My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 301

Chapter 301: The Torch Fire Is On

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Chapter 301

Someone Lin was picking up all the way in Jumen Square and felt that his nine-color battle spirit was about to break through. He hurriedly re-activated the Ten Thousand Fires and Fire Skills to cover the whole body and repaired the fighting spirit as a strict seal!

[The host obtains 8 billion essence of war energy, 5 billion essence of war energy, 6 billion energy of blood, 3 billion energy of blood,]


Lin Chen's battle spirit turned inside, spilling out a stronger and stronger fighting wave than before.

His morale was cultivated, only in less than half a quarter of an hour, entered the mid-sixth.

Then, he recovered, and he had already picked up the attribute light ball and found it in front of the Four Great Kings in red.

As he looked up, the woman in red with a double axe stared at him in amazement, her eyes facing each other.

Then, someone in Lin's eyes lit up and said very seriously; "It turned out to be Miss Ye Yanxia, the four heavenly kings of the ancient family. He was disrespectful and disrespectful. He had heard the name for a long time. It was fortunate to meet in Linchen."

Talking; Lin Chen stretched out his hand with a smile, making a handshake.

That Ye Yanxia was also a straightforward character, and as one of the four kings, he was not polite. He reached out to shake hands with Lin Chen and smiled.

"It turned out to be the son of Lin Chen, and Yan Xia also heard a little about the matter at the grand ceremony of refining medicine."

As everyone knows, only Lin Chen can see. The moment his palm touches Ye Yanxia's jade hand, countless blood-red attribute light **** rapidly emerge from the beautiful woman's jade hand and merge into Lin Chen's palm!

[Host gains 18 billion qi and blood energy, 13 billion qi and blood energy,]

Lin Chen's qi and blood energy attribute value climbed extremely fast, and his dragon power was growing like a broken bamboo. Almost in a blink of an eye, he exceeded 1500 dragon power!

"Lying trough, cool! This girl's physical training level is very strong, the attribute light ball on her body is not simple!"

On the occasion of a handshake; someone in Lin's heart was refreshing and hearty, and he was reluctant to let go of Ye Yanxia's jade hand, but tampered with it!


Ye Yanxia's eyes flashed slightly, as if she had noticed that Lin Chen was also a matter of physical training, and mistakenly thought that Lin Chen wanted to test himself.

boom! Click! Click!

The moment Ye Yanxia exerted force, the space suddenly twisted, the ground of the square's rock-solid jade continued to burst, and shocking cracks began to permeate, so that the arrogance around him immediately retreated!

"This kid is competing with the four kings Ye Yanxia for pure power?"

"What a joke! Ye Yanxia's pure power can be defeated even by the quasi-level strong! He is looking for death!"

Many Tianjiao are both curious and shocked. This Lin Chen seems to hide a lot!

[The host receives 10 billion points of qi and blood energy, 19 billion points of qi and blood energy,]

The moment Ye Yanxia exerted force, Lin Chen's attribute value soared faster!

However; Ye Yanxia's strength is extraordinary, a shot is 2000 dragon power, Lin Chen can only resist with the pure power of running the ancient green dragon!

1800, 1900 Dragon Power!

The pure power of Lin Chen itself is rapidly climbing through the attribute light sphere emerging from Ye Yanxia's hands!

"Oh? That's the assistant pharmacist who shined at the refining ceremony, Lin Chen?"

"Well, yes. It seems that his mental strength is not inferior to those of us old guys, and should not be wrong."

"Good guy, is it an extremely talented person in refining medicine? Is it interesting?"

"For this information, I paid a heavy price to hear from some of the Han's grass."

"People who are not from the Leng and Han families, who are not from an ancient family, seem to be really worth it. This is a medicine refiner who even values the old man."

In a dilapidated attic outside Jumen Square; a group of elders from an ancient family talked around and looked at Lin Chen.

"That's Lin Chen, our school's recent limelight?"

Located on the south corner of the square, twelve figures looked at Lin Chen in amazement.

These twelve people are the blue honour-level celestial princes who are representatives of the Tiange Academy going to the torchland!

One of them, who is also the same as Fu Wanquan, Ye Juesheng, and Long Xiangyu, is said to be the most likely to become one of the four major arrogances of the Zi Xun class; Mo Feng!

Mo Feng, who was in the center of the crowd, flicked his nails and sneered.

"It looks like a somewhat brute force alchemist. If you dare to disobey us in the torch fire, kill it on the spot."

Inside the square; Lin Chen and Ye Yanxia are still shaking hands.

"Oh? It's almost approaching 3500 Dragon Power. He can still catch up with me. It doesn't seem to be a flower shelf."

Ye Yanxia is very interested. This pure power is more than enough to fight against the ordinary Tiangang Realm in the mid-ninth level.

She was about to work hard again, but found that Lin Chen's strength was relaxed.

"It seems that Mr. Lin Chen is not a flower shelf that can only refine medicine. Yan Xia looks forward to meeting you in the flame."

Ye Yanxia smiled slightly; the palms of both sides separated, Lin Chen smiled.

"Miss Ye Yanxia's name is well-deserved, and I, Lin, is willing to worship the wind. This force is strong enough!" As he said, he looked at the beautiful lady's chest with a serious word; "It's big enough!"


"Why are you so reckless, just don't cause trouble after you have finished speaking, you should go and test Ye Yanxia!"

Leng Yueqi couldn't help but Dai Mei frowned slightly, blaming Lin Chen.

"Lin Chen. Are you okay?"

Han Ziyun worried.

"Don't worry, I'm okay. Hey, Teacher Yueqi, don't rush to get angry, this time, I will get a lot!

Although Lin Chen is a hippie smiley face, but his eyes are crossed with excitement, after all the attribute light **** in the square are picked up, his strength has surged again!

The pure power of the ancient Green Dragon rose to 3900 Dragon Power! His own pure power is more than 2100 Dragon Power!

A glance at the rune energy above 100 million points in the system made Lin Chen look forward to the trial of the Holy Fire Realm!

With 100 million runic energy, Lin Chen is confident to single out anyone below Yuanzun Realm!

Half an hour after Lin Chen arrived at the square, the two grey-shirt elders appeared in front of the giant gate like ghosts and said slowly.

"The time limit is up, please listen to the little guys in the family, in the territory of the torch, your life and death are only in your own hands, and the cultivation of Yuanzun Realm is unable to enter the territory of the torch. The rules of Heavenly Dao will kill you autonomously. If you break through the Yuanzun in the secret territory, it will be automatically sent out."

"The Son is not the only way to become a strong man. The flames left in the torchland are limited; it is also an excellent result if you can find another situation in the torchland. Only those who survive will be It may become a legend, devil, try to survive in the flame!"

The two grey shirt elders gave some advice. When their palms touched the giant gate, both sides of the giant gate slowly opened, and a space channel leading to the distance appeared in the giant gate!

The celestial princes can't wait; a little tiptoe, plunge into the space channel very quickly!

Countless days of arrogance, this time have poured into the territory of the torch!