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Chapter 300: Four Great Tenno

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Chapter 300, The Four Great Kings!

The conflict between the Ning and Bai families and Lin Chen is only a minor episode. The many ancient ancestors who were present did not care much.

At least a little curious, why Lin Chen made trouble, but the elder did not stop him.

As for Lin Chen's revealed strength, it is certainly extraordinary, but it can't get into the eyes of the top Tianjiao!

Because here, the most indispensable is the talented genius!

Raise your hand to pick up a golden treasure chest in the void, the system light screen pops up.

[The host opens the pure gold treasure chest, and obtains the fifth-tier top-level treasures and three gold dragon fruit.

Picking up the attribute light ball all the way, Lin Chen smiled happily and walked toward the direction of Han and Leng.

"I still like to make trouble, and I laugh so happy when I make trouble."

Leng Yueqi gave Lin Chen a helpless glance, but when he saw him smile toward her, Leng Yueqi's green eyes showed a rare tenderness.

Xianxianyu lifted his hand, Leng Yueqi sorted out Lin Chen's clothes, and several of Leng's family were stunned!

In the past, the iceberg beauties of Lengyue's family had such a small woman?

"It's none of my business, it's obviously that they are jealous of my handsomeness."

Lin Chen shrugged, the mysterious relationship between the two, and Han Ziyun, who was looking aside, was pantothenic and pursed her cherry mouth.

Clever Leng Yueqi immediately noticed the greasiness, and raised a beautiful and dangerous arc at the corner of her mouth, spitting Fang Lan lightly against Lin Chen's ear.

"If you touch flowers and grass in the future, I will freeze your legs and let it have no chance of causing harm."

Leng Yueqi's eyebrows are like a moon, and Leng Yan Yujie's smiling smile is full of a dangerous atmosphere. Someone Lin lowered her body coldly and ridiculed; "Then, Mr. Yue Qi, who looks so handsome looks not mine. Wrong?"

"Don't be slick, this time you can't enter the torchland like you used to. This time is different from the past, but now you have gathered the strongest contemporary arrogance in every ancient family. It is not easy to provoke any one!"

Leng Yueqi's advice made Lin Chen rarely show a serious look. The ancient family had accumulated more than 100,000 years of history. No one knows what kind of monster-level arrogance they will cultivate!

Lin Chen once heard from Bai Ruoyan that the minimum condition for becoming a Son is to have the strength of Yuan Zunjing.

Lin Chen will not be complacent because he once fought with Qi Qi once in the day.

On the contrary, it also deepened his vigilance against the ancient family. He knows that the true strength of Qi Qi is far more than that!

"Mr. Yue Qi is right, squad leader, the most important thing we should be vigilant is the four contemporary kings."

Han Yizhi nodded his head and pointed to the four figures in the square.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, these four people are the most high-profile four young figures in the scene!

The first one, standing behind the sky, is a handsome young man in white who wins the snow and has a crown of jade.

His sword was unsheathed, but there were three thousand swords shining like the sun, hanging behind him! There was a contemptuous smile defying everything in the corner of his mouth, as if everyone present was not in his eyes!

In the second place, the slim waist straddles two **** tomahawks, the figure is hot and enchanting, the red lips are as fiery as the flames, the eyebrows are curved, and the bronze skin reveals a strange beauty, which is actually a **** red dress beauty.

Her waist and limbs looked slender, but under the bronze skin, terrible power was hidden!

Third place, wearing a crown of feathers, a beautiful face, and an indifferent look, like an iceberg that has never changed. The most strange thing is his gray eyes; almost no one dared to look directly, brewing an endless spiritual storm, even if it is You can lose your mind at a glance!

The fourth person; is a brilliant son. This son really deserves the word Amazing!

He was dressed in a pale t-shirt, his eyebrows were picturesque, his lips were dazzled, his eyes were like stars, his hands were white lupins, and his slender figure could attract attention from both men and women.

The dazzling son pursed his lips and smiled; there were two small dimples on his cheeks, which were extremely charming and charming, and only Yan Yizhi could compare him with him.

This is perhaps the most handsome man Lin Chen has ever seen. Just when someone in Lin extremely suspected that the other person was a man in disguise, the white jade neck of the stunning young man also had a slightly raised throat knot characteristic of the male, breaking Lin Chens doubt.

Han Yizhi introduced Lin Chen one by one, and each of the four kings of the ancient family has the quasi-respect level of cultivation!

The gap between Tiangang and Yuanzun is in Yuantian of Dantian.

The Yuan Mansion can hold a small image of the heavens and the earth. The Tiangang Realm just integrates its own fighting spirit into the heavens and the earth, and has a basic power to control the space.

This is like an archer who is proficient in arrows, and a cannon controller who carries ultra-high-quality explosives with him.

Since ancient times, there has not been any Tiangang realm that can challenge Yuanzun realm step by step!

No matter how strong the Tiangang Realm is, it is just a slightly stronger ant in front of Yuanzun Realm, not at a level!

The quasi-respect level is the strong man between Tiangang and Yuanzun. Their Tiangang battle spirit in Dantian began to transform into Yuanfu, but it was not completely transformed.

They are much stronger than Tiangang Realm, and have a certain distance from Yuanzun Realm. This kind of strong man is a quasi-respect level!

Han Yizhi hasnt finished introducing Lin Chen yet; someone left Lin quickly and he cant help but start to collect attribute light **** suspended in the whole square!

Lin Chen jumped to the ten-meter void, and beckoned to pick up more than twenty colorful light **** in the void.

[The host gains 3 billion points of essence of war energy, 500,000 points of rune energy, 2.5 billion points of energy of blood and blood, 1 million points of water energy,]

When it landed, it was another golden treasure chest, and Lin Chen reached out and took it open.

[The host opens the golden treasure chest and obtains the fifth-level top elixirs, Sanqing therapy Yuan dan.

Another golden and red light ball of attributes, Lin Chen couldn't help but raise the corners of his mouth, picked up a mess, and began to attract the attention of many Tianjiao!

[The host gains 1.5 million gold energy, 150,000 mental energy, 800,000 ignition energy, 300,000 rune energy,]

Lin Chen disregarded the curiosity and doubts of many arrogances, and it was a mess in the air. The quality of the attribute light sphere here is extremely high, second only to the quality of Lin Chen and Qi Qi falling during the battle!

"It's cool! Here are all the geniuses with the highest specifications in the ancient family, and each attribute sphere is of considerable value!"

Lin Chen's ecstasy in his heart, although it can not be compared with the Son, but the amount of victory!

Last time Lin Chen picked up a total of 17 attribute light **** on Qi Qi during the day, there are at least a few hundred here!

"What the **** is this kid grinning at?"

"Isn't the brain sick?"

"Hello, is this man crazy? He actually walked in the direction of the four kings!"