chen's eyes were full of fierce light. The ancient Qinglong had completely controlled the Blue Phoenix and Jinwu. It was only a matter of time before the two big guys were strangled. As long as he was responsible for handling the daytime unicorn!

"Sacrifice to Death!"

The sky stick shook and pointed directly at Lin Chen, bursting out the three beams of black light beams of death energy flowing across the sky, and the momentum of Ling Tian broke Jiu Xiao!

"Bing Tianzhi!"

The rune energy dropped by a million points; Lin Chen pointed it out at the time when the pillar of ice was darkened; when he lifted the black abyss gun in his hand, he shot it out of the gun!

"Magic Thunderbolt! Corrupt Rune!"

Thunderlight gun shadow blooms in the sky, madly pierces three dark columns of light, and the guns are mixed with the pure power of smashing the mountains and rivers, and they can bombard the chest of Qi Qi during the day!


During the day, Qi was continuously repelled by the gun, the figure retreated a dozen steps in the void, and his face was pale!

Suddenly, his expression changed! I found that I had the same symptoms as the Jinwu Lanhuang. The fighting spirit in my body was eroded by an inexplicable force, and my fighting strength was ten!

Lin Chen was fierce and didn't give Qi Qi a breath during the day. Heiyuan Gun, like a fierce beast turned into a violent wind and rain, raged!

When the marksmanship is dancing, the guns blasted the sky, even smashing and sweeping, forcing the Qiqi step back in the day!

The two are like two streamers that intertwined and collide with each other, hitting the sea from a high altitude, and then fighting from the sea to the surrounding islands.

Every collision of fighting spirit shakes the void of hundreds of miles!

The Black Abyssal gun was swung left and right, the fierce shot was like a dragon bite, the swing of the gun tip just escaped, and the tail of the gun was picked up like a rising dragon, and it hit the chin of Qi Qi fiercely!


The air wave exploded, and the power of terror burst through the body of Qi during the day, even his teeth were broken.

The water-blue light flashed by and protected Qi's chin and whole body during the day, and then was flung to the abandoned island by Lin Chen's extra power, in a state of embarrassment!

If it were not for the protection of treasures, with Lin Chens power, this gun was enough to blow his head into scum!

Although the practice of Qi in the daytime is the early stage of the ninth layer of Tiangang Realm, the fighting style is only suitable for controlling the battle of fierce beasts.

He faced Lin Chen, a fierce man trained in countless battles. If he only talked about the experience of melee combat, ten daylight can't compare to Lin Chen!

During the day, he succumbed to spitting blood!

On this trip to the Abyss Island, his strongest beast was not brought at all. Instead, he was placed in the Bai family to practice and retreat, and he only brought the blue phoenix and golden wu, as well as the Tayun Beast and Jin Yan Sao You.

His original intention was to use the remaining fierce beasts after the auction; the four fierce beasts used to train him, so he took the Abyss Island this time and did not bring his own sixth-order beasts out!

"Damn, if the Dragon Fire Unicorn is here, this kind of garbage can blow to death with a breath of dragon!"

The daytime in the past is even fearful of Qi Yuanyuan's realm; but this time, Lin Chen was beaten by only a defensive environment, and he was holding his breath! What a shame!

Lin Chen wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

During the day, Qi Chen was the foundation of the Holy Son. With all his efforts to resist, Lin Chen could not get much benefit.

Even, if it werent for True Water Return to Yuan Yuan, Lin Chen is now a seriously injured body!

The Sons who are not good at melee combat are so strong, how strong are those who are good at head-on fighting!

Just before Qi Qi flew out during the day, he dropped several blue and white attribute light **** on his body.

Lin Chen grabbed it, the attribute light sphere merged into his body, and the light screen of the system suddenly popped up.

[The host obtains 3 million points of water energy, 5 million points of gold energy, 300,000 points of mental power, 10 billion points of essence of war, 18 billion points of essence of war, 13 billion points of essence of war,]


Lin Chen's Nine-Colored Warrior turns faster, and his real cultivation is once again breakthrough!

His true practice, officially entered the fifth stage of Tiangang Realm!

At this time when Luo Jiuhuang's change was underway, Lin Chen's cultivation practice was to climb to the later stage of the Seventh Layer!

This leaping Lin Chen licked his lips, and his bare feet shone with bare feet, not afraid of the fierceness and fanaticism of wearing shoes!

"The Son is really the Son! His uncle, casually wounding the attribute light ball dropped a few times let me break through a small realm and get tens of billions of points of fighting spirit! This attribute value is better than me. At that time, there were even more evil sect strongmen who destroyed the Blood Gate!"

At this moment, someone Lin's eyes bloomed, looking at Qi Qi's eyes in the daytime, he couldn't help swallowing his saliva, just like a million-year-old poor man saw the cash cow! That look, even Qi Qi hairy in the heart!

Where is this holy son!

For someone in Lin, this **** is simply a walking light warehouse!