My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 298

Chapter 298: On Behalf Of Leng Jia To Participate In The Flame

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Chapter 298, Representing Leng Jia, Participating in the Holy Flame Realm!

"No, it's misunderstood, Xiaoyou. I came here to invite you to represent my cold family, and all the arrogance of my cold family, to join the torch."

The fat yellow man in the cold house said sincerely and seriously.

"Holy flame?"

Lin Chen's heart emerged with a clear understanding, he really promised to be too cold home, to help him at the necessary moment.

Lin Chen has indeed heard of this'Holy Fire Realm'. It is a feast that only belongs to the ancient family level!

Entering the Torch Realm, you will have the opportunity to run for the eligibility for torch baptism. Those who are baptized by the Holy Fire will become the next generation of sons and daughters!

The arrogant sons of heaven who can enter the territory of the holy fire are all peerless arrogances of the ancient family, second only to the sons and virgins. They are a group of quasi-sons and quasi-sons!

Lin Chen's last medicine refining ceremony also had a direct relationship with this torch.

Because he helped Han Ziyun win the championship of refining medicine, he gave the Han family two opportunities to enter the torch. This is also the reason why the entire Han family is grateful to Lin Chen.

The two of Tiange Academy heard the proposal of the cold parents, and their eyes shined!

In this torch flame, their Tiange Academy also holds individual places.

Originally, they also planned to reserve a quota for Lin Chen; now it seems that if Lin Chen accepted the invitation of the Leng family, then they can save a quota!

At the same time saving places; it can also allow their students to enter the torch, which is almost a win-win situation!

The fat man in yellow clothes rubbed his hands nervously and waited for Lin Chen's answer; when he rushed to the sea area of the demon and witnessed Lin Chen's strength with his own eyes, he was more thankful than anyone to choose Lin Chen!

With Lin Chens current strength, he is absolutely qualified to lead the declining Leng family and the arrogance of the ancient families of all ages to compete against each other!

"Fortunately, since Leng's family has found here. If he doesn't go, it's Lin someone who has no words, then I will represent Leng's family and participate in the flame!"

Lin Chen smiled, his eyes showed the immortal pride!

This decision relieved the three Yuanzun realms present.

"In this case, let's set off now, the time for the torch fire to be held is imminent!"

The fat man in yellow dress smiled happily; Lin Chen was a little surprised, "Starting so soon?"

"It's fast. The invitation letter sent to you a month ago has been sent to the college long ago. Who knows that you will not stop for a moment when you return to the college."

Lori in white rolled her eyes helplessly, she was cute.

"Brother Lin Chen, since you are going to participate in the torch, then I should leave to do my own thing."

At this time; Bai Ruoyan smiled from the side, the Holy Fire Realm could not accommodate the strong men above the Yuanzun Realm; even if she accompanied Lin Chen, she would only increase the risk of turning the Bai Family and Leng Family.

Before fighting with Bai Ying's Chi Ying, she has been very careful to avoid using the Bai family's exercises before she escaped seeing through.

"Sister Yan, be careful yourself."

Lin Chen worried; Bai Ruoyan just smiled, and the figures dispersed like clouds and smoke, and disappeared into the void.

The two at Tiange Academy stared at the direction of Bai Ruoyan's departure, especially the white loli, as if thinking about something.

"Brother, are we going to separate so soon?"

Bai Junhao and others flew into the air, some reluctantly said.

"Relax, this time it's done. I will get back your losses for you. I will leave a point for you at the college. It is the last word to become stronger!"

Lin Chen smiled sincerely, when he stretched his fist, the fists touched each other, which was regarded as the promise of Lin Chen.

"Little fellow, you can rest assured that no one will bully them in the college from today. If they don't have a hair, you can still dream of me."

Lily in white patted her chest and promised; with the assurance of the senior executive of the academy, it would be a reassuring pill for Lin Chen.

Incorporating the ancient green dragon into the body, Lin Chen and the yellow-clothed fat man escape from the sea of the sky demon.

"Holy Fire Realm, it seems that this time it will be very lively! Let's go back and prepare!"

Elder Baimei smiled and said with a smile; this feast will gather all young people in Lingzhou, second only to Saints and Saints, and will usher in a century-old peak collision!

Such a feast, their Tiange Academy will not be absent!

Elder Bai Mei brought Bai Junhao and others back to Tiange Academy, leaving only the gradually noisy crowds in Heiyuan Island.


Speeding across the ample space channel, Lin Chen sat cross-legged on the back of a speeding flying warrior Dapeng.

His face was pale, but he held his breath, and his consciousness was highly concentrated; after conditioning and recovering his fighting spirit, Lin Chen turned on the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 3.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivated as: the first six stages of Tiangang Realm.

Ultimate Strength: 1510 Dragon Power.

Qi and blood energy: 185.397 trillion points.

The essence of fighting spirit: 215.9454 billion points.

Mental Power: 4.98 million points (late spiritual stage)

Practical skill: 55.1 million points.

Possess the skill: Blue Rank Advanced "Wan Yue Xuan Zhen Jia"

Mindset: "Nine Tribulation of Creation" (80%)

Practicing exercises: Taishi Bible (70%), Shura Jiuhuang Change (fragmentary), Sanqing Spirit Watermark, Mowei Kuanglei, Bingtianzhi.

Possess blood energy (up to 3 types): Qinglong blood vein (50,000 points), Zijin pupil blood vein (10000 points),

Characteristic Runes: Slow Rune Level 3, Corrupt Rune Level 3, Charged Rune Level 3, Phantom Rune Fragment (1/3),

Rune energy: 58 million points.

The energy of each element: 90.9 million points in the fire system, 93.5 million points in the soil system, 81.4 million points in the wood system, 91.4 million points in the gold system, and 92.21 million points in the water system. The Thunder system has 100 million points, the Wind system has 97 million points, the Light system has 60.21 million points, and the Dark system has 89.91 million points.

"Although the Black Abyss Gun is a fifth-order pinnacle, but after the battle between Fu Wanquan and Tianqi Qi; the damage is over 90% and can no longer be used. If it cannot be repaired, my strength will be limited."

"System, I want to practice "Wan Yue Xuan Zhen Jia"!"

[The system consumes 35 million points of skill and spirit, and is inheriting the blue-level advanced defensive combat skills for the host, "Wan Yuexuan Town Armor".

Brand-new memories poured into Lin Chen's mind. This blue-level high-level "Wan Yue Xuan Zhen Jia" will be exhibited by Lin Chen, who can transform breathing fighting spirit into a special blood line of the earth system. It will be an unprecedented peak!

In terms of tailor-made four words, it is perfect!

In the past seven days, Lin Chen was in cultivation almost all the time!

Seven days later; the sea area of the heavenly demon is very far away from the destination that Lin Chen is going to, which is more than a million miles apart.

In these seven days; the weakness after Shuras Jiuhuang transformation was fully restored.

After crossing the southern region of Lingzhou, the fat man in yellow clothes rushed to the road almost at full speed, taking Lin Chen to a ruined ancient city.

A square located in the ruined ancient city; gathered all the young arrogance of the current generation of all ancient families!