My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 295

Chapter 295: It's So Fun To Beat The Son

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Chapter 295

The heads of forces and sectarian powerhouses on the Abyss Island, no one dared to leave the Abyss Island easily to help during the day.

The reason is very simple; the Son has his own pride and dignity. If it is easily aided, it is equivalent to proving that the Son is not as good as the silver-robed boy. This kind of practice is equivalent to humiliation in the eyes of the Son!

Failure to do so will lead to scourge of murder! This situation is the most important thing.

On an island that is tens of thousands of miles away, Bai Junhao, Su Lan and others looked far away from the direction.

With their cultivation practice, the direction of the Abyss Island has been able to be vaguely sensed and the sky has been completely overturned!

The rescued people were supposed to leave in accordance with Bai Ruoyan's instructions; but they still could not rest assured Lin Chen, lurking on an island and closely watching the situation of the Abyss Island.

"It's still fighting! I don't know if I can deal with Tianqi Shengzi!"

Bai Junhao took a deep breath and said nervously.

"Big Brother is strong, but the gap in training time between the two sides is really too big, this is an irreversible fatal gap!"

Gu Chenfeng, with his broken arm, sighed deeply, his expression inevitably worried.

Su Lan and Sister Su Lan held tightly to each other's palms, and Qian Yan's eyes were firm and firm, waiting quietly for the final result.

the other side;

"Tiger Howling Dragon Seal!"

"Bing Tianzhi!"

The dragon seal is like the overcast town seal, under the head of the town, when the wind is turbulent; the ice star finger penetrates the void and freezes everything!

The icy cold splattered between the sea surface, and suddenly formed a lot of ice!

Qi was shocked and angry during the day, and the sky staff slammed into the void; I saw a huge golden Buddha phantom appearing behind him!

"The Holy Hand of Ten Thousand Buddhas!"

The celestial disc turned, and the killer suddenly aimed at Lin Chen. Thousands of golden light palmprints struck like a violent wind and a shower. The blue thunder across the sky turned into a gun shadow that moved from star to battle, colliding with the endless golden light palmprints!

boom! boom! boom!

The earth-shattering aftermath of energy exploded one after another at the distance between Lin Chen and Qi Qi!

Jinguang palmprint gradually suppresses the blue thunder gun shadow, pressing step by step, as if to crush Lin Chen and the sea area of the demon!

Although Lin Chens Magic Thousand Thunder is strong, it is clear that Qis combat skills during the day are even better!

"Look at this Holy Son crushing you waste!"

During the day, Qiyuruo's face appeared grievous and murderous, the scepter shook, and the golden Buddha's palm offensive behind him surged again!

Just as Qi Chen's offensive was about to crush Lin Chen during the day, Lin Chen's cold drink suddenly rang throughout the audience!

"Slow rune!"

[The host activates level 3 slow runes, consuming 6 million rune energy.

The gray-white rung passed through the golden offensive of his golden buddha and fell from the sky, and Qi suddenly showed a panic during the day!

This was the weird move against Tayun Beast and Jin Yan Sao You!


The gray-white fulu burst and opened right beside Qi during the day, and his fighting speed suddenly slowed down more than three times!

"My fighting spirit and my whole body have become very slow! What the **** is this, why is this Holy Son unheard of!"

During the day, Qi's golden Buddha's palm offensive suddenly seemed like a deflated balloon, and it slowed down at the most critical time!

Even if he operated his blue-level advanced Wanyu Lingjue during the day, he couldnt break the **** of this energy in his body!

"Oh? Worthy of being a Son, my slow rune effect actually only blocked his actions and the speed of combat operation by about one-third. What a domineering mind!"

Lin Chen was a little dignified, and the gunshot in his hand suddenly punctured a world-extinguishing thunder dragon.

When Qi was about to be unskilled during the day, the slow rune that suppressed the Purple Winged Treaded Cloud Beast was gradually lifted. During the day, Qi found that he could control his two fierce beasts again!

"Take the Cloud Beast! Come back!"

The look changed; during the day Qi immediately controlled two fierce beasts! The surface of the sea began to choppy and shattered the frozen ice!

The two ancient fierce beasts that have been hit into the sea are about to be born again!

I dont know; there are two more **** corpses in the sea at this time, and the ancient green dragon is tumbling like an angry dragon, rushing into the sea of the sky monster!


The huge waves swelled in the sea, and the Purple Winged Treaded Cloud Beast and Jin Yan Sao You were fighting with the ancient green dragon in the sea!

After the ancient green dragon swallowed the blue phoenix and the fiery sky, the pure power has reached 3600 dragon power! It is not a problem to lose the fifth-order top fierce beast controlled by Day Qi on both ends alone!

"Also want to control the fierce beast, go home and play pippi shrimp honestly!"

Stepping on the Nine Prison Pluto steps, the purple phoenix wings flip like extreme sky, Lin Chen rushed to the front of the day Qi, and the pure power of nearly 1500 Dragon Power waved the Black Abyss gun like lightning and smashed it away!

During the day, Qi's expression finally showed a bit of fear!

Unable to control the fierce beast, the fighting strength was suppressed, and Lin Chen was attacked in close combat, even if he was in danger!

"Wan Yuexuan Town A!"

During the day, Qi Qi forced to use his life-saving skills; defense armor formed by the energy of the earth system.

At the moment when the armor surface was protected by the daytime and the armor was formed, Lin Chen's spear blasted on it!

boom! boom! boom!

Lin Chen's fierce assault along the way, the dragon force exploded, each shot was more than 1500 dragon force! In a blink of an eye, he attacked hundreds of guns, and slammed all the way through the day!

Splendid golden light radiated from both arms, Lin Chen's special bloodline transformation, and golden light's sharp spears smashed around Qi Qi's body like a flurry of dances, cracking his defensive combat skills again and again!

Qi was shocking during the day. His'Wanyue Xuanzhenjia' was a blue-level advanced defensive defensive skill, which was displayed by himself. Even the Yuanzun realm's attack could be slightly blocked by ten; even under the fierce attack of this kid There is a crack!

The sectarian powerful who walked thousands of feet high in the abyss island, many heads of power were shocked!

"The Son was suppressed by the front!"

"It's terrible, beating the Son! What is the origin of this young man, Ben Zong doesn't remember the number one in Lingzhou!"

All the way to the thunder and lightning, Jin Chen interpreted the marksmanship and pure power to the extreme!

In the 350th shot, Wan Yuexuans defense began to be broken, Lin Chen smashed it with a shot, and three white light **** suddenly appeared!

[The host received 12 billion points of essence of war, 7 million points of merit, 15 billion points of essence of war,]

Lin Chen's imposing Rumor King came between the arms of the Golden Blood Vessels; another ten shots blasted away. During the day, Qi attributed five attributed light **** and a turquoise chest to the chest wound!

Lin Chen picked up the attributed light ball in the void, and even played fiercely!

[The host gains 4 million points of earth energy, 7 billion points of qi and blood energy, 250,000 points of mental power,]

[The host opens the green gold treasure chest; obtains the blue rank advanced defensive combat skill "Wan Yuexuan Town Armor".

Blue Level Advanced?

Seeing this level of combat skills and stats along the way. Lin Chen couldn't restrain the ecstasy in his heart, and couldn't help but laugh from the sky!

"Hahaha! Cool! It's cool! It's so **** good to beat the Son!"

Hearing Lin Chen's bohemian laughter, all the heads of power and sectarians who watched the battle couldn't help but numb their scalp and aired!