My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 299

Chapter 299: Are You Crazy? I'm Even More Crazy

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Chapter 299 I'm even more crazy!

"Hoo! Finally arrived!"

The fat man in yellow was sweating heavily, and he lifted his fighting spirit. Dapeng put Lin Chen outside Baiyu Square and laughed.

"Okay, little friend Lin Chen, then you can go in by yourself."

Lin Chen looked around curiously, urging Zijin Hitomi a little; found that there were countless heavens and earth and luck surrounding the whole square!

All these are the luck of the pride of the heavens, so strong that Lin Chen feels amazing!

The celestial princes present were all under the age of fifty, very young, and most of their cultivation activities were above the seventh level of the Tiangang Realm.

They have excellent looks and temperament, each one is a dragon and a phoenix among people, and all the arrogance of the ordinary dust is revealed between the talks!

These young men and women in the square are all the best in the ancient family!

Lin Chen stepped into the White Jade Square; a huge gate stood in abundance, as if the giant gate in the sky came into view.

In addition; Lin Chen is even more eye-catching, and his eyes are brighter. Around the huge gate, there are also a large number of attribute light **** and a dozen golden treasure chests suspended in the void!

"In the end, it's all arrogant, grandma's, I'll post it now!"

Someone Lin swallowed and was about to let go and pick it up.

"Lin Chen, here!"

"Squad leader, why are you here now?"

The moment Lin Chen stepped into the square; Han Yizhi and Han Ziyun were waving to him at a location thousands of meters away.

In addition to that, there was also the glamorous and beautiful lady standing in the crowd, and when she saw Lin Chen, as the iceberg melted for thousands of years, there were thousands of styles and a quiet smile.

Lin Chen?

Hearing the calls of Han Yizhi and Han Ziyun, hundreds of nearby Tianjiao looked at Lin Chen in unison!

This name has become quite famous in the young generation of the ancient family today.

It is enough for Lin Chen to assist Han Ziyun on the top of the refining ceremony, which is enough to attract their attention!

Surprise, doubt, curiosity, disdain, and jealous eyes swept to Lin Chen, and individual Tianjiao even sneered.

Due to Lin Chens previous Xiuluo Jiuhuangs transformation into a state of weakness, his Ten Thousand Fires Tricks hadnt had time to reappear, so his cultivation practice was exposed to everyones eyes.

"He is Lin Chen? Where's the clown, the six layers of heaven and earth? Hahaha!"

"It seems that the grand ceremony of refining medicine is not very good, even this waste can stand out."

"Look at this, this match is absolutely perfect! The Han family, who has been expelled from the ranks of the ancient family, and there are only ten places left, the lowest ranked cold family, all the garbage together!"

"Emotionally they waited for a long time and waited for a Tiangang Realm Sixfold? Any ancient family on the scene can easily defeat them! Hahaha!"

Four or five Baijia Tianjiao couldn't help but laugh, and many Tianjiao cast a sad look on the Han and Lengjia people.

Sigh~! Buzz!

The space is rippling, the terrible soul shock is like the sea, and the hurricane is rushing towards the direction of the five Baijia Tianjiao!

"Boom!" The speed of the mental attack was extremely fast. The five people were caught off guard. They were shocked and backed off again and again, and their face became particularly pale in an instant!

There are two more people, with poor mental state, kneeling on one knee on the spot, the body slightly twitching, foaming in the mouth.

Lin Chen walked up and reached out at random to catch the three falling attribute light balls, patted Baijia Tianjiao on one knee, kneeled and laughed.

"This friend, although I am someone who is handsome all over Kyushu, but we don't have to be so polite when we meet for the first time."

Lin Chen's move made the Baijia's Tianjiao eager to move, showing their murderousness!

Suddenly; a more amazing murderousness locked Lin Chen! Attract everyone's attention; I saw a young man in white shirt, walking slowly to Lin Chen, the Ning Lanfeng of the Ning family!

As the two passed by, Ning Lanfeng warned awe-inspiringly.

"Lin Chen is it. The territory of the torch is not the alchemy. I will let you walk in and crawl out!"

After talking, Ning Lanfeng walked past his shoulders and was about to leave.

Suddenly, a young palm rested on his shoulder. As he turned his head, the space twisted!

Boom~! The hurricane raged, and the boxing wind, which flattened the sea and the wild, slammed into Ning Lanfeng's face!

Many of Tianjiao's expressions have changed slightly, and no one thought that Lin Chen would be so overbearing and shot on the spot!

Ning Lanfeng immediately displayed his defensive combat skills, but also gathered his fighting strength with his backhand, and punched Lin Chen's chest with a punch!


Ning Lanfeng's fist wind was crossed in mid-air, and a gray-blue rock armor appeared in front of Lin Chen to protect his heart. Ning Lanfeng, who was in the eighth heaven and earth, couldn't cause any damage to him!

But Lin Chen's pure strength is by no means soft cotton. He punched through Ning Lanfeng's combat defense!

Boom! Fist hit the handsome face of Ning Lanfeng fiercely, hitting his teeth and nose with blood, the whole person was blasted hundreds of meters away!

Lin Chen sneered with a single hand to take the five attributed light **** dropped by Ning Lanfeng.

"Walk in and crawl out? What big-tailed wolf do you pretend to be, if you have a species today, you will put your brother Chen down here and then speak ruthlessly."


The arrogance of the ancient family is in an uproar!

No one expected Lin Chen to be so overbearing and dare to shoot in the ancient city! This is an example of an express prohibition, and it is possible that the quota may be abolished.

Lin Chen has no taboos, you are crazy, and someone in Lin is even more crazy!

Along the way, Lin Chen has seen too many evil geniuses, these guys think highly of themselves, arrogant of all living beings, and deal with them, as long as the fist is hard enough!

What is even more shocking is the arrogance of the Bai family. They will definitely not misread the defensive combat technique Lin Chen just displayed. That is the famous Wan Wanxuan Town Armor in the Bai family for a long time!

"Lin Chen! What is your origin? Why did our Baijia Tianqi Shengzi's "Wan Yue Xuan Zhen Jia" combat skills appear on you!"

Lin Chen didn't even think about it, and subconsciously blurted out; "Ah? Daytime Qi? I beat him up, is there any problem?"

Tianjiao, an ancient family nearby, heard this sentence and couldn't help but talk!

Beat the Son? You dare to blow this cow! Are you not afraid to flash your tongue?

"Lin Chen, you?"

Ning Lanfeng was ugly in public, and when he got up, he was about to counter Lin Chen, and a figure intercepted him.

"Lanfeng, what's the matter, wait until you get into the flames."

The face of a man in a blue shirt is like a knife and a chisel, and the calm and condensed fierceness is revealed between the eyebrows, just like a sharp and restrained war knife.

"Brother Yunlan, I..."

"This person is very simple, you may not be his opponent, do you want to insult yourself under these eyes?"

Ning Yunlan glanced at him indifferently, Ning Lanfeng gritted his teeth fiercely, shaking with anger.

At this time; thousands of kilometers away, two mysterious figures leaning on Qingzhu laughed.

"That's the legendary Lin Chen?"

"Interestingly, he clearly hit people, but the elders hidden in the secret did not stop him. It seems that as the elders said, this Lin Chen has a considerable value to attract..."