My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 296

Chapter 296: Phantom Rune Fragment

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Chapter 296: Phantom Rune Fragment!

It's so **** fun to beat the Son? Is this still human language?

[Congratulations to the host's advancement to the sixth level of Tiangang Realm.

Lin Chen, who attacked hundreds of guns during the day, obtained countless attribute light balls. Finally, in the seventh wave of attribute light **** dropped by Qi during the day, his cultivation formally entered the sixth level of Tiangang Realm!

In the state of the show of the Xiuluo Jiuhuang change, his cultivation practice is to enter the eighth level of the Tiangang Realm! Make his attack more fierce!

Even if the Qi at the end of the road broke through the shackles of the slow rune, he was no longer Lin Chen's opponent when he was seriously injured!

With the realm of Tiangang Realm, with the pure power battle and the mystery of "Nine Tribulation of Creation", Lin Chen no longer needs to rely on the slow runes to confront him!

The gun turned down and rolled down like a moon wheel, flapping on the heavenly spirit of Qi Qi!

The latter was cold and sweaty, with a slight flash in one shot, and was hit by the gunpoint on the left shoulder, completely breaking his Wanyue Xuanzhenjia into nothingness! Even people slammed into the seabed!

At the moment when Qi's left shoulder shattered during the day; three attribute light **** and a golden light rolled out into the sky!

[Congratulations to the host for triggering a special reward mechanism in the system and rewarding one blue gold treasure chest.

Lin Chen, who wanted to chase after the victory, couldn't help being attracted by the blue and golden light!

The blue-golden treasure chest was the first time he saw him!

Lin Chen's fingertips touched the blue-golden treasure chest with the attribute light spheres that took away the rune energy.

As the treasure chest opened; a black chrysanthemum fragment the size of a thumb was incorporated into Lin Chen's eyebrow and displayed on his system.

[The host opens the Blue Gold Treasure Chest and obtains: Phantom Rune Fragment (1/3).

"Phantom Rune Fragment? What is this rune?"

Seeing the word of characteristic rune, Lin Chen suddenly shined!

Characteristic runes will always be your most powerful hole card, is it that you are about to usher in the fourth characteristic rune?

[The system answers the host, and the phantom rune information is initially included. The host needs to collect 3 rune fragments to synthesize a complete phantom rune.

[Phantom Rune: The power of the copy host can be copied, and a phantom dome equivalent to the host is exhibited. The Phantom Doppelganger can perform the same attack as the host and is compatible with the host's "Charged Rune" effect. The Doppelganger will disappear after taking some damage or running out of rune energy.

The system's annotations made Lin Chen's eyes wide, and his mouth was almost open to put an egg!

This characteristic rune is so strong!

Isn't this equivalent to using this rune in battle, you can create another Lin Chen with the same level of strength as him! Outsmart opponents?

Most importantly, it is also compatible with Charging Runes! The attack doubled on the original basis!

Just from the literal description, Lin Chen has already felt it; whether it is for heads-up or group battles, this'Phantom Rune' is definitely the trump card of the trump card!

Suddenly, Lin Chen saw the word "(1/3)" in the system, and couldn't help but yell!

"Grass! This is the first shard, what a pit father system, and I need to collect two other shards before I can use the real phantom rune!"

Before Lin Chen had finished scolding, the sky and the clouds suddenly changed, and the space in a thousand miles suddenly shuddered, the space solidified, and an unprecedented space blockade was launched!

Bai Ruoyan, who is fighting with Chi Ying, his expression suddenly changed slightly, and Bi Eye turned his dignified expression!

"Oops, the Yuan Zunjing strong man of the Bai family has arrived!"

The silver needle flickered, pierced through the void, and penetrated a shocking space crack, piercing the legs of the Yuanfu clone.

Pointing at the tiptoe, Bai Ruoyan flew to Lin Chen's direction like a dancing elf!


Chixia sword light is like Changhong breaking the sun, cutting off the waist, splitting a red cloud that cut off the sky! Bai Ruoyan was forced to step back a dozen steps, flashing to the void on the other side, his expression dignified.

"Even if I fight this life, I won't let you interfere. The elder of my Bai family is here, and the kid will die!"

Chi Ying still had blood on the corners of her mouth. Between the looks and smiles, she kept pulling the sword in her hand, almost blocking Bai Ruoyan with a desperate attitude!


In the void; turning a vortex of space, the moment the old palm touched the vortex of space, two figures slowly appeared in the air!

The two old men, dressed in black and white robes, slowly walked out of the vortex of space, hands clasped their chests, overlooking Lin Chen indifferently, indifferently.

"For many years, I have not seen a young man who dared to strike my Bai family. No matter what your origin is today, it must be a prisoner of my Bai family!"

The voice just fell, the space kept shaking, and the water level of the sea continued to shake and shake!

The many sectarian strongmen on the Abyss Island can't help but be full of envy, the ancient family is the ancient family in the end.

Yuan Zunjing's powerful is two at the outset. Except for forces at the same level, no first-class forces can compare with them!

Put in the first-class forces, the powerful of Yuanzun Realm is already the existence of the sword, and the whole sect may be reached by several elders.

There are also a lot of strong people jokingly looking at Lin Chen's direction. This is the end when they don't have the strength to jump around and dare to provoke the Son. This Lingzhou can still be the world of the ancient family!

At this time; the ancient Qinglong came out of the sea and returned to Lin Chen's side!

Lin Chen was waiting for him and put his attention into the system wholeheartedly.

His 58 million rune energy keeps flashing light at any time, as long as the other party shot, he will directly hit the slow rune with 58 million rune energy!

Despite being in desperate circumstances, Lin Chen found that he was surprisingly not in a state of panic, because his purple gold pupil'out of nothing' realm did not see his own'dead luck'.

In the past, in the face of more dangerous areas and opponents, Lin Chen could see his "dead luck" and "kill luck", thus distinguishing the danger of action and combat.

But the emergence of these two Yuanzun realms, although surrounded by endless killing luck, did not see death luck, that is to say, someone in Lins life should not be killed!

Click! Click!

When Lin Chen saw the mystery, the blockade of the solidified empty space was shattered in an instant, and the old man's hidden thunder and cold drink spread across the sky!

"The people of the Bai family are good and overbearing. The people of my Tiange Academy can you become a prisoner of the order in one sentence?"

The black-and-white old man eyed the strange mane, snorted coldly, his palm like an eagle claw protruded out of the void and grabbed Lin Chen, between the space distortion, he wanted to block his retreat!

These two black and white elders are trying to capture Lin Chen!

"Doo!" The split wind was roaring, and the **** were tearing the void, and the two intercepted the attack of the two!

Lin Chen's side, I don't know when to suspend the three silhouettes!

The white-haired little Lori Su in the head was akimbo.

"Huh! Dare to take action in front of my aunt and grandmother, this kid is covered by me, I think any of you dare to move him!"

Someone Lin stared at Xiao Loli's back, her mouth slightly opened...