My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 302

Chapter 302: Lin Chen's Mirror Avatar

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Chapter 302, Lin Chen's Mirror Doppelganger!

"Let's go too."

Headed by Lin Chen, Leng Yueqi, Han Ziyun and Han Yizhi entered together. The arrogance of a dozen Leng families not far from them glanced at Leng Yueqi and others with disdain.

In fact, the Lengyue family hopes that Lin Chen can join forces with his own Tianjiao and gain some gains within the flame.

But actually; several Tianjiao of Leng's family are very repulsive to Lin Chen, an outsider, and Leng Yueqi, who has risen from the branch; they are not bothered to be with them.

"What do you mean by taking care of each other? I think the elders are really crazy. Why do people from my cold family want to take care of me! Waiting for me to receive the seeds of the torch is the new son of the cold moon family!"

With a little toes, the Tianjiao of Lengyue's family followed Lin Chen and flew into the space channel.

The four heavenly kings, and the ten geniuses under the four heavenly kings, have poured into the giant space door one after another!

Just twenty breaths, all the ancient arrogance of the audience disappeared, leaving only the elders of the family waiting outside the square.


As he entered the dark passage, Lin Chen was absorbed in concentration, and was waiting for it. The weightlessness under his feet was extremely serious, and the surrounding space was constantly changing.

Before the quarter of an hour, the scene in front of him suddenly dazzled, Lin Chen and others suddenly stood still, he and Leng Yueqi and others arrived to a desert!

In addition; there are eleven other Tianjiao from different families that fell into the field together with Lin Chen and others.

There are two suspicious mirrors hanging upside down in the sky, but the scene reflected is a vast ocean!


Seeing this scene, the expressions of Leng Yueqi and Han Ziyun changed slightly at the same time!

"We were sent to the mirror projection space."

Lin Chen wondered; "What is mirror projection space."

"This is the most difficult to enter into the flame zone, and may also be the simplest level of secret."

Several of Tian Chen's arrogant expressions took the conversation dignifiedly.

"This mirror projection space will randomly change out the avatar of a person who enters the territory of the torch. The avatar has exactly the same practice and means as the body!"

Leng Yueqi said solemnly; the neighbors and Lin Chen and others arrived in the desert together with the arrogant array.

"There is still such a secret realm? I don't know if I can project my avatar. Brother Chen, I haven't fought myself yet."

Just as Lin Chen was fantasizing, a beam of light like thunder struck down!


In the desert, wolves smoke everywhere!

The slender and slender young figure slowly emerged from the wolf smoke.

This figure is not a real creature. He has a dark luster all over his body, a white feather fan in his hand, and his facial features are extremely beautiful. There is a bit of dust in the elegance, but only the non-spiritual eyes make people know that he is not himself.

This scene changed the expression of everyone except Lin Chen!

Luo Qingyu, one of the four great kings! This is an absolute sign!

Maybe it's not possible for everyone to fall here!

"Oh! It turned out to be the brilliant guy!"

Someone in Lin was calm, and suddenly realized!


At this time; every fifteen Tianjiao is a group, and similar pictures are continuously performed in each mirror space.

Some people encounter ordinary mirror avatars and are overjoyed and can clear customs immediately.

Some people have encountered the four great kings, or the ten great geniuses under the king, almost ashamed!

However, what is more worthy of attention is in a secret space; a virgin forest is full of prehistoric atmosphere.

Because the team formed into the secret territory is completely random, it is in this secret space; there are four Lengjia Tianjiao, four Ningjia people, four Baijia Tianjiao, and three Tiange Academy blue medals !

Including Mo Feng, who is most likely to become the Zi Xun class, is also known as one of the top ten geniuses!

Ning Lanfeng of the Ning family is no exception.

"It turned out to be mirror space!"

Ning Lanfeng looked up at the sky and exclaimed.

"With Brother Yunlan who is one of the top ten geniuses, and Mo Feng of Tiange Academy, as long as it is not the mirror avatar of the four kings, we should not have any problems."

Another Ning Jia Tianjiao laughed confidently, the voice just fell, and the beam of light like a thunder suddenly split!

Boom~! The dark and dark figure slowly emerged. He was holding a black gun, and he was extraordinary, with a cynical smile on his face. Even if he lost his spiritual eyes, he still couldn't conceal the coquettish smile in his mouth.

The most conspicuous thing was that when he released his mid-sixth mid-level cultivation practice that day, it made everyone a bit stunned.

"Huh? The six layers of Tiangang Realm? Was that Lin Chen?"

"Hahaha! Well, this time it is stable, we have become a reality through the mirror space."

"Unexpectedly we encountered this rubbish, first shame his avatar! I will beat him in the torch fire!"

"Broken Star Tianchen Hand!"

Ning Lanfeng took the lead, and volley shot a palm, and the madness of the fighting was like the disillusionment of the nebula, breaking a star hand of hundreds of feet!

"Oh~! Boom!" The sound burst like a wave. Behind Lin Chen's avatar, a purple flame wing emerged, and the rolling sound wave was suddenly opened, easily avoiding the star master!

"What? This, what speed is this?"


Like a ghost, Ning Lanfeng's head appeared, Lin Chen's avatar speed was shockingly fast!

He held up the black gun, and the three battles of wind, thunder and darkness were running in an instant, and a mad mad thunder burst to Ning Lanfeng's head!

"Don't underestimate the enemy!"

Ning Yunlan's body style is extremely fast. One step to reach Ning Lanfeng's position. In a moment, he threw a punch and confronted Lin Chen's gunpoint!


The lightning flashed, the ground moved, and the wind in the barren forest surged, the clouds were washed away by the light, and there was a hint of haze between the clear sky!

Ning Yunlan's fist had a trace of blood on it, and neither Baijia Tianjiao nor Mo Feng at Tiange College were present and raised their brows slightly.

Ning Yunlan suddenly drank: "Extremely strong body and pure strength, plus his super defensive combat skills such as Bai Wan's "Wan Yue Xuan Zhen Jia", don't underestimate this Lin Chen, his strength is not simple!"

Those who had despised Lin Chen before, all put away their inner contempt.

Although it was unexpected, Ning Yunlan, one of the top ten geniuses, was slightly injured by one blow. This strength is absolutely unusual!

The next moment; Long Xiao Zhen Tian, an ancient green dragon turned into a blue light from Lin Chen's body, and was born!

The arrogance of the Bai family and the Leng family were all overshadowed!

"An ancient green dragon on one end? How is this possible, doesn't it mean that this mirror space will only project the avatar of the entrant?"

"Is this ancient green dragon also part of Lin Chen? How is this possible, is he a dragon?"

"If it is a dragon family, it should be him who becomes a green dragon!"

The Tianjiao of the two is difficult to calm down, but the people of Tiange Academy are thoughtful, and then suddenly realize!