My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 297

Chapter 297: Leng Jialairen

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Chapter 297

"Tiange Academy..."

The old man in black and white had a gloomy face, but he couldn't think of Tiange Academy behind him!


A huge wave rises on the sea, and Qi rises from the sea during the day, eyes blazing with resentment and killing intent on Lin Chen.

Seeing that Qi was in a state of embarrassment and blood stains during the day, the white loli and the other two old men looked at Lin Chen in amazement.

This kid; actually forced a generation of sons to this point!

"Can people in Tiange Academy interfere in my Bai family's affairs at will, and hurt my son in the Bai family?"

The elders in the black robes of the Bai family were so angry, their eyes were cold and calm, and they stepped out in one step.

The power of the Bai family is so powerful, and the strong are like clouds. Today's things happen in front of many sectarians in Lingzhou. It is about the dignity of their Bai family. If they cannot get a reasonable explanation and result, even the Tiange Academy will not. Fear it!


The two streamers were drawn apart, and the camps of the two sides were separated. Bai Ruoyan and Chi Ying.

"Arbitrary interference? My Tiange Academy students are not so arrogant and unreasonable to make trouble, Lin Chen, you talk about the causes and consequences."

Elder White Eyebrow Elder of Tiange Academy, who had a pathetic bone, smiled and smiled; Lin Chen nodded, straightened his waist, and stood up straighteningly.

"Your Baijia Shengzi held the fierce beast auction and took away the students from my Tiange Academy. I just broke into the Abyss Island to save my partner. What's wrong? Instead, you Baijia Shengzi are right If I shoot, will I still have to wait and kill?"

The two elders were taken aback; the students of Tiange Academy were taken away?

There are so many students in Tiange Academy. If there are countless deaths in the outside world, it is worth the old guys to go out!

"Little guys, come here."

Elder Bai Mei raised his hand; Bai Junhao and others rose from the sea.

"Now the witness and physical evidence are in place. If you Bai family want to find something, I will not be afraid of things at Tiange Academy."

Lori in white grinned, and her delicate jade rubbed her hands, and her eyes were filled with strong fighting intent!

Feeling the terrifying breath inside the little girl, the two elders looked together; they knew that today Tiange Academy intends to keep these students at all costs!

Even at this price, they offended their Bai family!

"Elder Bai Qianxun, since this matter is the Bai family's fault, why not take a step back, it is impossible that you Bai family really covered the sky in Lingzhou?"

Another middle-aged man with a chubby figure said with a smile, the narrowed corners of his eyes crossed a different awn!

"Leng Family's? You guys come together to join in the excitement!"

The elder in black robe frowned, and the power of the condensed space in his palm slowly disappeared. People from the cold family are here to offend the two top forces, even the Bai family can't eat it!

"This is not to join in the fun, this little friend Lin Chen, but half of our cold family."

The yellow man fatly laughed; when squinting to Lin Chen, someone in Lin suddenly realized that he would smile.

During the day, Qi Qi gritted his teeth fiercely, unwillingly.

"So what does this kid do to explain the slaughter of more than 800 beasts of my Bai family?"

"Hah?" Someone Lin teased his lips, laughing teasingly; "Don't Bai Dashengzi get water in his head? I'm here to save people, your fierce beast actively attacked me, can't I still fight back?"

Lin Chen shrugged his shoulders, and was so angry during the day that Qi Qi and blood attacked his heart, but he was hindered by his own reason, and he was blocked by two elders.

The conversation between the two parties was clearly heard by the forces of Lingzhou under the Abyss Island, and my heart was shocked!

"This boy, Lin Chen, is actually the pride of Tiange Academy!"

"Tiange Academy? Lin Chen? Could it be that he was the Lin Chen who appeared in the Sun Temple some time ago?"

"Yes! I remembered it too! It is said that Yue Junsheng, the master of the young palace at the Hengyu Palace, was miserable by this kid!"

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwvegspung said, Tiange Academy is a gift for him, this son is a celestial being. I am afraid that in the near future, there will be hope to grow into a character with the Son!"

In this battle of the Abyss Island, Lin Chen's name will be witnessed by many powerful people present, and it will be a famous state!


After some negotiations, the Bai family finally made a compromise with the Leng family and Tiange Academy!

"Fuck! Today's thing; since it is my Bai family who is at fault, there is nothing to say. Your name is Lin Chen, remember, there is no second thing. If you dare to commit my Bai family again next time, it will be cold. Jiahe Tiange Academy cannot protect you!"

The two elders seemed to have no thoughts, and the vortex of space opened once again.

"Chi Ying, you stay to appease those sellers, we first take Tianqi Shengzi back to heal."

The black and white elders indifferently instructed that Chi Ying, with blood on the corner of his mouth, received the sword and sheathed, and immediately clenched his fist to lead his life.

Before Qilin left in the daytime, he stared at Lin Chen with anger. Someone Lin instead smiled like a rose flower, but waved his hand to say goodbye.

"Brother Qi Tianbai, it's cheap~~"

Looking at Lin Qi, who was irritated by Lin Chen's teeth before leaving, everyone looked at Lin Chen in doubt.

"Look at me, he said it himself. If I could or could go back today, his name would be reversed. Isn't I living well? So I still kindly reminded him~"

Lin Chen said shyly; Lori in white thumped and laughed! "Ahahaha! No, this kid is too appetizing for me, or let him be my apprentice! Hahaha!"

Elder Bai Mei patted Lin Chen's shoulder with a deep tone.

"Mr. Lin Chen, you are still too reckless this time. Why didn't you talk to the elders first? If it weren't for the old man of Yuan who hurriedly reported to us, wouldn't you plant it on this abyss island?"

Someone Lin glanced at the elder, and said not too salty.

"The culprit responsible for this is your baby pimple; if Long Xiangyu made it out, will you still be able to punish him for it?"

Hearing Lin Chen's answer, the expression of Elder Baimei appeared a little awkward.

Speaking of Long Xiangyu, Lin Chen's eyes suddenly became particularly sharp, turning to stare into the direction of the Abyss Island.

"No need to watch, he left long ago. When I was waiting for you here a few days ago, a young man with good strength left the ancient tower, presumably the dragon Xiangyu you said."

Bai Ruoyan secretly heard, Lin Chen couldn't help but gritted his teeth; "Grandma, let this **** ran away!"

Just after finishing scolding, there was a sudden feeling of weakness in the body, almost collapsed, and Lin Chen's face was pale.

"Friend Lin Chen, are you okay?"

The yellow man in the cold house supported Lin Chen, and it was not difficult to see the worry and anxiety in his eyes.

"I'm fine, I just need to rest for a few days. It's elders. I'm not surprised that the college will come. Why did you come here, elders? Did my teacher Yueqi have an accident?"

Speaking of Leng Yueqi, Lin Chen's expression rarely appeared nervous, and Bai Ruoyandai's eyebrows were slightly raised in her eyes.