My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Jianbao Conference Held

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Chapter 30, Jianbao Conference held!

Through the light purple pupil, the world that Lin Chen sees has become completely different!

The numerous fine dust in the closet room became extremely clear, and even the stitching traces of each thread of his clothes were as clear as the palm!

"This is the first level of realm, insight into the details. The system, and then again, all blood power is absorbed together!"

Lin Chen couldn't close the door, devoted himself to Zijin Tong's cultivation. After consuming the power of the exercises, the system has directly recorded all the cultivation secrets for him in his mind. He only needs to absorb blood energy!

In the afternoon of the same day; Lin Chen saw many thin lines of aura that filled the heavens and the earth. In the past, his cultivation was based on the sense of war to sense the aura of the world. Now he can intuitively'see'!

This is the second level of realm.

At noon the next day; the observable Aura thin line expanded again and turned into rows of creeping dew.

The third level of realm; hope is revealed!

The third day late at night; the dark void became purple and purple in Lin Chen's eyes, and even faintly saw some spatial lines of heaven and earth...

The fourth level of realm; Pingsheng Zidian!

Lin Chen absorbed 10,000 points of blood energy and practiced to the fourth level.

When urging the fourth level of "Pingsheng Zidian", even Lin Chen, who possesses the green-order mentality, can't bear it and can't use it often, otherwise it will consume too much fighting energy, and it will be extremely disadvantageous if he is in combat.

In fact, the realm that can be practiced by relying on blood energy is only the fourth level. The fifth level of "Non-neutralization" and the sixth level of "Golden Eyes Twins" all need to rely on their own perception and practice.

Early morning on the fourth day; the day of the Jianbao Conference!

The whole Shangguan Mansion is bustling and lively, and the treasure appraisal conference is an extraordinary feast for any treasure appraiser! It's like a medicine refining meeting held between pharmacists!

"Friend Lin Chen, you are finally here!"

In the first hall; seeing Lin Chen coming, Shangguan Yun Fan smiled radiantly.

Lin Chen looked around and all the people in Shangguan Mansion today appeared to be refined and arrogant. After a lapse of several decades, Shangguan Mansion was opened by the ancestral altar and was able to re-practice Zijin Tong, and their realm was improved.

After practicing Zijin pupil, Lin Chen saw Shangguan Yunfan's first glance, he saw through his approximate cultivation behavior, and he was in the level of terrible realm. The specific level was hidden by himself.

As the fianc of Shangguan Bihan, many young generations in the Shangguan family locked Lin Chen with their envy and jealousy.

After talking with Shangguan Yunfan and several elders, Lin Chen saw Shangguan Bihan in the corner of the crowd, and the old grey shirt servant who protected her personally.

Lin Chen touched his nose and walked by. He said that he is now in a relationship with others. In the eyes of outsiders, he still has to do what he does.

Sitting next to Shangguan Bihan, she smiled quietly and whispered: "Brother Lin Chen, you don't have to be so cautious, I already knew the whole story."

Lin Chen froze and nodded a little apologetically, "Sorry, this kind of thing makes a decision with your father without your permission. Shangguan Bihan rest assured that I will not do anything indecent to you in the name of a relative. ."

"No, I understand my father's decision. He loved me since childhood, but he is also the head of the entire Shangguan family, and he cannot give up all the interests of the family for personal reasons."

Shangguan Bihan Bingxue is clever and has a deeper understanding of righteousness.

Seeing Lin Chen and Shangguan Bihan together so harmoniously, the elders secretly observing nodded with relief.

This time, the Shangguan family selected hundreds of outstanding young talents to observe, and five elders, the current head of the family attended the event.

Everyone set off for the Jianbao venue in Wanling City, the Guangyang venue not far from the city's main palace!

Lin Chen and his party have just arrived, and a large number of concessions have been entered at the entrance of the venue. Several forces came earlier than the Shangguan family.

"Brother Yun Fan, I haven't seen you in a few days. I miss it so much. I didn't expect to let your little Nizi come back with a gold brick!"

In the crowd of people who didn't enter the gate, several leaders led up to take a fist at Shangguan Yunfan, but they didn't smile.

"This, Brother Ning, don't come unharmed!"

Shangguan Yunfan smiled bitterly and arched his hand.

"It is the Huangfu family. The previous family ancestral altar has little hope of recovery. Both of them have always wanted to match me to marry Qingyu's cousin. It seems that they have hated their father because of their relationship."

Shangguan Bihan's face was reddish, and he whispered next to Lin Chen, making Lin Chen suddenly realize that he remembered the former Huangfu Qingyu. It turned out that my own "fixed relatives" took away the original "beauty" of others.

At a time when the situation between the two was delicate, another group of people came.

"Hahaha! Brother Yunfan, this time your ancestral family of Shangguan family is restored, I am afraid that you will try to crush the heroes!"

A bold laugh spread all around; it was the man of the city's main palace! Xing Wanhe and the previous yellow fat man are also there.

The fat man in the yellow robe gathered up and smiled at Lin Chen with a smile.

"This master stone is really better than blue, and after this treasure appraisal meeting, I sincerely invite you to visit the city's palace. This is our city's invitation. Please come."

The words of the fat man in the yellow robe made all the forces on the scene unbelievable and shocking!

That city owner, who saw the dragon before seeing it, would actually invite others to be guests?

"He is Shi Lezhi, the **** operator who has been hot recently?"

"Even the owner of the City of All Souls was disturbed. Is this boy so important?"

Everyone left a eye on Lin Chen.

"Oh...OK, I will go."

Lin Chen was confused by the shocked eyes projected from the scene. Was it so rare for this city owner to invite this boss? One by one like discovering a new continent.

"Oh, I heard that the Nangong family is also here. It seems that today's Jianbao Conference and there are good dramas. Brother Yun Fan, I'm going first. There are many old friends."

Fatty Huangpao took a deep look at Lin Chen, then greeted Shangguan Yunfan, and walked into the venue.

"Why are they so surprised?"

Lin Chen leaned over to ask Shangguan Bihan, asking curiously.

"Isn't Mr. Lin Chen know? The owner of the city of all spirits is a beautiful woman who has fallen into the country. It is said that those who have seen his beauty are amazed by his appearance like a fairy."

Shangguan Bihan explained patiently that the beautiful eyes were flowing; secretly observing Lin Chen's expression.

"It turned out to be a big beauty!"

Lin Chen's interest increased greatly, and Shangguan Bihan Hao's teeth nibbled, and his eyes flickered.

"I didn't expect that the little friend Lin Chen would be favored by the city's lord. Gee, let's go in too."

Shangguan Yunfan was amazed and surprised, and immediately brought the mermaid of the entire Shangguan family!

After Lin Chen and others went in, several silver robe figures secretly peeping into him also followed, and the man headed by the men in black was the master Yan who was previously defeated by Lin Chen!

"Boy, this time the secret of your fortune teller, the old man is bound to get it!"


Inside the venue; divided into three levels, the seats are fanned out, which can accommodate more than 10,000 people, and there are masters of the battlefield on both sides.

Stepping into the venue, Shangguan Bihan introduced Lin Chen to the scene forces one by one.

The Nangong aristocratic family with a wasteland, Jianbao background and Shangguan aristocratic family are only between Bozhong.

Ranger treasure appraisal organization in Qingyue City, many old-school treasure appraisers of the Spirit Gate in the Wasteland. All are characters in the wilderness!

Even those who can enter the venue are rich or expensive. Or those who can enter the treasure appraisal meeting are all people with a little name in the wilderness!

For the first time to participate in such a grand event as the Jianbao Conference, Lin Chen heard it with relish. These feasts are not at all accessible to Shen Wuzong, who was previously stayed by Lin Chen!