My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 3

Chapter 3: 2. Picking Up The Blood Of The Ancient Qinglong

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Chapter 3: Picking up the blood of the ancient green dragon! !

Even though there was a terrible and fierce atmosphere in the cave, Lin Chen still did not plan to give up easily; intuition told him that the hidden opportunity in the cave was unimaginable!

With the palm of his hand, Lin Chen clenched a few pieces of gravel, bursting into vigor, suddenly flew away, and shot into the dark cave!

The gravel shot into the cave, but there was no slight response.

"Did the beast inside go out?"

Lin Chen's eyes lit up, approaching carefully.

Entering the cave, it seems that there is no other sky, a stream of curtains flying around, the surrounding is vast, and a nest is built.

The blue light that Lin Chen saw was behind the curtain of water!

Stepping into the curtain of water, Lin Chen found a goose egg the size of the whole body, turning a cyan light ball!

Inside the sphere of light, a looming blue phantom is looming around!

Picking up the cyan light ball, a light screen popped up in front of Lin Chen's eyes.

[Congratulations to the host for gaining 10 points from the ancient Green Dragon Bloodline.

Qinglong bloodline?

Lin Chen's mouth opened slightly, and the cyan light shivered into his left arm.

I saw a faint blue scale pattern on Lin Chen's left arm!


A roar of overbearing domineering breath, like the roar of an ancient fierce beast, passed from Lin Chen's left arm!

He could feel the power of qi and blood in his left arm skyrocketing!

"Can this blue dragon bloodline temporarily increase my strength?"

Lin Chen was very happy, as long as he urged a trace of the green dragon blood in his arm, there would be a huge amount of power pouring out!

Bang ~~!

In the future, Lin Chen was shocked by the violent shock from the outside world. Was the owner of this lair back?

The breeze stepped on the dust, Lin Chen rushed out of the cave in diameter, and the lake outside the Red Peak Forest came from the aftershock of the battle!

"Go and see!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, Lin Chen was like a gust of wind, and he walked a few hundred meters away in a few flashes.


Red Peak Forest, Silent Lake.

A giant anaconda with a cyan unicorn and seven figures fought fiercely. The air wave exploded, and the lake water was shocked by ripples!

The gas mandrel flashed vertically, the blade of light was continuous, and the sharp edge of the beetle was slashed on the surface of the scales of the green scald. The blue animal blood was shot out.

"No! Be careful, Yinger, sister!"

The young man in white who fought against the green screamed exclaimed that the suddenly violent green scorpion shot at another woman at a very fast speed!

The latter couldn't be quenched, and Qian's eyes shuddered. Seeing the giant tail of the green anaconda smashed over, it seemed that he had foreseen the scene of Xiang Xiaoyu's death!


The giant tail photographed the other people with pale faces, but when they didn't find the **** scene, there was an instant dullness.

Yue Yingjiao's body trembled slightly. She was closing her eyes and waiting for death. She suddenly realized that she was hugged by a pair of powerful arms, and the man's masculine breath came.

When I opened my eyes, the young man was dressed in a green shirt, but the childishness was still there, and there was a confident smile on the corner of his mouth.

"Sister, are you okay?"

Lin Chen smiled at random, and the two blue attribute light **** picked up by him were quietly absorbed by him.

[The host obtains 150 points of the essence of the water system and 80 points of the essence of the fighting spirit.

"Thank you, what's your name, a disciple of Waizong?"

When Lin Chen put down Yueying, she had a pretty red face, but when she saw Lin Chen's clothes, a shock appeared in her heart. The speed just now, even the disciples of the top ten foreign ancestors she knew might not be able to exhibit it!

"Sister, let's solve the enemy in front of us first."

Lin Chen smiled casually and turned his eyes to the big guy in the lake in front of him.

The ten-meter-high green anaconda should be the owner of the cave he found earlier, the magic green anaconda!

This kind of fierce beast contains a trace of ancient Qinglong blood vein, far exceeding the fierce beast of the same level!

Just a first-order beast, you can contend with the seven master disciple masters in Qi Refining Realm!

"This kid is Waizong? The speed just now was a bit interesting."

A black armored man glanced at Lin Chen and said strangely.

The young man in white was jealous, but it was still difficult to hide the shock in his eyes.

Is this a dark horse other than the top ten disciples of Waizong? The previous speed has obviously reached the level of the gas refining environment!

"This is not the time for distraction, this big guy is irritated!"

Another heroic short-haired woman whispered coldly, and the knife in her hand cut out a snow-white combat spirit with a length of more than three meters!

Several other people immediately focused on it, not paying attention to Lin Chen, and shot again!

"Sister, this fierce anaconda is fierce and overbearing, you'll retreat!"

Yue Ying stood up against the sword, and her graceful figure stood in front of Lin Chen. Even if her speed was outstanding, she still didn't think Lin Chen could join their fight in this circle!

Lin Chen smiled and shook his head, retreating to the side of consciousness. He naturally knew that the seven people were the disciples of Shenwu Sect, but this was not easy to deal with.

This fierce beast contains ancient blood of ancient beasts and has a certain spiritual intelligence. It will never easily take risks in its own way. Since it dares to fight the seven people here, it proves that it is not afraid of the strength of the seven people at all!

Surrounded by a large number of attribute light **** left by seven Nei Zong disciples after fighting, don't pick white or pick!

[150 points for Qi blood energy, 120 points for quintessence of war spirit, 155 points for water system energy, 142 points for spiritual power, 12 points for mental power...]

The quality of the attribute light sphere nearby is extremely high, and even the very rare spiritual attribute light sphere has it, giving Lin Chen a urge to laugh.

With so many attribute light balls, he is not worried that he can't enter the realm of refining gas in a short time!

"Where is this kid messing around? Yueying, why don't you ask the kid to help! His skill should be able to share the fighting burden for us!"

The black armored man inadvertently glanced at Lin Chen during the battle, stooping and groping around nearby, and shouted to Yueying in confusion.

"He is a quenched body, and being involved in this battle is a dead word!"

When the sword reversed the three air mashes, Yueying said without looking back when she opened the attack of the devil.

"Why is it so hard!"

The black armor man held the black iron giant hammer, his arm numb, and he used his combat skills to smash the head of the magic blue scalp three times. Except for giving it a little stimulating pain, there was no substantial harm!

"It always has a limit, we all stick to it!"

The young man in white was approaching Yueying and Shen Sheng shouted.

Lin Chen on the other side has already picked up hundreds of attribute light balls, and the harvest is simply exploding!

[Host: Lin Chen.

Cultivated as: quenched body realm.

Ultimate Strength: 90 Tiger Power.

Qi blood energy: 2966 points.

Practical skill: 873 points.

Mental Strength: 52 points.

Mindset: None.

Skills for learning the meeting: Split Wind Leg (Complete Level), Breeze Step Dust (Complete Level), Starfire Gun Method (Complete Level).

Possessed treasure: popular shoes.

The essence of fighting spirit: 772 points.

Possession of Bloodline: Blue Dragon Bloodline (10 points)

Energy of each element: 205 points of fire. Water system: 880 points. Gold system: 129 points. Wood Department: 894 points. Soil system: 791 points.

"After absorbing two thousand points of qi and blood energy, there are still eighteen, and I finally entered the ninth weight of quenching the body! It's time to kill this big guy and get more blue dragon blood!"

Lin Chen was violent, and when he turned to the magical green anaconda, there was a kind of bare feet not afraid of wearing shoes!

His shoulders flicked, and the bones in the flesh burst into an all-out bang, like a fierce blue dragon about to be born!