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Chapter 303: Lin Chen's Terrible

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Chapter 303 Lin Chen's Horrible!


"Dragon Claw"

"Judgment Decisive!"

The world and the world are full of visions, and the colorful battle spirits are constantly twisted and cracked in the space, and the offensive is surging!

The entire mysterious space trembles, like a natural disaster.

Numerous high-level combat skills are as fast as a soul-stirring figure in the sky, and the nearly three thousand feet of the ancient green dragon!

A Tianjiao of the Leng family urged the fighting spirit, and the space was distorted; a Dragon Demon Claw shook behind Lin Chens doppelganger, but was blocked by the huge defensive armor formed like that rock mine!

The defense of "Wanyue Xuanzhenjia" is indestructible, and it is impossible to break his defense!

Brush ~!

The doppelganger is as flexible as a fish, getting a shot from a swivel swimmer. The thunderlight gun pierces through the void and penetrates with horrible pure power!

The Lengjia Tianjiao's expression changed slightly, and the partners around him immediately came to support. The three of them worked together to block Lin Chen's overbearing shot and retreated several kilometers!

Even though the people attacked madly, they didn't mean to stop Lin Chen's avatar at all. For example, the attack of the mountains and the sea raged in an instant. Lin Chen and the ancient Qinglong's avatar flexibly evaded. On the contrary, they gave a fierce counterattack!

"Good! It's almost three quarters of an hour, and we haven't caused him too much damage!"

Lengjia Tianjiao, who had previously wanted to sneak into Lin Chen's avatar, was slightly air-conditioned and incredulously said.

"With the younger generations of our fifteen ancient families as opponents, two of them are under the siege of the top ten geniuses of today.

"Although Ning Yunlan of the Ning family and Mo Feng of the Tiange Academy have not yet done their best, the hole card is still unfathomable, but it is too terrifying to be able to persist for so long and unscathed!"

The Tianjiao of the four Lengjias were slightly air-conditioned!

They finally understood why the cold parents had insisted on asking everyone and Lin Chen to cooperate with each other. His strength is second only to the existence of the top ten geniuses!

While fighting, Ning Yunlan noticed the purple-gold light turning in Lin Chen's pupil.

Every time a fierce offensive strikes, the light in his pupils will be more powerful!

"It seems that he has a mysterious pupil technique that can see through the heavens and predict life and death in advance. It seems that he must do a feint to attract him!"

Ning Yunlan's momentum was suddenly shocked, and his mid-century repairs in the ninth heavy layer of Tiangang Realm were revealed to the fullest, and Lin Chen's avatar attractiveness was concentrated on him!

"It's now!" Ning Yunlan drank coldly!

"Jin Po Si Tian Tian!"

The golden light shone like a ray of light, and it was suppressed from the four sides like a high wall of energy! Seal Lin Chen's avatar and the ancient Qinglong in a narrow space!

"Take advantage of him now!"

The Baijia Tianjiao, who sealed Lin Chen's avatar, suddenly shook his head, and the two residual images were cut off like a blade!

"Soul Extermination Finger!"

"Withered blood beads!"

Ning Yunlan of the Ning family and Mo Feng of the Tiange Academy each made their own moves.

It was followed by a star-like war awn, with a little bit of withering beauty, crashing into one person and one dragon in the four golden walls.

Bang ~!

The golden wall shattered, and the energy storm that swept the world rose into the sky!

Just when everyone thought they were successful, the young man's indifferent voice had no emotion.


The black gun is pointed out, the dragon is flying, and the Qingleihui is shot with a thousand feet of thunder dragon, sweeping the eight wastelands!

"A bit of combat skills, the level of cultivation is also quite high, but unfortunately, the combat strength is still a little worse!"

Just as Mo Feng disdained, Ning Yunlan next to him suddenly changed his face!

"Defense with all your strength! He still has backs!"

When Zhongtianjiao was also attracted by the power of'Villing Eight Wildernesses', from the position two kilometers below Lin Chen's position, the ancient green dragon with a slightly broken dragon scale raised the dragon's claws in anger, and his claws waved down alternately. The remnants of the blue light are dancing in the sky!

The Dragon's Breath Light Blade is like an ups and downs storm, carrying the strength and destruction waves of the Xinghe, which is constantly released from between the dragon claws!

"Do not!"

Several Tianjiao still have to scream in the future, but they are swallowed by the storm!

Kaoru's dragon-blade storm storms like a typhoon, destroying everything that blocks!

The direction swayed by the dragon's claws extinguished all vitality within a thousand miles, and everything was cut into pieces by the dragon's breathing blade!

When the ancient green dragon has 2500 dragon power, it is enough to match the early stage of the ninth layer of heaven and earth!

The ancient green dragon of Lin Chen had 3900 dragon power before entering the torch flame, and it would not be down the wind with any of the nine peaks of Tiangang Realm!

The "Blue Dragon Soul Claw" released by the 3900 dragon power is so powerful that it is completely cut tofu!

If it's one-on-one, even the quasi-respect-level powerhouses should temporarily avoid the edge!

Yu Wei of the'Blue Dragon's Soul Claw' dispersed, and there were 13 people left!

Even though the genius of the ancient aristocratic family is rich and extraordinary, there are many cards for life protection, but the Bai family and the Ning family still fell into one person! And all of them are in the later stage of the seventh layer of Tiangang Realm!

In addition, Lengjia, Baijia, Tiange College and Ningjia each suffered injuries.

Except for Mo Feng and Ning Yunlan, the top ten geniuses, no one retreated under the power of that trick!

The actual situation is even more serious than this. If it were not Mo Feng and Ning Yunlan at the forefront of the Soul Claw, which weakened most of their power, the actual situation would be even worse!

"What a joke, there are two top ten geniuses sitting, he can still kill our Bai family!"

"Lin Chen? He was so strong!"

The people of the Bai family were shocked and angry, while the Tianjiao of the Leng family was frightened, and the expressions of Ning Yunlan and Mo Feng were extremely dignified!

"Tiangang Realm Sixth already has such strength. If this kid is at the same level as me, wouldn't even me be his opponent? It will affect my position in the academy? No! I want to be here Within the territory of the torch, he will be completely strangled before his wings are full!"

At this moment; Mo Feng took the lead in killing Lin Chen!

"It's a character who can make the sage of Qingxuan remember the name, it really is extraordinary!"

Ning Yunlan based on the previous battle, glanced at Leopard, has seen the key to the battle core of Lin Chens avatar.

On the mind method, his mind method has many attributes and strength, and the power and the arrogance of the blue-order mind method can not take up much advantage.

Normally, the ninth round of Tiangang Realm can abolish the sixth level of Tiangang Realm within a fingertip, and the gap between cultivation and cultivation is extremely large.

But Lin Chen made use of his own mind and his pure power as a wild beast to make up for this defect!

Whether in close combat or in close combat, his pure power is a strong threat.

In addition, his strange and unpredictable pupil technique can predict the opponent's movements and intentions, and then cooperate with the speed of his purple wing and blue rank above the physical skills, and the invincible "Wan Yue Xuan Zhen Jia" "Defense.

This one plus one is by no means equal to two, and his heritage can be called attack, defense, speed, and perfect integration!

Not to mention there is an ancient green dragon next to the quasi-respecting enemy who is difficult to find!

Lin Chen's strength far exceeds the imagination of everyone present!